Hearts of Stone Chapter One: Origins

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Traverse Town; Le Ratatouille Café

Two teenagers entered the Le Ratatouille Café and purposefully walked over to the fish tank. They sat down next to the tank and waited about two minutes. The waiter on skates slid out of the kitchen and placed a bowl of shrimp bisque in front of the boy, and a Greek salad in front of the girl.

The boy had tousled black hair and striking sea green eyes. The girl was blond, with stormy grey eyes. They both bore serious expressions on their faces. The boy tapped on the fish tank. A small blue tang swam out and waved at him.

"Dory," the boy said. "Get Marlin…Dory…Dory…D-Dory! Get Marlin!"

The tang swam off, and a moment later she returned with a clownfish.

"What's he saying?" The girl asked the boy.

"Just a second," he replied. "He's not finished."

She rolled her eyes and quietly began eating her salad.

"We were right," he said at last. "Zeus's Bolt did survive the destruction of our world. My gods if that falls into the wrong hands…"

"Did he say who has it?"


"Those ARE the wrong hands Seaweed-brain," She said, though her seaweed-brain comment was said affectionately.

He nodded grimly, "It could get worse though, especially if it falls into the hands of Maleficent and her crew. A Junker named 'Shady Sam' is going to sell it tonight. Marlin gave me the address, and we will intercept him."

"Then what?" She said sounding concerned. "We can't be entrusted with the bolt. It's too powerful for mortals, or even half-bloods. We couldn't keep it, and we couldn't hide it, because no matter where we hid it, something of that kind of power would be found."

"I had a thought about that," he said. "Have you heard about these 'Key Bearers'?"

She nodded. "You think that we could give the bolt to one of them?"

"From what I hear, there's no better choice. They say they were hand picked by…" He hesitated. "By the God…if you take my meaning."

She smirked. "That's what I hear too. Okay, Percy, whose idea was this?"

He flushed in annoyance and embarrassment. He hated how well she could read him sometimes.

"Nico's," he admitted.

Her face became serious again. "How is Nico? I haven't heard from him in a while."

Percy looked around excitedly then bent in close to her and began whispering. "From what he told me, he may have found a world similar to our own. With gods and goddesses ruling over it and interfering in mortal lives."

"That's pretty similar," she said. "What's the difference?"

"Annabeth," he said smiling "You're gonna love this, it's an Ancient Greek world."

"My gods, Percy," She said looking ecstatic. "Seriously?!"

"It's not exactly the same," Percy said. "But Nico said some aspects are incredibly similar; they have their own versions of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Athena, and even Hercules. But other things are drastically different from our world, Nico wouldn't say what, just that we'd notice them right away."

She blinked, and a teardrop rolled down her face. "It doesn't matter, Percy. I want to go…I'm so homesick."

He smiled and took her hand. "I thought you might, so, after we get the bolt, and hand it over to a Key Bearer, we head straight there. What do you say?"


Disney Castle

Tintar awakened with a tremendous roar. Groaning he clambered to his feet, and then promptly regurgitated on the grass.

"First too little sleep," he muttered to himself. "Now too much…world-hopping is murder on my stone sleep cycles."

"Yes mister Tintar," An anthropomorphic horse said, walking up to him. "We do apologize for that, but when it's night in the Negaverse, it's day here. It really can't be helped. If you'll come with me, we'll have our medical staff check you out."

Tintar blinked, but followed the horse, too surprised, and feeling much too ill to argue.


Remnants World

Fone Bone never even hesitated, as he, Inuyasha, and the two stupid rat creatures tumbled into the void, he pulled out a silver skull that was dangling from the keychain attached to his Keyblade. He merged the skull with the blade.

"Chainwielder's Keyblade!" he cried out. A new silver Keyblade with a silver hilt and chains wrapped around the blade appeared in his hand. He pointed it upwards, and silver chains shot out up and over the cliff edge. They snagged on something, and Fone stopped falling. Three more chains shot out and turned downward, racing they caught Inuyasha and each of the Rat Creatures.

