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Summary: AU Eight love-struck heirs to demonic clans, a trash-mouthed fox with nine personas, and a portal to a Demon Realm. NaruHina GaaraOC

A/N: Ok this is my first fic. It will be really long, estimating 30 chapters. I will update when I can, if I can. Any extremely long hiatuses will not occur or you will be warned. This is a Naruto-goes-away-for-X-number-of-years-and-becomes-powerful-and-smarter-than-he-was fic. It will also have a lot of AU-ness and the timing might be off. The story starts after the Sasuke retrieval arc and before Jiraiya takes Naruto on the three-year training mission. I will attempt to stick to cannon if I can for personalities but chances are I will be a bit OOC. My later chapters are much better than the opening. Also, I HATE Yaoi and Yuri. This is a romance/action/ HUMOR fic. Not much angst. My beta is currently indisposed but hopefully she will help with my mistakes. Possible crossovers if I can. Bios will be on my profile if I can. Sorry for rambling, but I had to get all that out there.

"Bold" Kyuubi

"Italic"Naruto talking to Kyuubi

'Italic single quotation' Naruto thinking

Chapter 1

The moon shown through the trees of Konoha. A lone figure of a broken fourteen-year-old boy crawled forward painfully. Blood was caked on the dirt path behind him. The normally bright yellow hair was matted with dried blood and was almost brown. His clothes were also covered in gore and showed signs of a fierce battle. As he crawled he spat out another chunk of blood onto the grass next to him.

It was three weeks, four days, and twelve hours since Sasuke betrayed Konoha. Naruto was blamed by the council for the 'disappearance' of the 'loyal hero' of the Uchiha clan. As punishment for his crime, the council sent him alone on three missions to Otokagure to bring him back. If he were not back in Konoha after three days, he would be considered a missing nin. After returning from Oto, normally it took only a day before he was defeated, he was sent on another mission. The amount of wounds, fatal or not, did not matter to the council. In total, Naruto had been sent on eight missions, all S-Rank. Four were assassination missions in Iwakagure, one to Kumokagure, and the three rescue missions in Oto. He was ambushed, attacked, trapped, and tortured, not completing a single mission. His survival was only due to Kyuubi's healing powers.

Eighty-five percent of Naruto's chakra was used up. Kyuubi filled up the depleted stores with demonic chakra to prevent Naruto from passing out. Naruto's whisker scars were permanently dark and his canine teeth were longer and more fang-like. His senses were much stronger and he could talk to Kyuubi without having to go to the cage. This was a both a blessing and a curse. Due to not having anyone to talk to for thirteen years, the fox could be quite chatty.

"For Kami's sake, Kit, you really are fucked up. If you had just let me take control and transform back to my own body for five minutes, I would have knocked the Uchiha prick unconscious, killed Orochimaru, and obliterated half the village without getting a scratch on me! But, no, you had to do it the hard way and make me save your butt by healing your cracked skull and severed gut!" The demon fox growled to the boy.

"Before or after Orochimaru seals your power back into me with a Five Pronged seal? I told you already furball, if I want to be powerful, then I have to do things by my self. If everything is handed to me on a silver platter, there is no way I would become strong. Also, chances are, you would not give control back." Naruto thought spoke back.

"Honestly, Kit, would I do that?" Kyuubi said innocently.

"Yes, yes you would. Sorry fuzzbutt, but I can't let you control my life. The only reason why I use your chakra is because it has been intergraded with my own since you were sealed into me. One Five Pronged Seal and I would be helpless if I depended on it, too. Why do you want to help me anyway? The fearsome Kyuubi no Kitsune helping complete missions. Why don't I just draw a Leaf Symbol on your forehead?"

"If you value your life you won't dare. To answer your question… I'M BORED!" the beast roared inside Naruto's head. "I need to run around for a bit, get some change of scenery. Stretch out my legs for a bit, eat some rabbits."

"Not in my body you bastard!"

"Its so dull inside your head! Lose the pipes, add a field, maybe some trees. At least dry up the water and add a sun! It smells like wet old socks in here!"

"If I knew how to fix what is inside my head I would! I give you the power to change what you would like if you know how. Why are you even talking to me anyway? Normally you would be threatening to eat my head and suck out my guts or something."

"Yeah, well, scaring the shit out of you gets kind of boring after a while. Also, I don't think you would need the extra stress with the council thinking you are me. A ridiculous concept, of course, but in some ways they are kind of correct. You are the heir to the Kitsune line, seeing as you have the only Kyuubi born in ten thousand years inside of you."

