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Hinata project: Hinata x Hidan by Misa

Something about his hair and his use of his language entranced her, she guessed. His hair… it was so wonderful! It was all slicked back and it was probably very smooth. She could play with it all day long! Except she'd be to shy to actually play with it, so she probably wouldn't play with it at all, but oh well.

She was very amazed that he had managed to use 'fuck' all the time. She still hadn't brought up the courage to even say it once, yet he said it in every single sentence! She wondered if his parents ever got mad at him when they were around… she'd have to ask him that.

Hidan always wondered why everyone loved this girl so much. She was shy, soft-spoken and not mean at all! What the hell is wrong with her? He'd always question, making the others shrug. It was one of those questions that could never be answered.

Something that really nagged at his mind was whether or not she had ever said 'fuck'. It bothered him that it wasn't in every normal persons vocabulary… it was such a fun word to use!

Ah, we can say opposites DON'T attract on Hidan's half. Looks like poor Hinata's alone in this one.

Woah! XD Hidan x Hinata! Not as funny as I imagined but still! Read on!

And uh, sorry it took me so long to publish this! I got distracted by Christmas and stuff. :3

-Misa the Honorable Literate One