"Oh thank you for saving us Small Mammal," One said. "We are truly and gratefully sorry that we tried to bake you into a quiche."

"Yes," the other one chimed it. "Truly and gratefully sorry."

"Shaddup you two," Inuyasha snapped. "What'd you even save them for?"

Fone shrugged. "They could be useful…maybe they could help us sneak into the castle up there."

"Yes, yes small mammal, we shall help you"

"I said shuddup!" Inuyasha crowed.

"Hey, you guys need any help down there?" T.K. called from the cliff edge.

"Don't mind us," Fone called back. "We're just hanging around."

"I'll send Pegasusmon down to help you up. Digi-armor Energize!"

"Patamon Armor Digivolve to…Pegasusmon!"

A golden armored flying horse with Patamon's ears and stars on the underside of his wings flew down into the ravine and started collecting the quartet.



"Well," Baloo said looking at the clock on the plane's dashboard. "We're halfway to Crescent City, and still no sign of Flint. Looks like Big Daddy's going to get his gummy after all."

"Then my lord Sesshoumaru has wasted this trip!" Jaken spat angrily.

At that moment a large ship that looked remarkably like an old-fashioned galleon appeared next to the Sea Duck, it was waving bizarre version of a pirate flag.

"Oh baby," Baloo said. "Looks like I spoke to soon. Should I let them board?"

He directed this last question to Sesshoumaru, whom had entered the cabin just seconds after the ship had appeared.

"Would you normally?" He replied.

"Well…no," Baloo replied.

"Then no," He said, examining the ship with mild interest. "Do as you normally would, act as you normally act. Any deviation from your usual patterns might make him suspicious."

"You got it Show-me baby," Baloo said. "Yo, Toad-boy. Take Rin to the back and buckle up. This ride is about to get a little bumpy."

Rin nodded obediently, and she and Jaken left the cabin.

Sesshoumaru smiled inwardly as Baloo began to steer the plane away from the Galleon. He was now certain he had made the right choice with Baloo.


Disney Castle

Tintar scowled as he sat on the doctor's table in the castle infirmary. A large thermometer had been placed in his mouth. He glared at the small anthropomorphic duck that kept probing and prodding him.

"Are you done yet?" He demanded.

"Vat?" Ludwig asked looking up from his chart. "Oh yes, I suppose. I've never seen a gargoyle before, so honestly, I have no idea if you are healthy or not."

Tintar groaned in annoyance, setting down the thermometer and hopping off the table.

"I hope zat you understand zat zees is just normal procedure," Ludwig said apologetically. "We don't wish to risk our general population vith alien pathogens."

"Gargoyles don't carry pathogens," Tintar said. "Stone sleep kills all bacteria, and most viruses."

"Zen vy did you…ahem…lose your lunch in ze courtyard ven you voke up?" Von Drake asked.

"Too much stone sleep," Tintar said shaking his head. "I'm beginning to think that gargoyles were not meant to world hop."

Von Drake smirked. "Zat is an understatement. But you are still Key Bearer, and ze normal rules of inter-world travel do not apply to you."

"Really?" Tintar asked curiously, but before he could field his next question Darkwing and Susan entered the infirmary.

"T.T.!" Darkwing crowed. "You're awake! Let me be the first to officially welcome you to Disney Kingdom! Be it ever so humble there's no place like home."

"This is an amazing place," Susan said. "It brings up so many memories of Narnia…I just love it here."

Darkwing beamed.

"Vell," Ludwig Von Drake said. "Since ve are all together again, ze queen vishes to see you."

"The queen!" Darkwing gasped taking off his hat and clutching it to his chest.

"I would be honored," Tintar said to Ludwig.

Ludwig gestured for the trio to follow him. Tintar quietly observed the paintings on the walls as they passed through the halls leading to the great hall. They did not show past monarchs as he had expected, but instead what looked like black and white photographs of various places in Disney Kingdom. A steamship with an anthropomorphic mouse was on many of them.