"Hold it right there fox. What are you talking about?"

"In the demon realm, there are nine clans: The Tanuki (raccoondog), Neko (cat), Same (shark), Kajitori (literally fire bird), Kame (turtle), Ookami (wolf), Ryuu (dragon), Hebi (snake), and Kitsune (if you don't know this one please stop reading Naruto.). Each clan has a maximum number of tails, one through nine. Every thousand years an heir is born to every clan at the same time. Each has the maximum number of tails for their clan. The heir is prodigy, if you wish. This only occurs in the first eight clans. However, in the most powerful clan, the kitsune, the only time an heir is born is when all nine clans are in danger of war and need a savior. So, as you can guess, when it was time for the clans to produce heirs and nine offspring were born, you could only guess at the amount of panic that aroused.

"The heirs were about sixteen in human years when they were introduced to each other. I had already met all of them at the age of five to maintain good relations with all the clans to keep my position as peacekeeper. Unlike humans, we biju have unlimited intelligence but the heirs are born with the combined intellect of past ancestors. However, I doubt common sense was passed down. In one of the biggest cosmic mess-ups in the history of the universe all of the heirs fell in love with each other."

" How is that bad?" Naruto asked as he set up camp for the night.

"The prince of the Kajitori, Haomaru, fell in love with the princess of Hebi, Orohime. Orohime fell in love with the prince of Ryuu, Denkou. Denkou fell in love with the princess of the Same, Kiriame. Kiriame fell in love with the prince of Tanuki, Kurosuna, or as you humans call him, Shukaku. Kurosuna fell in love with the princess of Kame, Shintateru.

She fell in love with the prince of Ookami, Kooritawa. He fell in love with the princess of Neko, Shintsume, but she fell in love with Haomaru! They all felt it was best to confide in me for my advice and I, of course, couldn't help them at all! Then, the heirs attempted to ask their crushes out and were instantly denied. I then had eight pissed off, rejected, and depressed teenage biju on my hands who all blamed me for not helping!

"Now they should have just gotten over their crushes but nnnnoooooo Haomaru just had to hear the rumor that the human world takes away all of your pain and sadness. He found an ancient demon scroll that explains how to get to the human world and he tried it out, then to make matters worse, it actually worked and he was sent to your world. Sendo-chan followed her crush by using the scroll, then Koori followed her, and on and on until I was the only heir left! When the clans found out, lets just say I had to get my tails out of there and find those teens, fast. I also used the scroll but at least I memorized the jutsu to get back.

"Turns out the rumor was right. The human world does take away a biju's sadness. However, it also takes away every other emotion except for rage and insanity. There is something in the oxygen that seems to make demons go insane. Also the scroll basically transports us to random place in your world. I went to a forest outside of your village and when I woke up from my daze I was stuck inside a cage inside a one-year-old human's head! I guessed that the only way the biju are calmed are if they are correctly sealed inside a human host. I knew I would be stuck here for a while so I occupied my time devising a long lasting jutsu to counteract the affects of your atmosphere on my kind. Chances are my world is at war now because I am not there so would you mind helping me out?" the fox concluded in a plea.

"Ok Kyuubi, let me get this straight. You want me to help you collect the biju/jinchiruki (sp) so that we can stop a massive war that is going on in your realm. Not only do I have to find these demons or their containers, but I have to convince them to sit still long enough to counteract the affects of the atmosphere and give up their love?"

"Yup that sums it up. Oh and my name is not Kyuubi, that's only my title. My real name is Kasaigiri (flame of honor) but please call me Kasai. Oh and I will train you to use your powers that come with being a demon, and before you ask, yes you will become a demon fox if I understand this seal correctly. It should fuse our power together into your body, making you a sort of hanyou. Ingenious design, this cage, I must admit."

"I need to rest on this for a bit. Do I have a choice in helping you or not?"

" Would you rather stay in Konoha and attempt to complete missions that could and eventually will kill us both, or do you want to become the most powerful being in both of our realms?"

" Now that you mention it, both of my choices kind of suck, don't they? I guess I will go with the one that doesn't immediately guarantee my death. How do I help you Kasai?

"First get rid of that orange suit and get another mission to have an excuse to leave the country without your hunter nins on our tails and we can work it out from there. Get some sleep we will figure the rest out once you get your chakra back and fully heal."

"Ok. That sounds good. I want to say goodbye to some of my friends." Naruto told the fox before he shut off the mental link. His final thought before he fell asleep was, 'And maybe I can finally admit my feelings to her, too.'

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