Start of Something New

"I don't own anything on Yu-gi-oh not, even the two sexiest and most perfect boys ever!  I do however own my oc's within this story so shall we begin? Let's Duel!"

The reddish gold sun began to rise into the skies above the beautiful metropolitan of Domino, Japan. It was looking to be another great day full of possibilities and just waiting for someone to come out and find the adventure the sphere of molten gold of sky fire was tempting to all those still dead to the world in the realm of dreams to come and claim for their own.

Only one soul was up long before the sun even graced his home with its present. He was finishing getting things ready for dinner later that night at the same time as he contentedly hummed a tune. Today was going to be extraordinarily out of the ordinary for countless reasons and he looked forward to all of them.

"Let see, I've got all of Grandpa's favorite food, and there are the flowers I picked up last night," smelling the bouquet of the attractive assortment blooms, "She will love them! She loves orchids and chrysanthemums the best. The special dessert I made is safely concealed away from Grandpa greedy hands, now why do I feel like I am missing something? Oh yeah," snapping his fingers as he turned and looked up to the top of a very tall wooden breakfront.

On the top shelve behind the closed stained glass doors was a incredibly pretty semiprecious stone statuette of a woman emerging from a rose with large wings ready to seize the day. It was one of kind and it was also a family heirloom so he knew he had to be extremely careful getting it down.

Opening the door he got on his tip toes to try and reach it but couldn't even make the second shelve let alone the fifth. Growling with a little annoyance, he went to get the booster seat to help him.

"I hate being so short! I'm 16 years old and I am the size of a third grader! I miss it when Atem took over and I got to shoot up a few feet. Being short is so not cool!" grumbled Yugi to himself softly as he finally was able to get what he was after. Smiling he polished the statue and placed it in the center of the table. It was all set for a special dinner that night.

"Perfect! Nothing can go wrong today! It's going to be absolute perfect!" he said with a smile. He didn't realize he wasn't alone so it really shocked him when someone put their hand on his shoulder. He was so startle that he tripped on himself and down he went banging his head on one of the chairs.

"Yugi! Yugi I'm sorry! I just didn't expect you to be up in the early hours. I mean isn't even 6:00 yet! What are you doing up so early?" asked his grandfather as he help his young grandson up. He looked like he was still half asleep himself.

"Just too excited to sleep, Grandpa! Today is the day Tea's show first performance is playing followed by the grand opening of Kaiba's brand new up-to-the-minute "Duel Monsters Duelist Club" where the wrap party is going to be held and I get to go of course being the King of Games. Not too mention two whole weeks of vacation time!"

Grandpa laughed at the mention of the vacation time, then reminded his grandson how he got that unanticipated time off, "You do realize if all the schools in the area didn't have such sewage problems you be studying for your midterms right? Instead you took them last week."

"Yeah it's going to be while before they can get that stink out of the classrooms. It was so bad some people had to be taken away by ambulances. Still the best part will be tonight at 10:00," Yugi told his also short grandpa, with a longing smile at the same time as he looked at a photograph in a gold frame on the coffee table.

His grandfather smiled as he hugged his grandson as he looked at the picture of him and his mom. In the picture Yugi was holding a golden box with an eye on it smiling like he just won a million dollars. His mom wrapped her arms around her son affectionately. His mom violet eyes were smiling happily with her short dark red hair brushing against her son tri-colored hair as she laughed with joy of her son happiness.

"Its been a very long time since you were in her arms, hasn't it Yugi? I bet you can't wait to see her at the club and come home later for a meal you made just for her?" his grandfather asked compassionately to the teenager as a single bead of moisture fell from his right amethyst eye and onto a weird and wonderful golden key he wore around his neck. It seemed to twinkle as if it was alive.

Wiping the tear out his eye he smiled brightly. I can't wait till she gets here. I have so much I got to tell her. I got to get going! I'm meeting the gang for little while but I will be back for awhile. I got a rendezvous to keep! See you, Grandpa!" he said as he hugged him and ran towards the door.

The minute Solomon was alone he started to get a very greedy look in his withered old purple eyes as he rubbed his hands together. Just then Yugi stuck his head back in and glared at him. "Don't even think of looking for my surprise dessert! I didn't slave away half a night for you too eat it before Mom gets here! So don't even think about!"

'Oh, Yugi you can trust me! I promise I won't devour Ashita's welcome home treat! No matter how mouthwatering it may be," Solomon said in a very unconvincing tone of voice.