"Where are your paintings of previous kings?" Tintar asked DW.

Darkwing blinked in surprise.

"King Mickey is our first King," Darkwing whispered. "Unless you count King Pete, who ruled by force. King Mickey overthrew him and the people elected him king. He has been the ruler here in Disney Kingdom for a very long time. Various presidents and prime ministers, and even under-kings have reported to King Mickey, but he's the only real king we have, and barring an unnatural death, the only king we will ever have."

Tintar and Susan exchanged a look of surprise. Darkwing had said this as naturally as if he had said "the sun will rise tomorrow".

A broomstick with arms walked down the hall carrying two buckets. It casually skirted aside to avoid the two ducks, the human and the gargoyle.

"King Mickey trained under Retlaw Yen Sid," Ludwig said gesturing to a painting of the same anthropomorphic mouse (now in color) wearing a blue sorcerer's cap. "The brooms you see in ze palace were enchanted by him to clean up. It's a spell that he's quite proud of and von zat vas hard for him to master."

"Who is Retlaw Yen Sid?" Tintar asked. Ludwig froze and stiffened.

"Yen Sid is ze oldest and most powerful being in our continuum. He witnessed the birth of every world within our cluster of the Wood."

"Oh," Tintar said quietly. He made a mental note to meet this Yen Sid at some point.

"Our Vorld originally had no color," Ludwig said, casually continuing his lecture. "Mickey brought it vith him ven he returned from training vith Yen Sid. Mickey zen trained his friend Donald in zee mystical arts. Donald now serves as Mickey's court magician. Ze king's other best friend Sir Goofy became ze captain of ze guard."

"They're both off world searching for the king," Darkwing supplied. "They were part of the first wave of searchers, I was called in later."

Ludwig nodded. "Yen Sid, Mickey, and Donald found and activated ze Cornerstone of Light. A magical stone that prevents evil forces from entering our vorld. Including ze Heartless."

Ludwig opened the doors to the great hall. At the far end a female anthropomorphic mouse sat on her throne. She was attended by her lady-in-waiting, a female anthropomorphic duck.

"The Cornerstone isn't 100% effective," Queen Minnie said bitterly. She stood up and approached the quartet. "We recently learned that Naraku has been clouding himself with a holy aura which fools the Cornerstone and allows him to pass into the palace. We're afraid he might be able to cloak the Heartless in the same way and launch an attack."

"I have told you you're highness," Ludwig said. "If he could, he vould have by now."

"I suppose so," Minnie said. "But I'll feel more comfortable once Tintar seals our world."

"Naraku has been coming through the gate?" Tintar inquired.

"No," Minnie said shaking her head. "The Cornerstone senses the intent of the one dialing on the other end, and if it's malicious then it locks them out. He's been using the corridors of darkness, the shadows of nothingness that exist between worlds. It's the most dangerous form of inter-world transit, as that's also how the Heartless travel."

"I see," Tintar said.

A pager on Ludwig's belt buzzed.

"If you vill excuse me for a moment my queen," he said bowing to Minnie and leaving the room.

"So," Minnie said looking up at Tintar. "You are a Key Bearer."

Tintar nodded to the mouse, "As is your husband, I understand."

She smiled halfheartedly.

"You miss him don't you?" Tintar asked.

She nodded quietly.

"I just don't understand why he would go off on his own like that without telling me…it's just not like him."

"He probably thought that he was protecting you," Susan said sympathetically. "I knew a valiant mouse like that once."

Minnie nodded again.

"Don't you worry your majesty," Darkwing said. "If anyone can find the king, it's the three of us. Why, I don't think that there's anything we can't handle."

At that moment Ludwig's voice came on over an intercom system. "Would Qveen Minnie, Tintar ze Gargoyle, Qveen Susan ze Human, and Darkving Duck please report to ze Gummi Gate immediately."

There was a distinct sense of urgency in Ludwig's voice.



