Who Am I?

Summery: After a horrific incident involving Chimera, Stella loses her memory and goes to live on earth, can Brandon help her remember everything and everyone in her life?

Info: This starts at the beginning of season three, only I'm changing it a lot.

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Chapter one Flashback

Stella's P.O.V

I could feel the wind rippling through my hair leaving behind a cold mark, was this all real? Had I really been pushed off the edge and now falling through the atmosphere?

I didn't want to open my eyes, too scared to see if it was real, kind of stupid of me actually it was obvious what was going on it didn't take a genius to figure it out I was falling alright and fast at that.

What will happen to me? Obviously there's a bottom, an end to this fall but what would happen then?

Transform, that would work if I transform I can fly back up and be safe and then take care of that bitch, who does she think she is doing something like that.

It'll be easy just open your mouth and say 'Solaria power' simple do that and I'll be safe but no matter how hard I tried to open my mouth the wind's pressure forces it shut.

Maybe if I think about it, yeah maybe if I say in my head 'Solaria power' I will transform I'll try that…nope not working.

This is it then, normally I won't give up but there's no hope for me now, I'll just keep falling until the end.

Oh why me, why did this happen to me? I have friends, a family and a boyfriend, how will they go on? Well my dad will probably move on just like that with 'her' and that whore.

Flashback, about eight hours ago The sun shined brightly over a bright and happy building of Alfea, teenagers were already gathered outside it waving goodbye to there friends, it was the start of summer vacation and they all couldn't wait to get out and see their parents. In one dorm lay princess Stella of Solaria, she was fast asleep in her bed and having a long lie in, students were outside and the loud noise they were making woke Stella up. "What's going on" She groaned as she rolled over in her bed, she looked at the calendar on her bedside table and it had circles around on particular date and had "Summer vacation" written around it. Stella glanced at the calendar and read it; once it had finally struck her she jumped out of her bed squealing. "OH MY GOD FINALLY!" Stella screeched loudly, her loud squealing woke up Amore, Stella's bonded pixie of love. "Stella whats up?" Amore asked curiously, Stella picked up the calendar and walked over to Amore's tiny bed. "Look at today" Stella said eagerly, Amore rubbed her eyes and looked at the date. "Ok lets see" She scrolled down the calendar with a tiny finger, "Ok 23rd, 24th ah here we are the 25th…OH WOW" Amore screeched and just like Stella she leapt out of bed and started to jump about excitedly. "I know, its finally summer that means no more classes, no more homework, its just going to be me lying on a sun bed working on my tan" Stella said happily. "Where are you going for your holidays Stella?" Amore asked. "I guess I'll have to be sent backwards and forwards so I can spend time with both of my parents" Stella said frowning slightly. "Well that's ok, do you think I can come visit you on Solaria?" Amore asked. "Sure of course, where are you going then?" Stella said to Amore. "I'll go back to the Pixie Village with the others," She said. "Speaking of which, where is everyone? Have they forgotten that its summer already" Stella said opening the door and walking towards Bloom and Flora's room.

Typically she found both of them fast asleep in their beds, Stella walked to the curtains and pulled them open quite fiercely so that the sunlight gleamed through.

"Rise and shine girls it's a lovely day" Stella said cheerfully.

"What's going on?" Bloom asked she was still half asleep.

"Yeah why are you in such a happy mood" Flora said.

"Well incase you haven't noticed it's the start of summer" Stella said folding her arms.

"Oh yeah it's summer now if forgot" Bloom said climbing out of bed.

"Well I need to go pack for Solaria" Stella said walking back to her room but not forgetting to wake up Tecna, Musa and Layla on her way.

Stella soon got busy by sorting out which clothes she would take to her mothers and which ones she would take to her fathers.

"Ok" Stella said to no one in particular, "I will take this to mom's and this to dad's wait what if I want to wear this when I'm at my dad's hang on I can do a duplicating spell so I don't have worry" Stella started to duplicate all of her clothes and placed them in separate suitcases.

Amore watched this with a smile, "It's nice to see that you're really excited about summer, Stella," She said.

"Well it's nice to finally go home and see my parents, I wonder if Solaria has changed at all since I've been gone" Stella said.

Soon all of Stella's suitcases were packed she shrunk them into a tiny bag, Stella was now all set to go to her dad's house, she was going to spend one week at her dads palace and then one week at her mothers palace.

