Spent,breathless, in a pile a tangle, beyond disheveled in my bed, blissful.

" I love you" we say in near unison followed by giggles. Ashley tugs a sheet up and over us. We share small sweet kisses. I run my fingers through her dampened hair," Ashley I can go with you if you want."

"k I should find somewhere..."

I interrupt" you must be kidding , you better be kidding baby?"

"what?" she smiles, light in her eyes dancing, I don't know that I have ever seen her so happy, I've never been so happy I know.

" you're staying here right?"

She smiles, curling tighter to me," you're sure?"

"aren't you? I mean if you want I can sleep on the couch or," I start realizing I may be pushing .

She straddles me, kissing almost nibbling on my neck," now YOU better be kidding," The kiss becomes a LOT more intense.," I'm staying here with you and you're sleeping in HERE,among other things,"she smiles so wickedly at that one," with me." lacing our fingers together lifting our hands above my hand holding mine there," PROMISE ME..."I smile,
leaning up to kiss her but she pulls back a little just out of reach,"
c'mon baby..." knowing she has quite literally the upper hand,I give in even though this is a bit of fun.

"Yes, Ashley I promise," she keeps our hands above my head a bit longer,grinding her body into mine. The heat and passion that had nearly subsided rises in me once more.

We decide to get a few people to go with us just in case, to go to Jimmy's to get all of Ashley's things, put everything we can here and the rest store at her dad's, or Paige and Alex's for now.

We break from a lingering kiss, still basking in the afterglow,
sharing a few more small quick kisses. She grabs the phone to call Palex(whichever one grabs the phone) , and I have a call of my own to make so I pick up my cell.

(Claire's Pov)

"wow, Teri, that's that's...ummm awesome" , I laugh," you had me worried for a minute."

("Sorry Claire honey , I didn't mean to scare you just beyond ecstatic." I can hear it in her voice.)

"Oh darlin I'm soo very happy for you , I happen to have well some good news myself," I smile at Nikki and steal another kiss a bit longer than I had intended.

("Um hello, Claire? )

"oh,"kiss",sorry ," I ..ummm," kiss, then whisper to Nikki, 'baby wait,'

(Oh shit, Claire I'm sorry why didn't you tell me you weren't ...uhh...alone."

I laugh," I was about to , that's my good news,"

("mmmm hmmmm sounds like it,")

we laugh and I tell her about Nikki, not getting into too many of the details, and didn't really say how long, or not long it has been since I even knew of her. Teri was happy , actually relieved she said when she had talked with Mom and found out that Zach , Aiden and I had come to Vegas, her initial reaction was shock, the Aiden part did not compute, and was thinking oh honey you're not going off to marry Zach. "That boy's flames so bright I can see him from New York" After that she sorta realized the 'boys' would be together so I had to be meeting someone and then she racked her brain and realized she didn't know anyone that I knew enough to " KNOW" . I laughed out loud on that one. I've missed my Teri so.

"love you girl, yup I'll holler at ya"

"( K baby Claire, behav...ah hell just be claire," I hear her laughing , and think I hear a kiss before she hangs up.)

"hey ba-by?

"Yes my love," she slips her arms around my waist as I climb onto her , sitting, sort of straddling her hips.

"how,"kiss" would you,"kiss,"feel bout "kiss" taking your claire bear"

"Pretty damn good," she interrupted kising me hard, finally coming up for air I laughed.

" no I wasn't done with my sentence Nik,"

"oh," she pouts, and I lean down kissing those lips

"not that that is out of the question ," I cut a wicked grin," but I meant ...oh aliright," I laugh," you wanna go to New York."

"with you? HELL YES...wait ..that's where your cousin and her newly minted girlfriend live, right?

"Yeh so,"

"oh I just meant I was surprised they want visitors this soon."she pouted again," and I mean ."

" oh darling nikki, cmon it's not like we'll spend all our time together, they don't want to be without alone time and neither,"
kiss" do I" I winked," Teri wants us to all meet and I'd like that too but see Nicole , the thing is you have any idea how many colleges I can " visit" in New York, and see good ol ' cousin Teri?"

"mmm I like the way your devious little mind works, Claire bear."

I leaned back head held high looking all proud.

" But, there are other reasons I love that devious lil mind," pulling me gently down against her," let's see," kissing me softly ," what it can come up with , now,"

I feel her hand tangled in my hair her other hand slowly glides down my back as the kiss deepens, I let a small moan escape my lips.
Oh God, it feels so perfect our bodies together. Any thoughts of anything beyond this moment quickly pushed from my mind,as her fingernails drag lazily across my back causing it to arch pressing me into her more. We both gasp audibly, our eyes focused on each other's for a moment before her hand tangles in my hair once more , holding on for dear life as I lean in beginning a slow but powerful oral assault on her neck.
Her hips move, sort of buck sort of grind up and against me,"Cla...ire" she exhales softly with the last syllable of my name.
MMMM it's never sounded so sweet as it does rolling off her tongue. I reach up cupping her face in my hand my thumb brushes her bottom lip.
We both smile and whisper," I love you."