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Setting: Beast Boy is standing beside Cyborg and his car.

"Hey, can I help you fix the T-Car, Cy? Please! Please! Please! Please! I won't break anything! See!" Beast Boy picked up a wrench and started twirling it.

"Beast Boy don't-" Cyborg began before Beast Boy lost his grip of the wrench and let it go flying in to the side of the car, leaving a huge dent.

"Beast Boy!!!! Look what you did to my baby!!! It's gonna take hours to get rid of that dent!!!" Cyborg said, his head seemingly about to explode.

"Hehe. Sorry about that. Maybe I could-"

"NO!" Cyborg yelled, cutting Beast Boy off. "GET OUT OF HERE NOW! DON'T COME IN HERE AGAIN, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?!"

Beast Boy solemnly nodded and walked out of the garage.

Beast Boy walked down the hall to see if Robin wanted to 'hang' with him. Robin was in the gym, as always. He began to walk up to him but decided not to so he wouldn't get hit.

Beast Boy sat in the corner and waited. And waited. And waited. Robin still hadn't noticed him. He tried to get his attention by clearing his throat, but Robin was too busy practicing his tactical moves to notice. Finally, a very annoyed Beast Boy walked down the hallway.

'I could try Raven', he realized. 'Maybe, just maybe, she will hang out with me today.' He walked over to her door and knocked. He waited for a minute and finally heard something shuffling around in the room. The door slid open, but just a crack.

"Hey Raven, I was jus-"

"No," she said calmly and slammed/slid the door in his face. Beast Boy stood there for a minute without saying anything and slowly turned. Beast Boy felt defeated. Suddenly he realized he had forgotten one person.


"Starfire! What are you doing? Could I 'hang' with you for awhile?" Beast Boy quickly asked Starfire as her door slid open.

"Yes, friend Beast Boy, come in, I welcome you!" Starfire shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Thanks Star, I was beginning to feel left out." Beast Boy said gratefully.

"You are most welcome, friend Beast Boy. I too was feeling the letting out." Starfire replied.

"So Star, what'cha up to anyway?" Beast Boy asked.

"I was just about to do the feeding of Silky. Do you wish to do the feeding of Silky also?" she asked, holding up a strange looking jar.

"Sure. Hey what's this?" Beast Boy asked, picking up another jar and dipping his finger in it.

"Do not touch that friend Beast Boy!" Starfire shouted, a panicked look spreading across her face.

"Okay, okay I'll put it down," he said, setting it down. As he turned back around, he, unintentionally knocked the small jar over and let its contents spill all over the floor. Beast Boy's eyes darted back up into her face and made an apologetic smile. If looks could kill, people would never be able to identify his body.

"Beast Boy, that was a gift from my Konorfka that was giving to me for the recognition of my passing of the Belfigastromon, a test that only few on my planet have survived!!! That substance is no longer in existence!!! And now I no longer have any!!!"

"Uh…sorry?" Beast Boy replied nervously.

"GET OUT!!!!" Starfire screamed. Beast Boy ran for his life.


Beast Boy slowly walked down the street. 'I know,' he thought, 'I'll go visit Terra. She'll listen to me. Maybe that will make me feel a little better.'

He started off towards the underground cavern Terra's statue and plaque resided in. Beast Boy turned down a dark alley that held to a short cut to the cavern. Suddenly he felt something on his back he turned around to face a tall man with a small scar on his face. He was smiling.

"Hey buddy, how 'bout ya give me all your loot and take off." He said, still smiling.

"I don't think you've thought this through completely," Beast Boy said, with a smile of his own. Beast Boy shifted into a bear to try and intimidate the crook. But the crook was still smiling. Beast Boy was confused. Surly this would intimidate him. After all, bears are a lot bigger then humans. He shifted back into his human form, still looking confused. The man wasn't smiling at him, he realized. He was smiling at something behind him. He looked and saw another man with a crazed look on his face. He had a gun.

"Okay guys, lets be reasonable," he said, trying to reason with the crooks.

"How 'bout, NO!" the one man shouted. As they both slowly advanced on him, he felt trapped. "If you won't give us what we want, then we'll just take then!"

A sudden bang rang throughout the streets.