slowly, slowly.

prompt: don't wish // don't start // wishing only wounds the heart

-----------------Slowly, she's learning.

She's learning that Corny can be hard to deal with (he won't talk, he won't stop talking, he won't do this, he won't stop doing it…)

-----------------Slowly, she's working it out.

She's working out that childhood friends won't always remain the same (why are they so aloof? Little faeran friends should remain little faeran friends, not little faeran acquaintances, because acquaintances don't mean so much as friends do…)

-----------------Slowly, she's finding out some things.

She's finding that a double life can be hard to deal with (well, duh. But it's so very difficult to not blurt it out, not just tell someone for once and for all about her life and – okay, Corny knows. But there are problems with that, remember…?)

-----------------Slowly, she's realizing that life isn't all it's cut out to be.

She's realizing that some things make you want to scream and rant and rave (and then scream and rant and rave some more, because that's just the way life is, and there's not much you can do to change it, especially if you're a pixie – no say in either world, it feels like…)

-----------------Slowly, she's coming to understand that there's no supreme justice.

She's understanding now that there's no supernatural benign force just waiting to give you a helping hand (because in this world, humans wish on faeries, but where can the faeries themselves go when they want a little luck and guidance…?)

-----------------Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly, she's coming to terms with some harsh realities.

Like these. (Roiben and the fact that there's no wishes for faeries out there and Roiben and that it's difficult to really really work things out in this world and Roiben and that it's really quite useless to make wishes because they'll never be heard and Roiben and Roiben and Roiben Roiben Roiben.)

And she knows now, without a doubt, that it was never a good idea in the beginning, to wish for that, of all things, and she's missing that lost innocence, and the love that is there is wounding her and she can't stop it and it's so wonderful and terrible and sometimes, just sometimes, she wonders what it would have been like without it, without all the hurt and passion.

And she knows she couldn't have lived without it.

For Zanisha because I love her. Even if she made me write this just then and didn't write one herself.♥& because Tithe is just that fucking amazing.

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