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"Ohayo, Seiya-san! Ohayo, Taiki-san! Ohayo, Yaten-kun!" Usagi greeted animatedly to the Three Lights (after one year of their incident they have returned for some temporary stay) as she met them at the hallway towards their room. And she glanced up to see him do it.

It was a smile you still would have to search for in the corners of his mysterious lips, but once you're perceptive enough, you could easily trace it.

It was a smile still in the making. Yet it was still a smile, nevertheless. Not a scoff nor a smirk but a real smile.

Usagi contented herself with that as she watched him still with that smile while he overtook her, heading towards their classroom first, and she walked with Seiya who was already busy flirting with her nonstop.

She gave another silent smile of hers. At least she got a different response from Yaten-kun now with her greetings, and for that she is satisfied.


The sakura blossoms were now in full bloom, and Usagi together with Minako were already chasing wildly around each other, laughing and sprinkling the falling petals against each other. The wind built up, carrying with it another huddle of sweet-smelling sakura, now swirling around all of them.

Taiki smiled and looked at his brothers and the rest of the inner senshi who were also enjoying their new hideout-slash-headquarters—their private sakura park.

"I've just found this accidentally." They nodded, taking all of it in.

"Do you like the view?" he asked them. They still nodded in fascination, still looking around.

Yaten kept staring at Usagi in silence, her hair twirling, her eyes sparkling, her face flushed.

"Love it," he said it so low, only for him to hear.


He did not believe it when Seiya whined about her prolonged penchant for the library, but his curiosity was so piqued that he just had to see it for himself. Thus explaining his presence here in this cramped place, which seems to get femininely stuffier by the second. No doubt because of his presence.

He moved towards his odango-haired friend who wouldn't have been seen for the long pile of books in front of her. He sat down beside her—who cared for nothing but what she was doing—obviously intrigued by Usagi being this silent and diligent for such a long time. And with a flick of his hand, a book in the topmost pile in front of her fell down, catching her undivided attention.

Clear sapphire eyes met intense jade. Her annoyance instantly changed to that of pleasant surprise.

"Yaten-kun," she whispered.

Without a word, he took a book from her pile and quickly scanned it, not saying anything. He looked at her again and smiled. "Calculus at your year level already?" he silently asked, dubiously looking at her.

She simply shrugged as she more discreetly covered what she was doing, not looking at him once again. "I didn't use that book. I've finished my homework a while ago."

His eyes held the slightest glimmer of surprise. "So what are these for?"

He was not dutifully answered as quickly as he wanted, making him anxious. Definitely, ignoring him is not one of his favorites.

"Here!!" she excitedly whispered as she looked up at him now, clearly happy with her accomplishment. And with that she slowly stood up, carefully gathered her things and went out the library, her new work carefully hidden. Yaten was forced to silently follow her out. When they were walking towards their hideout, though, Usagi silently held out her work to him, a friendly smile gracing her lips.

Baffled, Yaten slowly took it, and was surprised. On the paper was a sketch—a portrait of him. A rather detailed portrait of him.

"How—?" he silently looked up, but his bunny was already running towards the sakura park, leaving him behind.

Fondly looking at her then aback at her drawing, he allowed himself to softly smile this time. His bunny.


Usagi looked up at Yaten in confusion, as she held nothing but the concert ticket—obviously their concert, she silently reminded—handed down to her. Yaten once again smirked at her ineptness, still not revealing anything.

"Th-thank you, Yaten-kun. Did this come from Seiya-san?"


"Oh. So…ah…er..." she tried to look for the words, her mind obviously nonplussed, looking hard at the ticket as if the answer lay there. Then she looked back at him in victory.

"Oh. So you want me to give this to Minako from you, then?"

"No." He was tempted to add 'idiot', but stopped himself.

"Oh." Her face fell, then suddenly a new thought sprang up, but she just couldn't get it if ever she was right. If ever, she was getting more and more confused.

"So…uh…uh…er…is this for me?" He frowned, and Usagi quickly and nervously added, "I mean…uh…are you giving this ticket to me—?"

"How stupid could you still get?" he barked and quickly walked away, leaving a more confused Usagi at the rooftop, the ticket still in her hands.

It didn't help ease her confusion that even though he shouted at her, it was done a notch softer than the usual.


He was looking his way at his new seatmate; they were both perched under a sakura tree of their hideout while they waited for the others. Usually he'd only be the first to arrive, so he was a little shocked and mystified when he arrived and saw her already there, on his place. Not that she knew.

Now she was curled at her side, seriously taking at her notes. On his first glance she was still staring hard at them. On his second, she was already jotting some with her pencil, while another one was between her lips. Why she needed two pencils, he still do not know.

Then suddenly, she looked up at him, her frown gracing her fine features. "I wanna go to Harvard." As if it was some secret deep inside her only he was told about.

He only arched a sardonic eyebrow, not bothering to talk. She continued, looking back at her notes, writing again. "Then I'll be with Mamo-san more."

He looked away, now focusing back on his book. "That's good."

Then he closed his book, hard enough for her to hear and look up at him again as he gave her one of his conceited smirks. "At least I'd get someone to annoy and belittle while I'm there."


She wasn't calling him Mamo-chan anymore, and for that he is satisfied.

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