House of Strange

By Michael Weyer

I don't own House or the Marvel Comics characters so don't sue. I know I still have "House and Holmes" going but this just hit me and I wanted to get it out fast. All comments are welcomed.


The knock on the door did little to pull Dr. Gregory House away from his PSP. "One second, trying to make this drug drop-off."

"Given your recent legal troubles, are you sure you want to toss statements like that around?" Dr. Lisa Cuddy asked as she stood in the doorway. She was clad in one of her usual black skirts and low-cut blouses with a lab coat, staring with patience at the man slumped in a chair.

"I see it as a wonderful escape from reality," House sardonically replied. "You should relate. Your budding child will no doubt want to escape his reality a lot once he finds out what his mommy is like."

Rolling her eyes at yet another pregnancy crack, Cuddy spoke. "We've got a case I think might appeal to you."

"Unless it involves Britney Spears needing a long session of TLC, I highly doubt it."

"Female, 17, abdominal cramps, some minor bleeding…"


"No, she…"

"Ah, probably first signs of appendicitis. Come on, Cuddy, even Chase knows how to handle that!"

"She's bleeding from the eyes and hands."

House had enough sense of mind to put his game on pause before looking up. "Excuse me?"

Cuddy nodded. "No signs of obvious cuts on the hands, they just seem to be seeping out blood. Also, no damage to the optical nerves but the irises are almost red and the tear ducts just leak it out."

House got to his feet, leaning on his cane as he began to head forward. "You could have told me this from the start and saved us some time, Cuddy. Must I find ways to motivate you?"

Cuddy just smiled. "And how do you think you can motivate me, House?"

"Oooooh, I don't know," he said with a smirk as he passed by. "Maybe stop by my place later with the handcuffs while I supply the whipped cream?" He just headed off as Cuddy watched him go.

It took House a few moments to reach the hospital room where Cameron and Chase were already standing by the bed. Sitting on it was a young teenager in a white gown. Despite the warning, House was a bit thrown as he saw the bloodshot eyes of the girl while bandages were wrapped around both hands.

"So, what do we have?" he asked as he stepped up.

"Katie, this is Dr. House," Cameron introduced them. She was wearing a nice skirt and light blouse under her lab coat while Chase had one of his unique suits. "Dr. House, this is Katie Fairchild."

House just nodded as he leaned in to look at the girl's eyes. "Hmm…most interesting. Just what did you take?"

"Excuse me?" the girl asked, blinking.

"Well, I'm trying to get a jump on the latest designer drug effects," House mentioned. "So what was it? New form of heroin or mixing the cough syrup with the family medicine cabinet?"

"I didn't take anything!" Katie protested. "It just happened today!"

"Come on, eyes red, sudden bleeding, you have to have taken something!" House grabbed the chart to look at it. "So just tell us what it was now and I might consider keeping it quiet from…" He stopped and frowned, turning to his aides. "Tox screen clean?"

"We were about to tell you," Chase dryly said. "And no visible signs of cuts on her hands."

"Then how are they bleeding?" House asked pointedly.

"They…well…sort of seep through the pores from what we can tell," Cameron said.

House raised an eyebrow as he took one of Katie's hands. He unwrapped the bandage to examine the hand, which was stained with dry blood. As he watched, the blood turned red and wet underneath his probing fingers.

"Kiiiinky," he muttered under his breath. He dropped the hand, not bothering to wrap it back up as he faced Katie again. "Okay, I got to know what you took."

"I didn't take anything!" Katie protested again. "I woke up, I felt fine, I went in the bathroom and I saw my eyes!"

House pursed his lips as he looked over her. "Any recent trauma? Hit your head, accident, anything like that?"

"No, nothing," she said. "Like I said, I just woke up and it was like this."

House nodded. "Any other symptoms?"

"Um…stomach seems a bit queasy," Katie answered. "I'm not throwing up but it just…doesn't feel that good."

House turned to Cameron and Chase. "Get MRI and run the full test screens. Double every one of them and do everything you can with the X-Rays. Get me results in an hour." He began to limp off.

"Where are you going?" Cameron asked.

"Picking up where I left off on my level," House called back. "Don't worry, you two lovebirds can continue canoodling after I go. Just remember protection this time." He marched off as Katie shot a confused look at the two doctors.


House tapped his cane on the table as he looked at the white board in the conference room. "Explain this again?"

"We ran the tests," Cameron confirmed. "Her temperature is high but no signs of bacteria or germs and white cell count is normal."

"The X-rays show some sort of shading by her chest," Foreman piped up. "But nothing definite."

"Tox screens are still clean," Wilson said, looking over the reports the others had given him. "Outside of surgery, there's no other way to tell just what is going on with her."

"All right, then we cut her open!" House smiled.

Wilson rolled his eyes. "Cuddy won't allow that, House. And no," he cut off as House opened his mouth. "We are not going to do it without telling her."

"Ah, take the fun out of it," House pouted. "How else are we going to find out how a girl's got bleeding from the eyes and hands with no outward signs."

"Perhaps I can help."

Everyone turned to the doorway at the sound of the deep and cultured voice. Standing there was a man in a professional suit with a long coat over it. He was tall and handsome, his dark hair grey at the temples and a thick black mustache. He nodded to the group before looking at House. "Gregory," he stated.

"Well, well, look what the black cat dragged in," House sourly said. "What are you doing here, Stephen?"

"I heard of your problem," the man stated as he removed the wide-brimmed hat on his head. "I believe my own talents may be needed."

"Oh, yes, we do need to read the tarot cards," House sardonically stated.

"Excuse me, who is this?" Foreman asked.

"Strange," the man said with a light smile. "Dr. Strange."