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New city, Old flames

The mallrats struggled along the forest path it was slightly overgrown from infrequent use. They all swatted at mosquitoes and flies, it was humid and damp in the forest. Everyone was tense and irritated, tense because they were in unfamiliar surrounds and irritated from the heat.

Amber and Jay lead the tribe along the path. Though Jay still wore his techno uniform it was only out of necessity as he had no other clothes, his tattoo was also yet to be changed.

Amber looked over at Jay and smiled. He walked tall and proud and carried her son Bray Jr in his arms protectively keeping all the flies and mosquitoes at bay. Jay caught her looking at him and smiled gently. Amber returned the gently smile.


"What Jack?" replied the group tensely.

"Do…do you smell smoke? I can smell wood fire smoke." Said Jack.

"Actually Jack's right, I can smell smoke!" said Lex sniffing the air

"It smells like it's coming from up ahead!" said Ellie excitedly.

"Let's keep moving then, but carefully we don't know how friendly they are…or if they're friendly at all!" injected Jay

"Yeah yeah, let's just go…it may be a chance for a warm dinner." Said Lex as he pushed past Jay and Amber.

"Mama?" inquired little Bray leaning over the distance between Jay and Amber.

"Yes Bray?" laughed Amber as she accepted him into her arms then set off after Lex.

They walked along the path for half an hour longer until, during dusk, they came upon the camp, whose fire (or in this case fires) they had smelt. The groups rustling caught the attention of the campers who had them surrounded at spear point in a matter of minutes.

The tribe which had surrounded them were fierce looking and all of them were male. They wore loose cargo pants and black singlet tops. Ribbon rags which were blue red and green were tied around each member's right bicep. Like the Mallrat's each member had unique symbols on their faces, their tribes symbol was on the back of their hands.

"Who are you, and what's your tribe?" demanded one

"Why are you here?" asked another

"We mean no harm, we're the mallrats." Said Amber suddenly scared, she knew they were capable of killing if the need arose, she could see it in their eyes.

"I'm Jay; we are here because our home was destroyed. We are looking for a new place to live…to settle."

"Jay? The Mallrats..." the rest became a whispered murmur.

"All right, you come with us to the city tomorrow. You can stay the night and share our food and fire."

"Besides you have children with you, we can't harm children!"

"Never could! Come Jay, here have this." Said one of the men, handing Jay a drink as he sat down.



"I…You…We…What the hell?!" sputtered Jay

The mallrats looked at him with shock and concern…except who looked on with amusement…he liked seeing anyone but himself uncomfortable.

"Calm down Jay, excitable these days aren't you! Here." The man named Mac leaned across the fire and handed Jay a large wooden platter full of food. Jay grabbed a piece of flat bread (tortilla like) and some berries, before passing it on.

"I just didn't expect to see you." Said Jay

"Nor I you," replied Mac. "At least not again…or maybe so soon …"

"I guess life is just FULL of surprises. Good and bad." Said one of the men across the fire throwing Jay a dirty look and surprising the mallrats.

The next morning they made their way to the city. The tribe they travelled with seemed split, but nice. Mac continually assured everyone that it would all be sorted when they reached their destination. During the trip the mallrats couldn't help but notice that Jay kept his eyes downcast, fixed on the road, and that more than a few of the escorting men shot him looks of either overwhelming hate; or hopeful joy. Both the glares of hate and the glances of joy held uncertainty, of what no one knew.

Early afternoon was when they arrived in the city. It was new to the mallrats so they took nothing for granted, looking everywhere, observing everything. Except Jay who seemed to get more and more nervous and agitated the further in they went.

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