Jared Padalecki

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Jared Padalecki

Sam sighed. They had been on the road for a good seven hours straight. Dean was snoring slightly in the passenger seat as Sam drove by – what? – the 100th? cow field.

He wanted to have a little fun.

And that was what he was going to do.

Expertly, as if he had done this before, Sam managed to find a Sharpie in the glove compartment behind the gun that was always in the same spot.

He pulled it out and drew the nicest facial expression on Dean. Boy, the elder just got hotter by the second!

Dean crunched up his nose, causing Sam to pull back quickly and the car to swerve. Sam straightened out and managed to toss any and all evidence of his prank.

Three hours later, Dean was inside a bar hitting on the waitress as Sam watched from the table near by. The waitress turned Dean down – for reasons completely unbeknownst to Sam, leaving Dean to stroll on over to the table.

"These people don't know something good when they see it," the elder complained, sliding into the table next to Sam.

"Guess they don't," Sam managed, trying very hard to keep from laughing.

"What," Dean asked, noticing Sam's stifled laughter. "What the hell did you do?"




"What did you do?"


"Sam," Dean half shouted. "Tell me. Now."

"You- you're-" Sam couldn't manage any longer. He started to laugh so hard that half the bar looked at him.

"Is your name Dean," a forty-year-old woman asked as she walked over to their table, ignoring the frowns from her fellow bar goers.

Dean glared at Sam before turning to the woman. "Why, yes, I am."

"Good," she said and slide in the booth causing Dean to cram further toward Sam. "My friend was telling me about you."

"And what did she say?" There Dean went again. Hitting on anything that could promise bumps in the bed. And this lady wasn't even pretty. She had acne covering her face and a chest that looked like it sagged five feet. Her stomach was even large and round, a perfect imitation of Santa Claus.

"It's Kate," Kate offered. "And she said you were gorgeous, that you looked like Jared Padalecki. And I'm in love with Jared Padalecki."

Dean scoffed. This was the perfect time to get back at Sam. "Actually," Dean said, feigning sincerity. "My buddy over here is Jared Padalecki." Dean grabbed a hold on Sam's shoulder and pulled him closer. If he had to deal with this lady, so did his little brother. "He's just taking a break from filming that show…"

"Gilmore Girls," the woman asked hopefully.

"Yeah." Dean flashed a grin with his Sharpie mustache that he had yet to find out about.

"Wow," Kate cooed. "Do you mind if we hang out some time?"

Sam was just about to turn her down when Dean interrupted, "Jared would love to hang with you! Right now in fact! Just let me leave you two love-birds alone." Dean slide out of the both and looked at the pair before commenting, "You'd make such a cute couple!"

Kate smiled wider as Sam shot daggers at his brother.

"Pick you up at…" Dean checked his watch. It was six thirty now. "Twelve?" Not waiting for an answer, he smiled wider, "Good, see you then, Jared."

As Dean strolled out of the bar and slide into the greeting leather interior of his baby, he thanked Jared Padalecki – whoever the hell that was.

Dean flipped down his visor for a hair check before he hit the next bar. That's when he saw red.

Sam was going to pay even more.