"Grandpa I know you all too well, last time I made chocolate strawberry cheesecake you ate it all before it was even dinner time! I made it for my Mom so please don't try to find it!" Yugi told his grandpa in a stern, very serious tone.

With that Yugi ran out the door to go meet his friends. He could feel Atem's Key lightly hitting his chest as he ran down the street to the theater. "Don't worry, Atem I will see you in next to no time. Just got to do a few things with the gang first. I can't wait to see you again. You and your court. I can't wait to be alone with you for a second time," he thought to himself as he thought about his most special friend. Just thinking of the boy who looked like him made him smile in a way no one else could make him smile, at the same time as his heart began to beat faster with just the thought of being alone with the great Pharaoh under the desert sun laughing along with just having fun.

After running about 3 miles to get to the Domino City's Theater he had at last arrived. It was a large octagon shaped building that had countless beautiful friezes adorning the outer walls. As he ran up three flights of stairs he reached the huge glass doors. Waving in the gentle morning breeze was a huge handmade banner that said in big golden letters "Tonight, "The Legend of Duel Monsters, a Musical Tribute to the greatest game ever played!" A second smaller banner underneath said in the same golden letters something that made Yugi very in high spirits in addition to be swollen with pride inside. This musical was written and director by the female star of the show our own Dark Magician Girl Tea Grander!"

Another sign on a tripod outside the door showed people in duel monster costumes and it looked really cool. Even if Kaiba was paying for it and using it too promote his new club it was still Tea night to shine. She may have not been a duelist but she was the best dancer in the whole city! He went inside and found the gang with few other kids getting the final touches completed for the big night.

Tea was with carrying a clipboard and wearing a headset and talking to everyone. Her new charm bracelet glistens in the wondering spotlight. ""Joey! Tristan! You two knuckleheads get away from those spotlights!" she yelled at her friends on the skywalk. Turning she went over too Duke who was working with a very attractive cinnamon skinned girl with long chestnut curls about the sound systems. She kept batting her honey eyes at him as she tried to flirt and work at the same time.

"Duke, Adrienne, bring me up to date! Is the sound system ok? It's not going to die on me tonight?" Tea asked in calm but obviously stressed out voice.

"Relax will you Tea? You look like you are about to fall to pieces, literally! We did a few modifications but its purring like a kitten. It will be fine! So don't have a meltdown, please," Duke said as he toyed with his dice earring.

"Yes, Tea you should try to relax. I know from personal experiences the first time in front of the spotlight can be enough to make you freeze up like a piece of stone. But just keep in mind it's your night to shine! This is your night to bring to live something from that wonderful heart of yours! Let the dreams take to the air and soar! I remember when I and Adrian played at Conargey Hall when we were ten. I was so scared I thought I forget how to play Bach! Still I know tonight will be great! So let all break a leg!" Adrienne with a confident smile as reassured her new friend.

"Thanks, Adrienne. I wish I could be a strong as you are now. I mean I see and done things that would make you wet your pants and scream for you mom. Yet I am still nervous about tonight. It sure was nice of you and your twin brother to come all this way from New York just to help with this musical. Especially considering I just wrote for fun and turned in for a grade in theater class. Who would have thought in sheer six months it is ready for the public to see?"

"Well you did win that scholarship to that dance school you been dreaming about getting into for what seven years? This musical is so imaginative and entertaining and its astonishing someone as young as you could write better the half the blokes on Broadway. I had to see how good you were and let me tell you your not good your magnificent along with breathtaking."

Tea smiled and was about to say more when something else caught her attention. It was Bakura and a young girl with long grass green hair in braids. They were finishing the sets and backgrounds and apparently one of the props had a large tear in it.

Running over to see which prop had the tear she almost ran over Adrian, Adrienne identical twin brother. He was in fact Tea co-star as well as assistant director. He was to play the part of the Dark Magician. "Tea? What is wrong, sky dancer?" he asked in his wonderful warm voice.

"Oh Adrian!" she said as she went red in the face as she looked at the very handsome long hair artiste. He always seems so calm and tranquil and it was like the words he didn't say came through the way he danced or played the violin. He seemed very nice and Tea couldn't help but wonder if he was the "secret admirer" that had been around every since they start to put this musical together. Every day since day one she had been the first to show up but always found in her locker three things, a red rose, a beautiful homemade card with a picture on one side on the other words of wisdom and beauty, and a charm to go with the bracelet that had been there the first day.