Bloom walked into Stella's room; "So you're all ready to go," She said staring at the minuscule bag lying on Stella's bed.

"Yep I can't wait to see my dad again," Stella said with a happy smile.

"Well before you go someone wants to talk to you in the quad" Bloom said.

"Really who?" Stella asked.

"Wait and see" Bloom said with a smile.

Stella walked out to the quad completely clueless about who wanted to see her but then she saw it, Brandon was standing by his levabike smiling at her.

"Brandon what are you doing here" Stella asked as she walked over to him.

"Well I heard that you were going to Solaria for the summer so I thought I'd come say goodbye" He said.

"Oh that's really sweet," She said.

Brandon then pulled away from Stella and pulled a box out of his pocket, it was a box he handed it to Stella.

"What's this?" She asked looking down at the box in her hands.

"Open it" Brandon said, Stella slowly opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond necklace.

"Oh my god, Brandon it's beautiful" Stella said, Brandon took the necklace out of the box and tied it around Stella's neck.

"Just a little present I thought I'd get you," He said.

"Thank you Brandon I love it" Stella said, Brandon leaned in towards Stella and gave her a long passionate kiss, When they pulled away Stella gave a small frown.

"What's up Stell" Brandon asked, Stella looked at Brandon's face.

"Will you come visit me on Solaria" Stella said.

"Of course I will" Brandon said, Stella gave Brandon a huge smile.

"Great" She said happily.

"I need to get back now sweetie" Brandon said, Stella now looked a little upset which made Brandon laugh, "come on Stella I'll see you during the summer I promise".

Stella nodded, "Ok" she said, Brandon climbed back on his bike and gave Stella one last kiss, "I'll see you later" He said.

"Ok" Stella said and with that Brandon drove away, Stella was now even more excited about summer, she walked back to her room to say goodbye to her friends.

Once she got back to her room she had questions thrown at her from her friends.

"So what did he want?" Musa asked.

"Did he do something romantic?" Flora asked.

"Was he sweet?" Layla said.

"Well yeah I was really sweet and he gave me this" Stella said pointing to the necklace around her neck.

"Wow that's beautiful," Bloom said.

"It's real diamonds too," Tecna said.

"I know, well I guess I better get summer started then" Stella said happily, she walked into her room to retrieve the tiny bag.

"I'll see you soon girls," She said as she pulled her Solarian ring off her finger and transporting herself straight to her father's palace.

She arrived in the courtyard and smiled, everything seemed the same as it was before, before another thought could reach her mind a butler walked up to her.

"Princess Stella welcome back" He said, "May I take your luggage?"

"Of course" Stella said clicking her fingers to reveal the several suitcases that she had brought with her.

Stella walked into her father's palace and there she saw her father, her heart was filled with happiness.

"Stella" Her father said walking towards her and pulling her into a hug.

"Daddy" Stella said hugging her father back.

"Welcome back Stella" He said, "Come I have a surprise for you".

The king lead Stella down the halls of the palace and during the walk Stella and her father were talking about any random subject that popped into their heads.

"So what's changed since I've been at Alfea" Stella asked.

"Well one very important thing has changed Stella," The king said "This is what I want to show you".

Stella was confused, "What's so important?" She asked.

"You'll find out," He said with a smile.

They walked to a brown door, Stella could hear voices behind it, voices she didn't recognize.

"Who's in there?" She asked.

"Ok you know that your mother and I have gotten a divorce" The king said, "Well Stella I would like you to meet your new stepmother and stepsister" Her father opened the door to reveal a woman with creamy colored hair and a girl with bluish blackish hair.

"This is your Stepmother, Cassandra and your Stepsister, Chimera," He said with a smile.

Stella was shocked there was no way that her father was getting married to another woman, stepmother stepsister, the words hit her like a bullet.

"There will be a ball tomorrow where I will announce the happy news," Her father said.

Cassandra walked towards Stella, "we are going to be the perfect little family," She said placing a hand on her shoulder gripping it quite tightly.

"Yeah" Stella whispered, in a way she wished that summer had never begun, she looked up at Chimera, who hadn't said a word yet she gave Stella a smile, which made Stella's hair stand up on end, it was a real fake smile.

