I don't have enough time , everyone thinks being a teenager is so easy. Hello but umm wasn't everyone that is an adult now a teenager? In fact some of you not so long ago and you can't remember? sigh Anyway, it's already 10:30 and I have to work on my research paper. It may not be due until next friday, but that is only a week and with practice and the game tonight and then the getting ready for homecoming and the TWO books I'm supposed to be reading all for the same stupid class, not to mention five other classes a day. Come on.

I run my fingers through the blonde locks that have fallen over my face as I leaned over the keyboard signing on. I quickly pull my hair back and wrap the band around it twice to hold it."Oh look I've got mail." I say aloud with less than enthusiasm in my voice. Don't get me wrong I like email and love hearing from friends and family but at this point in the night I just don't have the strength mentally to respond how I should.

I laugh out loud before covering my mouth realizing people in tis house are sleeping but I swear if I get one more email asking if I'd like to have a larger penis, spam is so annoying but umm for obvious reasons they have the wrong person, I would think the name "Claire" might just give you the hint , but wait what's this.

I don't recognize the senders name but for some reason I feel compelled to click it open and normally I just delete those.

All that it says is, "confused, searching for something. this is all you need." Now my first reaction is more spam and just to delete, all I can think is it's that or maybe a new search engine but the wording is strange and before I know what I'm even doing I click the link. I am swept away to a new page and it just says loading. I feel butterflies in my stomach and feel so strange, I laugh at myself for acting so silly over a website but the words"curious, searching for something" keep repeating in my mind. Lately I've felt well different to say the least.

Before I can think much more about it a woman pops up on my screen, there is something so captivating about her. I swallow hard and notice my pulse has quickened it's as though she can see right through my monitor, through my eyes and into my soul. I don't click the page off I can't move I just know I have to see what else happens.

"hi" she speaks in a raspy/sexy almost whisper.

"Hi," I manage,then to myself,"Claire she can't hear you."

Then she smiles and as she adjusts the webcam starts to unbutton her shirt, staring straight at me . I realize she can't see me but it's like I said, it's like she somehow does.
She's just slid out of her bra exposing two full round beautiful breasts, her head leans back just a bit and the palm of her right hand slides down her throat to her chest then down and over her right breast squeezing it slightly before moving down to what I assume is her side can only see from waist up.

I can't move, feel a chill then a warmth rush through my body,audibly gasping. I'm about to tell myself to get a grip when she speaks again."Do you like what you see?"

"Yes" I say without a thought.

She smiles wider as though she heard me but I know that is impossible.

Come on Claire why are you still watching this, you're not a lesbian. What is wrong though I can't stop watching and my heart rate speeds up.

"tell me what you want?" her voice breaks my thoughts and I shiver.

I notice a button on the screen that reads "talk to Nikki" before I realize I'm doing it I click.

"Hi sexy" her voice rings into my headset, I've chosen not to actually talk but type."

"Hi" I type nervously my hands shaking.

"you like what you see?"


"good" I see and hear her smile as she leans back in the chair."so what's your name baby?"

I start to lie but my hands betray me ,"Claire"

"mmm," she moans, " I really like that name,don't get a lot of women here.I'm not complaining by the way," she winks," I'm relieved"

I smile.

"you have a cam baby,"

I can't move. Again I want to lie and say no but my hands hate me so,"yeh"

"Can I see you? you don't have to but I'd like it."


My hands trembling so I can barely manage to invite her to view my cam. once we're connected I smile shyly.

"Damn, you're beautiful Claire."

"umm so...um so are you. Nikki."

"Thank you Darlin',your accent is too cute."

"Thanks," I blush

"and a cheerleader huh?"

"how'd you..oh?" I realize I'm wearing the uniform.

I blush harder and look up realizing she has yet to take her eyes off me for a second.

"so you wanna talk or...what?"

"I don't know" I answer honestly.

"it's ok I take it you don't do this often."


"thank you for turning your cam on so I can at least know who is looking at me."

"no problem," I barely whisper.

"relax, honey. there is no pressure here ok?"

I nod.

"would you rather me put my top on?"

"NO...sorry no I mean if you want to ."

"if you like what you see then I'm glad to leave it."

"I do ."

"ah sweetie you're shaking. "

"I just ..I dunno overwhelmed, or nervous or hell I dunno really."

"I understand," she leans forward placing her lips to the cam as if to give me a kiss," nothing happens here or is even said unless you want it to k?"