The world without Takumi:

Ren no Hana to Akai Doresu

Midori-chan: Konnichiwa! This is my fanfic about "What if Takumi didn't exist?" I hope the Takumi haters will understand if Takumi didn't exist. From my point of view, things will be like upside-down from the original story. Find it yourself what these are! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: NANA belongs to Ai Yazawa-sensei! I only own Kuroi Blood.

Chapter 1: The snowy hometown and the departure

The day I met Ren; the day we become one… everything happened in Christmas.

"That live was great! It feels so good!" An 18 year old punk girl excitedly stated her words inside a train.

"Feeling better than being with a man?" Beside her is a handsome man. He was carrying a guitar enclosed in a black casing; seems to be a musician.

The weather was awfully cold. Peeking from the train window, the harsh winds smashed the snow into the train windows. This is a place where almost half of the year is covered in snow.

The two went down the train and found out the weather was colder than they expected. Everything is covered in snow; the buildings, the roads & pedestrian lanes, trees and things that are unidentified due to the heavy snow. Sorry, I couldn't really see those things. I think some of those are trash cans.

"Whoa! It's so cold!!!" the both of them yelled. A strong snow-filled wind blew pass the two. Some particles of snow deposited on their head and clothing.

"I'm ganna catch cold! What if I couldn't sing with my beautiful voice?!" She forcefully rubbed her arms trying to heat up.

"That's a problem, Nana! Let's find something from the gifts our fans gave. There must be something." So, the punk girl is named Nana. She must be a singer.

Nana dug into her bag which contains the gift she received from her fans back in the live concert. "There must be something like a hand made muffler or anything else."

"I found one!" The guy beside Nana exclaimed. He pulled out a long muffler which has "REN" knitted in it. Most probably, the guy's name is Ren.

Again, Ren and Nana both said, "It's so cool!" Ren warped the muffler around them and they happily walked home.

The place they call "HOME" is in a warehouse! Although it is converted into an apartment, Ren and Nana are only able to sustain this much for they have no parents that support them.

Soon after Ren was born, he was thrown into this warehouse. He grew up in an orphanage but he ran way and went back to this warehouse playing a guitar he picked up.

Nana was left to her grandmother's place when she was four. Her mother went away with another man. Nana's grandmother was a meanie; she never gave Nana a single yen and she never let Nana wear clothes that were colored red or pink. After her grandmother died, she bought herself a nice red dress and went to a live concert where she met Ren playing his piece for Christmas.

"I don't like to have kids!" yelled Nana.

"I can handle if you have a kid or two." said Ren.

They were both in bed. Wait a minute! Did I mention "They live together"? Anyway, they are living together. They seem to share the apartment's expenses and everything; just like a married couple.

Ren had a padlock as a necklace. He's sure a fan of Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols. But what makes this padlock meaningful is that the one who place it there was Nana. Maybe it is a symbol that Ren can't date with other women unless Nana removed it. Nana has her own proof of her love for Ren; a Ren flower (Lotus) tattoo.

"I still won't. I still want to sing." Nana stands up and went to pick up a pill which I think it's a birth control pill. She really does not like to have kids!

"Nana, I think we can make it to Tokyo. You are a great singer than I ever thought when I chose you." Ren sits up, staring at Nana.

From Ren's view, her white bathrobe outstand the gray walls of the room. "You think so. Nobu said that before he got drank, seems to be true. I have lots of fan here and I wonder how much more I could make in Tokyo and all around Japan." Nana drank her pill then went back to bed to join Ren.

"Nana, remember the first time we met?"

Nana faced Ren, "What about it?"

Ren smiled; he sat up and wrote down a couple of musical notes in a sheet of paper, "I thought of a song for us." After scribbling, he picked up his bathrobe and fetched his most beloved guitar. He stared to play the unfinished piece.

Nana greatly appreciated the song. She picked up her guitar too but since she's not a good guitarist, she couldn't play it well. After some trials, her mind brought her fingers to beautiful notes. It perfectly fit the chorus part but she didn't notice it since she can hear it a noises.

Ren quickly picked up the notes Nana played. He wrote it and replayed it. It is perfect. Ren replayed it in such manner that the notes supposed to be bad in Nana's fingers are now the best music they ever heard. "Nana, could you write this a song?"

Nana answered, "Ren no Hana"

"Tokyo?! I will go for it!!!!!" a young boy with the same age as Nana yelled loudly. His Name is Nobu from the Terashima family which has this huge Japanese inn.

