"I'm sorry Jay you can't go in, at least not yet." Mac said once again

"Jay, just come back to the rooms." Amber pleaded

"Promise me that as soon as I can see her you'll come and get me!" Jay forced of Mac

"Yes, yes I'll come and get you" Mac promised exasperated.

With that Jay allowed Amber to drag him away from Summer's room and the chaos within it.

"I don't get it, the last lot of antibiotics should have worked…" muttered a blonde haired girl in a rainbow top and denim mini skirt leaning over Summer. "As long as… oh…" a look of dawning comprehension crossing her face.

"As long as what Star?" Ved snarled.

"Ved please, you're not helping!" Chloe said soothingly

"As long as she doesn't over stress herself physically, or emotionally, chief I'm afraid these may get serious again. She was fine until…" Star didn't need to finish the sentence Ved did it for her.

"My dear older brother came back and started to mess with her again." He said almost bitterly, the worst thing was that Jay wasn't even aware he was doing it.

"Poor thing, she only has two weaknesses, her kids and their father." Star said softly. "Too bad Jay left when he did. She was crushed didn't leave her room for three days. I think the moment she started to recover fully was when you got here, Bray."

Summer groaned and slowly opened her eyes. "What happened?" She asked blearily.

"You had a fainting spell" Bray murmured from his seat beside her bed.

"Here take these they'll make you feel better." Star said handing over two tablets and a glass of water.

"Yuck! Those taste disgusting Star!" Summer commented after swallowing the tablets, causing the occupants of the room to smile.

"Summer you're awake! Good, Jay's been asking for you non stop, his partner, what was it? Amber? Had to drag him away!" Mac said from the doorway, not noticing twin looks of pain flash across both Summer's and Bray's face.

"I'll go let him know you're ok Summer." Ved said already halfway out the door.

Jay glanced up as the door to the rooms the mallrats had been given opened; Ved stepped through quietly looking for someone. Jay stood up and walked over to Ved giving him a brief but fierce hug, before pulling away to ask how Summer was doing.

"She's woken up." Was all Ved said before dragging his brother outside, away from the other mallrats. "Jay she's been sick for awhile, but we found a way to… control it. These days she only faints if she's over taxed physically or emotionally." Ved explained looking torn.

"What is it Ved? There's something you're not telling me!" Jay said concerned, unknowingly he took a step forward.

"Look, Summer looked after me and Chloe and I grew close to her and now I'm torn between punching you because of what you did to her and what you're still doing to her. And relief because maybe if everything works out right then the truth can be shown." Ved replied

"VED! She's calling for you!" Patsy called from behind Jay.

"Coming!" he called back

"Ved…" Jay called leaving his question unsaid.

"Sorry brother, but it's not my place." Ved said simply in reply, his eyes downcast as he sidestepped his brother and walked away with Patsy.

"I think it's time you tell me everything Jay" Amber said from the doorway gazing at Jay.

"I think it's time I told everyone." Jay said sadly gazing back.

"It was after I first joined the Techno's. I was completely loyal to Ram and his ideals. At that stage I would have and did do things to hurt loved ones for his dreams to succeed." Jay paused gathering his thoughts. "On our way to your old city we stopped here to set up firm supply lines, work camps and enlist more Techno's."

"Is this going anywhere?" Ebony interrupted

"Ebony, Please!" Trudy said

"During our time here we got to know the firebird intimately. They opposed our occupation but as long as we left them and the cities people alone they co operated and were peaceful, occasionally they would even help on the projects that would benefit the city as well as us."

"Projects like?" Ellie asked

"Restoration of power, and telecommunications" Ram replied. "Wasn't that when this whole sordid affair began Jay?"

"Yes, while working on the power restoration project together and a few others as well, I got to know the leader of the tribe, Summer. We develop a deep friendship, which kept evolving into a relationship, and escalating. But eventually Ram gave the move out order and me being as loyal as I was… well, I just told her and left with the rest of the Techno's. I didn't really consider that it would hurt her." Jay finished

Two days later Summer had fully recovered and sat playing with her children on the roof of the mall, when Amber and Trudy arrived with their kids.

Oh, sorry we didn't mean to disturb you." Trudy said

"No it's fine, join us please!" Summer replied smiling gently as her son showed her his drawing.

"Are you feeling better?" Amber asked as she sat down beside Summer.

"Yes, thank you. Though it helps having so many people there to care for you and these two of course." Summer replied hugging her kids briefly.

While the three woman chatted as they watched their children play together, Amber was stuck with just how much the boy looked like Jay and the girl, her eyes were his too, an exact match!

"Your children… who is their father?" Amber asked not really sure if she wanted to know the answer. "It's Jay isn't it."

After a long and pregnant pause Summer replied truthfully with a simple. "Yes"

"Does he know?"