"Um I need to go unpack in my room" Stella said quickly making a get away, Chimera watched Stella leave and her lip curled.

Stella went straight to her room and sat down on her bed, why was this happening? She knew that her mother and father had split up but she didn't think that her father would ever remarry.

She never thought that he would ever remarry to anyone like Cassandra either, she was rude and completely unfashionable, Chimera was exactly the same only she's too stupid to get into Alfea so she goes to Beta school.

Stella carried on thinking about her new family until a bleeping noise from her phone brought her out of her thoughts, she glanced over at her phone and picked it up it had a text message on it, it said:

Hey Stella Go to Solaria's Fifth moon for a surprise

Stella smiled, she knew that it was from Brandon only he would do something like this but should she go? The fifth moon of Solaria was quite dangerous, it had no support around it and if you fell off of it you would fall until you hit a planet below but no one knew what planet it was.

"Oh well" Stella said, " A little danger never hurt anyone".

She then left her bedroom and made her way up to the fifth moon, it was quite a walk up there because it was very high up but soon after about an hour of walking she finally reached the top.

However no one was there when she arrived so she just waited here for a while, it was really dark on the moon and it was really small too, Stella looked out to the beautiful view of stars twinkling in the dark sky.

"Enjoying the view," A voice sneered.

Stella turned around and there she saw Chimera, she had an evil look on her face, which made Stella nervous.

"Oh uh Chimera, hi" She said, "Would you mind leaving you see I'm…"

"Waiting for someone? Yeah I know" Chimera growled.

"Huh how do you know?" Stella asked.

"I sent the message," Chimera said strutting towards Stella.

"You WHAT? Why" Stella said feeling a bit angry.

"You have something that I want" Chimera said, "You are a princess, something I will never be, but my mother and I want total control of Solaria and frankly you're holding up our plans".

"What are you on about" Stella said nervously, Chimera held out a hand, a huge green ball formed in it and she through it straight at Stella, knocking her straight to the floor, Chimera may be going to Beta but her powers were still unbelievably strong.

Stella tried to transform but something was stopping her, "Why can't I transform?" Stella cried.

Chimera laughed bitterly, "You can't transform because that spell I put on you was a power discharger spell, you can't use your powers for an hour now".

Stella gasped in disbelief, what was Chimera going to do now? She could see that she was going to go to drastic measures to get what she wants, she could see it in her eyes.

"Well now that you can't use your powers, time to get down to business" Chimera said, a purple wire like thing flew out of her hands and wrapped itself around Stella's ankles, tripping her up.

"STOP IT" Stella yelled.

Chimera wasn't going to give in that easily, now that Stella was on the floor things were going to get easier, again she threw a green ball at Stella causing her to roll along the ground at a fast pace, soon she was dangerously close to the edge of the moon.

"Nearly there" Chimera reminded herself, this time she powered herself up to produce a purple orb in her hands, she threw the orb straight at Stella, Stella fell straight off the edge.

Chimera couldn't see Stella anymore, she just expected that she fell but just to make sure she walked to the edge and looked down, to her horror she saw Stella clinging onto the edge for dear life.

"Please" Stella gasped in fear, "Don't do this you can be Princess I don't care just please help me".

"I'm not getting this far for nothing" Chimera said, she placed her sharp pointy high heeled shoes on Stella's bare hand and pushed gently on it.

"Say goodbye Princess" Chimera spat, her foot went straight down onto Stella's hand causing her to let go and Chimera watched as Stella's fell through the atmosphere.

"Finally" She said with a demented smile.

End Flashback Stella's P.O.V

I know I'm getting closer to ground now, it feels like I've been falling for eternity, yes I'm scared I don't know what will happen and I don't know what Chimera and Cassandra will do to my father either.

I managed to force open my eyes at last, I saw many tall buildings pass me as I fell faster; this was it I have reached it.

"Please transform" My head was screaming "PLEASE HELP ME".

My eyes fell shut again and I could feel something bursting out of my back, it was my wings but they were so small that they could barely stop me from falling, they only slowed me down a bit but I was still falling at a very fast rate.

It's not looking good is it? Goodbye my family, Goodbye Brandon, Goodbye my loyal friends maybe I'll see you up their.

End Stella's P.O.V

There was a loud crash as the fairy of the sun and the moon finally hit the ground…

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