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Chapter 24 Loose Ends.

Peace was finally restored on Solaria at last, after months of torture and suffering it was restored to its natural beauty, Radius took back his rightful place on the throne and Stella's title of princess was returned to her which she happily accepted.

As for Chimera and Cassandra, the realms realized that neither of them were dead, in fact after Chimera was pushed of the moon she suffered just like Stella, however she was not as lucky as Stella and didn't land on Earth, in fact she crash landed on a forgotten realm inhabited by talking piñatas, Chimera also suffered damage to the head and now being stuck on a realm with piñatas she now believes she is one.

Cassandra on the other hand had been left deep in the Solarian jail and had been pretty much forgotten about, prison life is starting to get to her too and she is slowly going mental and often tells the guards that she will escape, this annoys both the guards and the other prisoners.

Stella was doing very well living back on Solaria, the drama that had happened before her had pretty much eaten up all of her summer and the dreadful day of returning to Alfea was drawing near.

She had managed to get all of her things back in time before they were shipped to the furnace, and now she had all of her maids re doing her room.

Stella walked in and saw her maids placing everything back in its rightful place; she smiled as everything looked just as it should.

"Well done girls" She said to the maids, "This looks fantastic!"

The maids all bowed in respect and went back to work; Stella left them in peace and made her way down to the courtyard.

Stella couldn't help remembering something she found out the other day, as the days went on she started remembering her life as Nicole, soon she had recovered her memories of Jenny, the woman that had taken care of Stella while she was in Gardenia.

Stella knew she wanted to re pay her, or at least see her one more time to tell her she wasn't returning, surely she must be worried about her. She made her way out to the courtyard and looked up to see a familiar face.

Brandon was sitting by the fountain outside; he had stayed with Stella for the rest of summer to make sure that nothing else happened to her, it was also a good chance to get on Stella's fathers good side, it was Brandon's first time meeting him so he wanted to make a very good impression.

Stella made her way to her boyfriend and sat down next to him; he looked up from the fountain to her face and smiled. She smiled back, there was no need for words, just being with each other was enough.

But still Stella couldn't get the thought of Jenny out of her mind, just once; one more time she wanted to see her, Brandon could see that something was not right so he decided to intervene.

"Stella, you don't look too great, are you feeling ok?" He asked nervously.

Stella snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Brandon, "Yeah, I'm fine" She said bluntly.

Brandon raised and eyebrow and lifted Stella's hand gently, he then moved in and kissed her lips softly, he then looked back at Stella, "You sure?" He asked again.

After that Stella knew that she couldn't keep anything from Brandon, she sighed and knew it was time to tell him.

"Ok" She mumbled, "I need you to help me with something".

Brandon was confused, "Help you? With what?"


Stella now stood outside the small home in Gardenia, once she had told Brandon everything about Jenny she asked him to help her find the house where she lived in, Brandon agreed and they both left for Earth.

Now she was standing at the end of the path looking at the house, she looked up at a window which used to lead to her room; she knew that it was time to see Jenny once again.

Inside the home Jenny was sitting in her living room in silence, it had been like this since Nicole had gone missing again, she had just disappeared one night and was never seen again, there was a search going for her of course and now all that Jenny could do was wait for the phone call telling her that she was safe.

Suddenly the door bell rang that brought Jenny out of her thoughts, she jumped up and ran to the door praying it was Nicole; sure enough she opened the door and saw the young girl that they had been looking for.

Stella smiled at Jenny, "hi" She whispered.

Jenny didn't say anything, she just pulled Stella into a hug, "Nicole, oh my god" She was nearly in tears as she pulled away from the hug, after that she angrily hit Stella on the arm.

"OW!" Stella cried, "What was that for?"

"What do you think?" Jenny growled, "No calls or anything, you've been missing for weeks, where the hell have you been?"

Stella bit her lip, "Well, a lot happened to me, you better sit down".

Jenny did so, and so did Stella, she was going to tell her where she was going now; well obviously she wasn't going to tell her about the fight on another realm, just that she was going to leave.

"Ok, well the reason I was gone for weeks was because I was doing some soul searching, trying to find out who I really was and you see, I found it." Stella started.

"With some help I found out that I don't live here, my parents live in another country and I go to school there and everything, I'm not too sure how I got here in the first place but I know that I wasn't trying to kill myself, oh and another thing, Brandon that guy I was seeing, he's actually my boyfriend and he was trying to help me get my memories back". Stella said.

Jenny listened to it all and bowed her head, "So you know who you are now?" She whispered, Stella nodded, "Wow, to be honest I never thought you would Nicole".

Stella blushed, "Another thing, my names not actually Nicole, I found out that it's Stella".

"Stella" Jenny repeated, "Can I just say it suits you much better than Nicole".

Stella laughed, "Thanks" Jenny cupped Stella's face in her hands, "Well, Stella. We had fun didn't we, but I guess it really is time for you to move on, you are looking so much better than you did a few months ago, and I am really happy that you've figured everything out, but still I'll miss you".

"Me too" Stella said and they both hugged again. Tears ran out of both the girl's eyes, they were happy for each other, but still sad that it was time to move on.

Stella then pulled away and got up, "Well I guess I'll see you around, I going back to my home town, but I'll come back and visit, I promise".

Jenny nodded, "I'll be looking forward to that".

Stella left the home and walked to Brandon who was standing at the end of the road, "Did it go ok?" He asked.

Stella nodded, "Yep, we're moving on" She told him.

Brandon nodded and they both walked away from Jenny's home, Brandon placed his arm around Stella and looked at her, "Do you think Jenny will be ok?"

Stella nodded, and lifted up her left arm, she clicked her fingers and sparks sprung out of it, "Yeah" She whispered, "She'll be just fine, now".

By Jenny's house a taxi was pulling up, out got a girl who looked in her early twenties, she was dressed jeans and a long sleeved shirt and was decorated with ethnic jewellery. She walked up to the house and knocked on the door, Jenny answered it and gasped, "Lilly" She whispered.

The girl nodded, "I'm home Mom" The girl said, Jenny began to cry and hugged her daughter, Stella had watched the whole thing, she was the one who summoned her daughter to come, it would be unfair that Jenny would be alone now she thought that she would help her.

Brandon smiled, "You did that didn't you?" He asked.

Stella nodded, "Yep, everyone's happy now" She looked up towards the shining sun, "It really is a new beginning isn't it?"

Brandon nodded, "Yes it is". They both stopped and embraced in a kiss, not caring who was watching.

A lot has happened to Princess Stella these months, but at least she knows who her friends are and who will help her in times of need, but best of all she discovered new things about her was and especially, Who she was.

The End…

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