Hello all! You're probably wondering what this is all about, so listen and listen good. I'm writing this with the help of tips from many Anti-Suethors who try to do good by giving example of excellent Avatar fiction. This story won't just cover Sues, though. It will also cover grammar and a little thing called SPELL-CHECK, as well as a few more tips on being in- or out-of-character. So read on in hopes this helps clear up the small muddy of fics in the ATLA section, and hopefully improving the overall fics on Read on…


1. Mary-Sues

Mary-Sues. Most know what these are, and many that do don't give a crap about them. Those that don't give a crap about them are what we call Suethors. (There is also a male version of Suethors, which will be mentioned later.)

Suethor (sōō-thūr) n.

1 An author who portrays herself in the form of a movie/TV/book/etc. character 2 A self-insert into a movie/TV/book/etc. who attempts to muddy up the plot-line 3 An additional character – alter-ego of the author – incorporated into the story line to take the reader's attention away from the canon and focus on the sob-story of the Sue

Mary-Sue (marē-sōō) n.

1 The character portrayed in a plot by a Suethor (see definition above) 2 A Sparklypoo image in a Suethor's (again, see definition above) head


"It's only an OC. So what if my character has a relationship with a canon?"


So what? A lot, that's for sure. Yeah, Sokka can sometimes be girl crazy, but he's slightly involved with Suki, thinks about Yue all the time, has Ty Lee goo-goo gaga in love with him, and has Toph harboring a crush on him. He's more occupied than he needs, but keep your Sue-ish pink manicure-ish claws off of him. I mean, SERIOUSLY: face the fact! Sokka would date Katara, Pakku, Meng, and even Appa before laying a finger on some blond haired, 21st century named, IM chatting, D-cupped, anorexic sparklypoo bitch. Sokka may sometimes pig out on food and act his clumsy, brash persona, but he's not just gawky and ludicrous. He's a great leader, a great warrior, and –contrary to popular belief – HAS A BRAIN and will not INSTANTLY fall head-over-heels for some girl he just met.

Same with Zuko. He has been sexually assaulted, raped, touched, and so many other gruesome things more than any other character, and honestly… why? He's not that type of guy! No matter how attractive your Sue may be, Zuko is not going to just budge. I don't care if your mother abandoned you to join the circus or if she has pentapox and only has three days to live or – something even more tragic – like she hasn't lost her virginity yet and needs someone strong to help or she broke one of her sparklypoo nails or whatever other macaroni your twisted little mind can come up with. Zuko doesn't fall for crappy, fake-tragic sob stories.

And for the small gaggle of Aang addicts if there: he likes KATARA! Move on with your life! Aang would most likely act as he did for Meng, totally creeped out by her.


-Aang is a sweets-crazed, sugar-high toddler

-Katara is a PMS bitch

-Katara would rape Zuko

-Sokka is totally gaga girl-crazy

-Sokka is obsessed with food and as dumb as a post

-Toph is a PMS bitch

-Toph will get along with someone the moment she meets them

-Zuko needs, and I mean NEEDS a girl to love, adore, and understand him

-Iroh is nothing more than a fat, tea-loving old man

-Iroh is a dirty, R-rated man who would invite a D-cup into his house to date Zuko

-Azula has a soft side

-Mai is a PMS bitch and wants to do Zuko

-Ty Lee is a PMS bitch


-Aang is a very powerful bender

-Katara is a feminist and would most likely give any dude who tries to mingle whiplash

-Sokka may like some girls (as any 15-year-old guy in his right mind would) but is not a two- or three-timer

-Sokka is an excellent strategist and an intelligent and able warrior

-Toph is cautious around strangers and would treat your Mary-Sue like a pile of platypus-bear dung.

-Zuko is too complex for a girl, nor does he dream of Mai, Katara, or anyone else

-Iroh is wise beyond anyone on earth

-Iroh would burn your Sue to a crisp if she so much as came within 100 yards of him – he's not the Dragon of the West for no reason

-Azula is a power hungry, natural-born leader

-Mai is a mope, but is a powerful warrior

-Ty Lee likes Sokka, but she isn't a bitch. Though awfully fruity, she can be wise and level-headed


Gosh, toughie. I guess it comes down to this:

An OC is defined as a servant, merchant, neighbor, customer, etc. with a tiny speaking part. Really, no satisfactory romances can occur with an OC, to stick to canon shipping!

Also, when deciding on an OC, you don't want to waste a paragraph explaining, the girl had chocolate brown eyes and jet black hair pulled into a bun. She was wearing an authentic pale blue wrap dress and silver moccasins

STOOOOOP! No one gives a shit if your character was on fire when they met them! But you could give small hints of description, like the girl at the counter stared down the group. Her searching chocolate eyes glinted as she surveyed the foursome, and she chewed on a strand of her dark hair as Aang asked for her assistance.

See? Even that sounds a little Sue-ish, and it's toned down. Keep the part short and simple and remember the traits of the four nations:

Earth Kingdom: Skin color may vary from the paleness of Toph to the tan of King Bumi. Eye color usually brown, but shades of green and gray aren't unheard of. The clothes are usually hues of tan, green, gray, and possibly some purples and blues. Hair for women is worn in a braid, bun, or down-do. Men grow their hair out to wear braids and usually have fancy headdresses.

Water Tribe: Folks from this tribe are uncommon, but the skin is very tan. The eyes are always a form of blue, and the clothes go from shades of blue to violet. Hair for women is in a braid, and for men, up in a series of ponytails.

Fire Nation: The Firebenders are very pale. The eyes are either a yellow-hazel color like Azula's, a brown, or possibly gray, like Mai and Ty Lee. The clothes are made of red and black fabrics, or possibly other similar tinges, like gray or pink. Hairstyles for women are braids and buns, and for men, ponytails, usually with Fire Nation insignias.

Air Nomads: These are uncommon, usually only seen in Aang's flashbacks, if any. The nomads have pale skin, gray to hazel eyes. The clothes are various tones of orange and yellow. Men's heads were shaved, and women wore long hair with the forehead shaved to display Airbender tattoos, which both men and women wore.

And something to remember:

Hair was always, always, ALWAYS brown or black, unless it is an elderly person, who would have white or gray. The only exception is Yue, who was touched by the Moon Spirit. And no, none of your Sues will ever be touched by the moon or ANY spirit, so dream on.