"No, he left before I could tell him." Summer answered. "Please understand Amber, I loved him with my entire being, I still do. No one could ever replace him, because I wanted to see him happy and free I let him go with minimal fuss, I want him to be happy. And as much as seeing him with you tears me into little pieces inside I won't say a thing about it again or ever interfere, because he's happy with you. It's the same way Bray feels for you." She paused a moment before standing. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said those things, it wasn't my place. I should go… Jay, Lizzie come along it's time for lunch.

And then she was gone and so were her children, trailing behind her obediently.

Jay was leaning on the malls inner balcony railing thinking when he heard a commotion across the mall. Two children he had never set eyes on before were running around manically.

"JAY!" Jay glanced up at his name and saw summer, her undivided attention solely on the two kids. "Lizzie! Please calm down and stop running inside!" She called.


They lay side by side in bed exhausted, Summer's body relaxed against his chest as he drew lazy circles on her exposed back.


"Mmm…" came the drowsy reply.

"If you ever have kids what would you name them?" he asked

"Where the hell did that question come from?" she asked sitting up in shock, he shivered involuntarily as her long hair tickled the sensitive skin on his stomach.

"I don't know it just popped into my head, now answer the question." Jay replied

"Well, if it was a boy I suppose I'd name it after the father, especially if he wasn't around anymore." She replied laying her cool check on his warm chest as she relaxed again.

"And a girl?" he probed

"Elizabeth or Lizzie for short." Summer said, he could feel her smile.

"Why Elizabeth?" he asked

"After my mum, she raised me by herself, she was such a strong person and I was a complete brat!" She replied

"I doubt you were a brat." Jay muttered drawing her up for a kiss with one arm and covering them with the sheet with his free hand, causing Summer to giggle against his lips.

End Flashback

'She'd name the boy after his father, especially if he wasn't around anymore…' Jay thought. 'They're mine… she bore my kids, after everything I did to her she still mothered my kids!'

"Come on, my hyper little bunnies let's get you some lunch." Summer said herding the kids into the café.

Jay followed closely unnoticed.

"YAY!" the twins pumped their fists up into the air. "Uncle Ved!" they ran through the door as Summer laughed.

"Eeeewwww… You two have to be the ugliest kids I've ever met! And I've met a few!" Ved exclaimed as he hugged them. Jay hadn't seen this side of his brother since before the virus; he was happy, social and looked like he belonged.

"Come on you two, leave your uncle alone and sit down." Summer said placing two plates of food on the table, the twins scrambled for their seats.

"Don't I feel loved, passed over for food!" Ved said standing up. "Sorry to bother you Summer, but these need to be seen. They're the reports from the other patrol, which travels with the food carts."

"Thanks Ved. Just leave them here I'll look them over in a minute." Summer replied

Jay slipped quietly into the kitchen and listened to the noises from the dining area while making himself a cup of tea, though truthfully he had no idea as to what he was doing or why he was doing it. He was paying absolutely no attention at all.

"Expecting company?" Summer asked from the doorway. Jay jumped and finally noticed what he'd been doing. In front of him on the bench sat two cups of Summer's favourite herbal tea.

"Uh… it's for you." Jay said quickly.

"Liar!" Summer replied but accepted the cup anyway.

They headed into the dining area and sat down. Jay looked around for the kids, but they were gone.

"Where are your kid's?" he asked

"Ved took them to his and Chloe's room to play. They like being over there so I don't mind their going as long as Ved's ok with it." Summer replied, looking up from her cup which she had been studying intently.

"I'm glad you're ok Summer. That you found someone else" Jay said after a long drawn out silence.

Summer choked on her tea, which Jay had surprisingly made just the way she liked, and stood up with tears present in her eyes. "Is that what you think Jay? That after you left me I just picked someone new out of the crowd?" Summer spat suddenly angry and upset.

"No, not at all… it's just you and Bray seem very close that's all." Jay said standing up as well.

"We are close, but we're not a couple. We shared a loss and it bound us together. But no one can replace you, sure at one point I thought I should move on… but I couldn't, nothing was the same as what we had Jay… and that was what I wanted." Summer said sinking back into her chair so she wouldn't have to make eye contact. "I just gave up, and besides Bray and I were never involved like that, he had his heart set on Amber and I just couldn't stand anymore heartbreak."

Jay returned to his seat, and they sat in silence for a few minutes.

"The twins are mine, aren't they?" Jay murmured eventually.

"How'd you know?" Summer asked finally looking at him, her eyes dispirited.

"You once said you'd name the boy after his father…"

"Especially if he wasn't around anymore." They finished together

"I remember," she stated almost defeated, before standing and crossing to the door. "Thank you for the tea, Good afternoon Jay."

Then she was gone and Jay was left cradling an empty cup of tea in his hands while he thought. He sat there thinking for almost an hour, until Amber entered the room and took the seat Summer had vacated.

"Jay, I think it's time we talked about this… this whole situation." She watched him pick an invisible piece of grime off the mug with his hands.

"I agree." Was all he said

It was the hardest thing the pair had done since they had been forced to abandon the old city, their home. But they both agreed it was the right thing to do. So Amber and Jay went their separate ways, hopefully they'd be able to sort their lives out!