"You foolish bear!" Jaken snapped at Baloo. "You've lost them! How is lord Sesshoumaru supposed to defeat this 'Flint' if Flint can't find you?"

"Didn't I tell you to stay in the cargo hold?" Baloo said in mild annoyance.

"I did!" Jaken said indignantly. "Until I saw the ship chasing us shrink into a little dot and disappear while we were outmaneuvering it."

"Trust me," Baloo said shaking his head. "We haven't seen the last of—Whoa, hold on tight guys!"

As Baloo had been speaking, Captain Flint's ship had appeared out of nowhere, and Baloo had been forced to pull up so sharply, that it knocked Jaken back through the door and into the cargo hold. Rin had wisely remained buckled seated; Jaken was thrown to the back of the plane.

Even Sesshoumaru had to steady himself after the sharp upward turn, he didn't tumble back like Jaken had, but he did have to grip the seat he was standing behind to keep from falling over. Baloo missed scraping the ship by inches.

"Told ya!" Baloo shouted back a Jaken, who was crawling back to the cockpit as the inertial dampeners reset the gravity on board the Sea Duck. Sesshoumaru was even more pleased by his choice in Baloo. The bear was crude and unrefined, but his boasts were not idle, a pilot with less proficiency would have crashed into Flint's ship killing Rin and Jaken, and mildly injuring himself.

"Impossible," Jaken gasped as he reentered the cockpit. "How could he have gotten ahead of us?"

"I'd really like to know that myself," Baloo said. "Then maybe I wouldn't keep losing my cargo."

"When I kill Flint," Sesshoumaru said confidently, "I will acquire this secret of his, and you shall have your answer."

"I bet you will too," Baloo said looking at the dog demon with a mix a fear and admiration.


Disney Kingdom

"A computer virus," Ludwig said. "A nasty one zat infected ze Gummi Gate's control crystals. Off-Vorlders can dial in, but ve can't dial out."

"A what kind of virus?" Tintar whispered to Susan, shrugged and looked back at Tintar. She had no idea what they were talking about either.

"Simply put," Darkwing scowled. "We're stuck in Disney Kingdom…Aren't we?"

Ludwig shrugged. "Vell, yes and no. Yes, you can't leave by Gummi Gate…it vill take me veeks to purge ze system and repair ze damaged crystals. But…"

"There are other means of Inter-World Travel," Minnie put in.

"Exact-i-cally," Ludwig said. "They could Travel through ze Vood Betveen Vorlds."

"Not exactly safe," Minnie said.

"Zen they can take a Gummi Ship," Ludwig said.

"That seems best," Minnie said. "But where did this virus even come from?"

Ludwig shifted uncomfortably. "It vas sent as a compressed data burst ven Darkving dialed in…ze virus piggybacked on Tintar, Darkving, and Susan's arrival. Ve vere lucky to catch it ven ve did. Ze virus vas designed to unfold and destroy all of our computer systems. Ve caught and isolated it early enough zat it only got ze gate systems."

"This is my fault," Darkwing said wringing his hat. "I wanted to bring Su and TT to the real Disney Kingdom after seeing the Negaverse…I should have realized that they let us escape to send this virus."

"Darkwing you have nothing to apologize for," Minnie said reassuringly. "You couldn't have known that this was their plan.'

"Ze Negaverse?" Ludwig wondered aloud. "The Negaverse Dr. Frankandollie accidently created?"

"Queen Minnie is correct Darkwing," Tintar said. "We cannot change what happened, we must move forward. Queen Minnie, please tell us about these Gummi Ships."

"As you know," Minnie said leading them towards the castle hangers. "There are multiple paths to other worlds. The Wood Between Worlds is the best way, or it was until Heartless started wandering wantonly through there. Then there are the Gummi Gates, which are nearly as good as the Wood, but the Gates are artificial, and the Wood is natural."

"There's a cost," Tintar guessed. "To using the gates."

"Yes," Minnie said. "The gates drain magical energy from the area that they are activated in. In most worlds the cost isn't that great, but in some worlds…it can be devastating to use the gate even once. That's why most Gummi Gates are placed near a potent magical source in each world."

