Title: Sam's Christmas Date

Summary: After her break-up with Pete, Sam is left with no one to take to her brother's house for Christmas. After her attempts to find a date fail, she must try our favorite General. Sam/Jack! Co-written with SG-Fan!

Authors: SGCFan4ever and SG-Fan!

Setting: Early season eight.

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Rating. This fic is rated T for safety, I'd say more like K +.

Spoilers: All seasons.

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I co-authored this with my sister, SG-Fan. So, a big thank-you to her!

A/N: Hey everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas this year! So, I came up with this story while doing science, actually. Well, at least I was supposed to be doing science, but that's a whole other story. Anyways, I hope you like it as much as I (WE)enjoyed writing it! (SG-Fan: Trust me, people, while it was fun, it's not always easy co-authoring with your sister…)

Chapter 1: An Unpleasant Reminder

"Hey Sam, it's Mark. I'm just calling to confirm that you'll be here the twenty-third. Uh… give me a call, and let me know what's going on… Oh! Don't forget to bring your date!"


Sam stared aghast at the answering machine. "Oh my God."


Carter stepped out of the elevator, her face clearly showing the bad mood she was inWalter was standing there, as if waiting for her, with coffee in his hands.

Coffee. Now that would help her.

"That better be for me," she half joked as she pointed to the steaming cup. She made a mental note to herself to never miss coffee in the morning again.

Walter looked up at her, startled. "Uh, no, ma'am. I'm sorry. I got this for General O'Neill."

The elevator dinged behind her, and the familiar sound of Jack O'Neill's whistling was heard.

"Hey, Carter," said Jack. He took the coffee from Walter, along with several folders that seemed to be spilling with papers.

"Good morning, General," she greeted, turning to face him.

"Do you want me to get you some coffee, ma'am?"

"That's all right, Sergeant, thank you." Sam replied quickly.

"Yes, ma'am." The technician excused himself.

Jack stared at her a moment before holding up his cup of coffee. "Want some?"

"Thank you for the offer, sir," she said, "but I'm good."

He raised an eyebrow. Holding the coffee closer to her face, he let the aroma fill her nostrils. "You sure? There's plenty here. And I'm sure I've got a empty… relatively clean mug in my office."

Sam shook her head as a small smile crept across her face. He knew how to work her. "I'm sure, thank you."

Jack nodded slowly, thinking over his next words. "A hundred percent? I mean, I can always grab another one, or send Walter out for some more. That's another thing I can add to the 'pro' list of being the General around here."

Sam gave him another smile. "I'm sure you have several of those, sir. If you'll excuse me, I have several tests to run."

"Yes, you, go… run your tests… figure how to save the world once again." He gestured towards her lab. "I'll see you later."


"Damn it!"

Sam shoved her drawer shut with great force. No coffee in that one either. She could have sworn she had a container of it in there yesterday.

She glanced around the room; looking for any other places she could have stashed it. A moment later she sighed. No luck.

She needed coffee. It wasn't a want- it was a need. She knew she would be cranky all day if she didn't get any, and she was too lazy to go down to the commissary.

Spotting a half drunk, cold cup of coffee, left over from the previous day, she debated for a moment... and then quickly inhaled the liquid.

Now she could work. She took a quick glance through her memos and mission assignments before realizing she was supposed to be in a briefing two minutes ago.

As she fled down the corridors of the SGC, her cell phone rang.

She made it into the elevator and quickly answered her phone, thinking it was probably Daniel wondering where she was. She was generally the first person in the briefing room.

"Yeah, Daniel, I'll be there in a minute-"

"This is Mark."

"Oh. Hi," she greeted, pushing the elevator button hard.

"I don't know if you got my message, Carol is bugging me to make sure we're still on for Christmas, something about wanting to have enough food, not that you eat much anyways." Her brother gave a chuckle.

"Yeah, um, sorry I didn't call you back. I'm kinda in a rush today. Yes, I will be coming, and-"

"Good, good," he interrupted. "The kids are bragging to our neighbors kids how their cool aunt is coming up for Christmas, wouldn't want to disappoint them. And I haven't seen my little sis in two years, so, it'll be nice."

Sam smiled at her brother's words. "Aww, thank you. I'm sorry about not coming to visit you in the summer- my work -"

"Sam, you don't need an excuse. I'm family. But I do think you need to quit that job of yours. You have too many talents to waste-"

"Mark," she sighed, "I happen to like my job, thank you very much." She hurried out of the elevator, and practically ran down the halls. "Listen, I've got a briefing to go to, I'll talk to you later?"

"Yeah, okay. Bye… Oh wait!"

Sam halted outside the conference room. "What?"

"Pete called and told me about your breakup… so, what happened? I thought the two of you were hitting it off pretty well, did you-"

Before Sam had a chance to say anything, she heard her sister-in-law, Carol, shouting at her husband. "Mark! Leave her alone. Tell her she doesn't have to bring anyone."

"Okay, okay…" Mark said quietly. "Hey Sam? Carol said to tell you that you don't have to bring anyone. We can find someone for you, we know several great guys-"

Sam's eyes widened in panic at his words. If Mark picked a guy… "Mark." She sighed, quickly calming herself down. "I uh…" Just tell him you don't have someone...

And make him think you can't find a single date?

"Don't worry, Mark," she said sarcastically, "I have someone." And with that she hung up.

What the hell had she just done? Who was she going to bring with her to San Diego?

"You'll have someone, what?"

Sam cringed at the familiar voice. "General."

"What was that all about?" Jack asked, gesturing to the phone.

Sam wondered how much of her conversation he had heard. "Nothing," she answered quickly. "Ready?"

He shrugged. "Sure."


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