Summary: Morning comes and a student and teacher are caught together … but which one's which? Fun, confused fluff!

Rating: T

Warnings: Student/Teacher ship, implied sexual references

Disclaimer: JKR owns the basis for the characters. I just play with them.

Author's Notes: This may be short but it's very confusing, so don't start reading right before a piano lesson or something ...

Try Me

By Alexannah

"Morning, Professor. Sleep well?"

"You've gone back to the 'Professor' thing now, then?"

"Just preparing for class."

"I see."

"Speaking of preparing for class …"

"I know, I know; I need to get up. I don't want to be late to class again. If we're caught getting to class late at the same time again it will look very suspicious."

"Mm. Do I have to get up yet?"

"I'd advise it. Where's my table gone?"

"It's in the other room."

"What did you do that for?"

"I needed more room to kiss you."



"You do realise I could be fired if someone found out about this?"

"Who's going to find out?"

"I'd get rid of that cocky attitude if I were you, Mr Dumbledore. Hogwarts has eyes and ears everywhere."


"Are you listening to me?"

"What? – Ouch!"

"That was for not listening."

"I was listening. I heard every word you said."

"What did I say then?"

"Can't you remember? You must be going senile in your old age …"

"I am not old and there is nothing wrong with my memory!"

"Touché much?"

"Albus, I have been teaching here for longer than you've been alive. I think that's enough ground to be defensive about my age, thank you very much."

"I was only joking! Have you ever had a sense of humour?"

"I can still give you detention, you know."

"But you wouldn't."

"Try me."



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In case you were really confused and can't work it out, it started with Albus and alternated each line till the end. The "…"s counted as a line each. As you can see, I played with their ages – Minerva is the teacher and Albus is the pupil.

I m writing a proper story based on that idea - it's called White Flower and should be posted reasonably soon. Keep a look-out!