Tintar nodded. The Gate in Agrabah was within seven miles of the Cave of Wonders, an excellent source of magical energy.

"Gummi Ships are the most eco-friendly form of artificial inter-world travel," Minnie said. "But they are also the least efficient."

"Typical," Darkwing said.

"How do they work?" Tintar said.

"They involve traveling through Inter-Space," Minnie said. "And it can take days to world hop this way, but it will be faster than waiting for Ludwig to fix the Gate."

"Especially if we leave right away," Tintar said as they stepped into a room that looked like an oversized parking garage. Tintar noticed four multicolored spaceship-looking vehicles parked next to each other, their names printed on the side; The Lollipop, The Rescue Ranger, The Steamboat Willie, and The Neuschwanstein."

"I know a pretty good pilot," Darkwing said. "I bet he could fly one of these."

"No," Minnie said. "Our Gummi Ships are flown by specially certified pilots. You'll be taking the Rescue Ranger."

Darkwing dropped slightly but followed Queen Minnie as they climbed aboard the Ship. Tintar looked around. The ship wasn't large; it was one main room with two tanks on either side. (Tintar guess that these contained the engines, as one had a panel removed and the interior looked similar to the clan's lorry back home) A ladder on the aft side of the ship had a sign taped to the wall next to it, the sign had an arrow pointing up, and the word cockpit scrawled on it.

Tintar started toward the cockpit when a small voice stopped him.

"Hey!" the voice squeaked.

"Yeah!" A second voice crowed. "Watch where you're going you big lug!"

Tintar glanced down in surprise and saw two chipmunks standing at his feet, their arms crossed. One wore a Hawaiian shirt, the other a windbreaker and fedora. Even Darkwing blanched, clearly, even in Disney Kingdom, Talking Chipmunks were not the norm.

"Those are Chip and Dale," Minnie said introducing them. "The ship's pilots."

"Please don't call us 'those' your majesty," Said the one in the fedora, looking slightly insulted. Tintar wasn't exactly sure which was which.

"Awww," Susan cooed. "They're adorable."

The chipmunks gave her a dirty look, which she ignored.

"And this is Gadget Hackwrench," Minnie said reaching into the open panel and pulling out…a mouse. She was 1/20th the size of the Queen and once again even Darkwing blanched in surprise. She had long blond wore a mechanic's jumpsuit.

"Pleasure to meet you," she said. "I'm Gadget…oh wait, you already know that…golly, what comes next?"

Minnie smiled and set the smaller mouse on the floor next to Chip and Dale.

"And I'm Monterey Jack," A thick Aussie brogue crowed from atop the other engine. "Captain of this here vessel. If there's any kind of trouble you can count on the crew of the Rescue Ranger to help you out."

Tintar blinked. It was another miniscule mouse, bigger than Gadget, Chip, and Dale, but still much smaller than Minnie. He wore a blue sweatshirt, with a long duster over it, and he had a pair of goggles on his head. Like most Disney Kingdom male inhabitants he wore no pants. A small blue-green fly rested on his shoulder.

"And this here's Zipper," Monty said patting the fly. "So don't get any ideas about swatting, he's part of the crew too."

"Wouldn't dream of it captain." Tintar said.

"I have to be going now," Minnie said. "Godspeed."

"All right lads and ladies," Monterey said. "Where to?"

"Traverse Town?" Tintar asked looking at Susan and Darkwing for confirmation. They nodded in agreement.

"All right then," Monty said as Gadget kicked the engine with open panel. The panel slammed shut. Chip and Dale scrambled up the ladder and into the cockpit.

"Rescue Ranger Away!" the crew crowed.



Just out of the Cornerstone of Light's sphere of protection, the pirate ship The Jolly Roger rested. Her captain pulled out his telescope and observed The Rescue Ranger take off and leave Disney Kingdom.

"Avast me hearties," Captain Hook crowed. "The gargoyle is taking flight!"