Warning: May contain traces of drabble.

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Her Words are Poison

by Base2

I'd give anything to give me to you

Can you forget the world that you thought you knew

His breath slows as his fingers graze her pale skin, soft as moonlight. There is nothing more beautiful, even as hatred seeps from her. "So fair, and so cold. Like a morning of pale spring still clinging to winter's chill." He can feel her repulsion receding slowly, her eyes close and she does not turn away, yet he knows the moment will pass. The words he speaks have never held charm for her. Her inner strength against him is infuriating, though it is what makes her even more enchanting. For now, though, he has her under his spell to do with as he pleases. To touch her skin for one more instant as he could not ever do without this control.

She slowly opens her eyes to meet his. Something in her gaze, so sad and wanting, seems to freeze the beating in his chest. The spell has been broken, and yet she still allows his shaking, almost frightened touch. His eyes widen as his heart dares to hope in disbelief for what it has not before. That this moment would not be the last, that her resistance to him would forever fail. Yet at the same time his look is resigned, knowing what is inevitably to come.

"Your words are poison."

Her words are poison. He looks down at his hand, still tingling with the memory of her ivory skin. Why must it always end this way? He is left alone again, with only the lingering feeling her gaze filled not with pure loathing. If only she could know the true pain she causes him. If only she could see that his love goes beyond any even he thought himself capable of.

He now must wait for another moment to come when he can again have her in his grasp. Who knows how long it might be, but her will wait. He will wait for that day when the moment extends and becomes a lifetime. He will wait until all the abhorrence has drained from her eyes and she can look upon him with love, however long it will be.

I'll believe all your lies

Just pretend you love me

Make believe, close your eyes

I'll be anything for you

Short and sweet. Lyrics from "Anything For You" by Evanescence. Please R&R.