Only about a month before Christmas…

At Obadiah high, the Arts and Drama class were given the privilege of performing a Musical production of any Christmas, or Christmas-Related story for the minor grade-students and preschoolers.

And for extra credit, the class was given the class was told to write up the script for what play they would like to have done. Keeping in mind though that it had to be a Christmas, or Christmas-Related subject.

The class had been working on their scripts since last month, and were almost done. Kari and TK both had the same idea and asked if they could work together, and they got it.

This really ticked Davis off. Kari was up to her "Make Davis Jealous" thing again. He really wished she would cut that out, or did she even care how she was making him feel.

His little crush on her was grown bigger over the years, though he never wanted anyone to know that.

Kari and TK were growing closer over the years, and by now they had been considered the cutest couple in the school. Though they were not officially dating, nor were they even thinking about it.

Still… Davis was really beginning to feel like a loser. Always being targeted by Kari's jealousy game, and provoked by it too from other kids in the school.

Davis also had very little popularity in the school, and after all the heroic things he did for everyone being the greatest of the Digi destined.

Whenever there was a task the others said couldn't be done, Davis did it all by himself. If it wasn't for his ways of never quitting, and never backing down… everyone would've been killed long ago.

"Some hero I am." Davis thought to himself. "I save the world, I work my best, and still they all treat me as if I'm not there."

Class ended, and everyone handed in their scripts the teacher would study and decided tomorrow on which one it was going to be.

Davis decided to head to the Digital world for some time alone. Kari and TK came up to him. "Hey Davis, what's happening?" said TK.

"Hi, Davis." added Kari.

But Davis didn't even look at them. "Yeah right! Whatever." He said sounding low and just walked right past them.

Yolei Cody and Ken saw the whole thing as they came up the stairs. "What's up with him?" asked Yolei.

Kari had a feeling. "I think I may have made Davis a little mad." She said. "I was… you know?"

The other had a feeling she was playing "Let's make Davis feel Jealous" again. "Kari, it was fun to do at first, but I think you're stating to go too far with this." said Yolei.

Ken nodded in agreement. "You have been getting a little carried away in your playing with him." He said. "Why do you really do this to him all time?"

Only TK knew the real reason why, but he promised Kari he wouldn't tell the others. "Ah, never mind that." He said. "I'm going to walk her home." He said and they left.

The others were beginning to get really suspicious. Kari was obviously hiding something, but whatever it was it had to wait.

They were meeting with Tai's gang to help work the stage in the auditorium.

See… this was going to be no ordinary play. They wanted this to actually look real, like a watching a movie without the screen, and they had to work on everything.

Izzy was in charge of Lights, special effects.

Ken and Cody were working on the sceneries, and quick scenery changing.

Matt and Tai had a job that required stead hands, and strong arms. Hanging things on wire, even people to make it look as thought they were really flying.

Sora was in charge of making the costumes that did not exist in the in costume box, or making the ones that did exist. right size for who would be wearing them.

Since the play was going to be a musical, Yolei Sora and Mimi were going to be choruses. The people who sang parts of the songs behind the singers.

Kari and TK were in charge of ticket sales, together as usual.

As for Davis, he was in charge of making or finding any music that they could use in the plays, and from what everyone had heard about it, he had really been working hard at it.

But lately, he hadn't been coming to the group, and even if he had, he was really looking bummed. He never spoke to anyone unless he was spoken too, and didn't even so much as glance over to Kari, and refused to work with her unless she was in trouble.

Tai, was one of the only other people there who knew why Davis was bummed, and why Kari had been teasing him overtime, but he also promised not to tell anyone why.

"You okay, Tai." said Matt. "You've been awfully quiet these past few days."

Tai looked up, "Oh… I've just been working hard, that's all." He lied on that bit. "Somehow we have to get her to tell him." He said to himself.


Kari and TK were preparing the tickets at Kari's place. "Kari, you have to stop trying to deny it, and just go and tell him." TK said.

"TK, I can't." said Kari. "What if he's so mad that he never wants to even look at me anymore?"

The truth was, Kari was over-teasing Davis because she was really trying to cover up her feelings for him that she had just realized were growing.

Nobody thought it would happen, but Kari was starting to fall for Davis, and all the heroic things he had done.

Risking his life countless times over to save everyone; Namely, herself. He was incredible, and yet she always knew deep down that she liked him, maybe… even--

But she didn't know if he still really loved her. "I don't want to rush into things, and make it all worse. Why, is it that I can't ever do things right?!"

TK put a comforting arm around her should. "Kari… listen." He said. "We're all just worried about you, and Davis too. We just don't want to see you guys get hurt."

Kari still didn't know. She really just didn't know if she should just tell Davis about her feelings or let him do it first.