-1A/N: Hee, random fandoms seem to be my thing lately. Of course, I adore Heroes, watching it once my brother actually forced me to stop RPing and spend my 9-to-10 hour adoring it…and Peter/Claire. Because face it, they really are just about the cutest thing on the planet.

This is a little Paire, written for my friend Hilary when she requested it for Christmas. Love you, babe. Sit back and enjoy, and remember that reviews are nice, but constructive criticism is even better.


He always wonders how she can be so brave. Being invincible is only part of it, and he knows that if he had something like that, he wouldn't jump face-first into fires or fly high and then low near a building.

She is invincible, untouchable, she's brave, she's Claire. And he is a shadow, a copycat, a mimic, he's only Peter. He tells her this one day when he comes to visit her on an early dismissal day, and she just laughs happily, her fingers splayed against her short cheerleader skirt. They are content, spread out on the baseball field like patients etherized against a table, gazing up at the sky and trying to read the clouds.

"But you're brave too, you know," she says confidently, leaning her head against his shoulder. It seems so strange because she's just so young, but Claire doesn't seem to mind it much and so Peter decides not to mind either.

"You're a nurse," she continues, smiling up at him with admiring eyes. "You help save sick people. That's brave to me. And—you saved me too. You're my hero," she says with a smile that's warm all over, with all the fake cheerleader plastic wiped from it, and suddenly she's the only thing in his whole world.

He decides to do something very brave, something that most heroes only do with their masks on. He decides to kiss her, and he's shocked enough when he actually brings his lips to hers. But he's shocked all the more when she actually kisses him back.