"What do you think, Yasu?"

"Hmm… I will think about it." This hairless man is the oldest among the band members. Yasu is the band's drummer.

Nobu pulled out his guitar and danced & kissed it around in joy. Hey! If Nobu holds a guitar, is Ren the bassist? Sorry, Ren… I thought you're the guitarist. Huh? Ren WAS a guitarist but NOW he's a bassist. Actually, Ren wanted to become a guitarist but he's also in found of the bass since he's a fan of Sid Vicious.

"There are a lots of GOOD Law schools in Tokyo so just transfer, Yasu." Ren tapped Yasu's left shoulder with his right hand. "But we still have to stay here longer. Until we're ready to go Tokyo, Blast will stay here."

"I can't wait to see Blast taking over the whole Japan!" Nobu jumped in over joy.

After 2 years…

Today is March 5, 2000, "It's still snowing hard. I wonder if we could go to Tokyo in weather like this." Her hairstyle changed but still the same punk style; Nana is about to leave her hometown with her fellow band members.

"We could make to Tokyo no matter what weather it is." Ren is standing beside Nana; beside him is Yasu then Nobu is beside Nana.

"There's no day without snowy weather in my birthday. Why not give a break now!" Nana yelled to the sky but the sky didn't answer; it just kept of snowing.

Ren looked around and to his surprise; he found a poster showing a pretty singer. "Isn't she Reira? She's pretty as usual, right Ya-suuu?" Ren exaggerated the name Yasu, making it highlight that Yasu has some relation with Reira.

Reira is now the number one singer in Japan. Well, Trapnest didn't exist. She came from the same hometown from Nana's so Ren and Yasu were friends with her. Reira is singing single but her voice is so pretty that she was able to catch almost every heart of the whole people in Japan even without the other members of Trapnest(which never exist in this fan fic! I wonder what happened to Naoki… probably playing his guitar with his friends.).

"Now you mentioned it, what relation do you have with her???" Nana asked Yasu.

Yasu didn't answer and just gave a silence. Instead, Ren answered. "Yasu used to date with her but she went to Tokyo so they broke up."

"Oh… Yasu, do have any intentions to go back to her when you arrive at Tokyo" Nana was just cool. She's not that hot-headed about Reira. She just thinks she could beat her with her music.

"Don't question me those kinds of questions… hey, the train's coming in 7 minutes. You two, do you still have enough cigars for the trip? I feel like you going to fight inside the train because of it. Go buy now before the train comes." Yasu perfectly avoided the question. As he told, Ren and Nana went to buy some cigars.

The train came after 7 minutes, Yasu and Nobu went in first. Ren and Nana was barely able to ride the train. Maybe Ren pissed off Nana again during their last minute buying of their cigar. It must be Ren's jokes that made Nana angry.

The train is half full; it's not like most people in the north could afford to go to Tokyo. Sitting in the window side seat in the train is Ren; beside her is Nana; Yasu and Nobu are behind Ren and Nana.

The train ride is pretty long but they haven't arrived yet in Tokyo. In 2 or 3 hours, they will be arriving Tokyo. In the middle of the trip, a strong jolt from the train's made Ren's guitar fall. It was supposed to hit Nana's boots but instead, it hit on a pinkish-brown haired young lady who just fell from the sudden jolt of the train.

"Hey, are you alright?" Nana removed the guitar and pushed it to Ren. She helped the young lady stand up.

"Don't worry, I'm okay." This young lady looks like a Ko-gal. Her style is definitely like a senior high school girl's. Maybe she going Tokyo shopping; is she skipping classes for that?

The ko-gal went on to search a seat since Nana came aboard, the train picked up many more passengers along the way.

Even it is Nana's birthday, the snow kept on falling. Before they went to Tokyo, the snow is not that hard but as the train went on, as night came by, the snow fell stronger. The train went on but slower than usual for safety. How long will they be able to arrive at Tokyo? I assume that Nana's hometown is in somewhere in Hokkaido that would be a long trip to Tokyo. I'm not really sure though… Nana won't tell me where her hometown is!

Midori-chan: So how do you think about my "What if" fanfic? It's very different if Takumi didn't exist. Trapnest won't exist if Takumi won't exist but I didn't remove Reira from the story; I just made her sing single instead. Well, Hachi didn't become Nana's flat mate. For Nana + Hachi fans, blame Ren for not becoming friends. Kuroi Blood? You will now it in chapter 3. OTANOSHIMI NI!!!