"Its nothing, if you don't count the fact that the Castle of the White Light where we the Dark Magicians are supposed to in act five come and awaken form the crystals slumber the Dragons Knights is thoroughly ruined! Look at this! Some idiot just made a huge hole in it and the special effects still haven't arrived and I have no idea where my costume is or if the alterations are done yet! Show starts at 7:00 on the dot! Oh what we going to do?" Tea asked him as she started to panic.

"Settle down, Tea! Look last night the doorkeeper unintentionally ran into castle. I can have fixed by show time I give you my word. It will take me about an hour, hour and half tops. Don't be concerned I will get the castle fixed," the long white haired boy told the short hair brunette.

"Yes, and I got your costume in your dressing room. I stay up till 2:00 in the morning finished. Every thing is great. Don't worry so much; come with me and we see how you look in it, alright? Is it ok if I take your boss, Mr. Lemley? It will take 15 minutes to do her then you. The rest of the costumes are ready I assure you Mr. Lemley," the green hair girl told Tea and Adrian as she tried to lead Tea away.

"No I don't mind Ms. Wynn. I trust you are gifted with a needle and thread as you are with all these beautiful works of art you done. You and Bakura did a great job working together like this. We got done in half the time I expected! Good job indeed Ms.Wyn." he said as he gave her round of applauded.

She turned her teal eyes away and blushed causing her ivory skin to really stand out. "I really couldn't have done it without all the work and help Bakura gave me, he is so breathtaking. Kind, thoughtful and very charming, and my name is Wakana, now come on Tea lets do some magic!"

Yugi just smiled and got on the stage just as Joey and Tristan jumped down from the catwalk, yelling and hitting each other. Yugi tried to understand what was the reason for their quarrel, but the only things he heard come out clear where the words, "Bus Station," "Cherished Treasures for Timeless Lovers", and "Serenity"

"Guys! Guys will you break it up before you guys break something else? I mean can you not tell how important tonight is for Tea?" asked Yugi angrily to his friends as he separated them.

"Sorry, Yug, I don't want to see Tea's dream go up in smoke. We won't be really good friends if we let that come about. We just want to be of assistance to her, best we could before I had to go to the bus station," Joey told him as the boys walked to the exit.

"Why were you two fighting? Does it have to do with your sister, Joey?"

"Yeah, and Tristan here thinks he going to be her official "Chaperone" She coming to spend the two week break with us. But I'm in a bit of a jam."

"What the problem?"

"Well Joey here order something form this store like three weeks ago for Serenity. He said he owed a lot of years of not being there for her birthday. The store was supposed to have the package three days ago, but there was a mix up. They arrived today and he only got till 10:00 to get to the store and pay for them or they get ship back. Trouble is Serenity bus gets here at ten. So I was telling Joey here I could go pick up Serenity and bring her here whereas he goes to pick up the gifts. On the other hand, Joey here doesn't like that idea." Tristan enlighten in a voice that clearly expressed they be hacking away at this for a long time.

"Look, Tristan, its not that I don't think you can behave around Serenity. But she is my sister and as her big brother I have to protect, her plus from the time when I saved her sight the one thing I have hope she never had to see was having her heart broken. When we were forced apart I will never stop thinking about the look on her face. She was so distraught and she looked like she was going to die. I never want her to have to feel like that ever again!" Joey told the guys as they finally got outside to the street.

Joey looked at his wristwatch and bit his lip, and at that moment with a big sigh he reached in to his jacket and pulled out a piece of paper. "Here this is where she will be at the bus station. I want you to go there and bring her back here. No side trips got it? Go from the bus station to the theater got it, man? Can I count on you?"

"You got it dude! I will make certain she gets here in one piece and not one hair on her head will be out of place," Tristan said as he and Joey did high five.

"Before you guys split either of you hear what time Mokuba is getting here with the rest of my special effects equipment? I needed it like an hour ago!" Tea inquired as she ran up still dressed in her Dark Magician Girl costume. She looked really good actually. Although unlike the card she wasn't smiling gleefully she looked like she was very pissed off.

"How should we know at what time the brother of that basterd is going to get here? Knowing Kaiba, that soulless jerk just gonna wanna see you sweat till the last minute. I mean we know the guy long enough to know he ain't got a heart or soul," Tristan stated cynically as he kicked a can at trash can and landed it.

"Yeah it is so obvious that Kaibutt is just a rich ass, I will acknowledge Mokuba is nicer and all but still Kaiba? One of these days really soon I'm gonna beat that son of bitch in a duel! Then he won't ever call me a dog again! I give you my word you that I will make that crow eat his own feathers, yikes! Got to get going, I'll be back in an hour ok? See you!" Joey told his friends as he cut and run down the boulevard till he was nothing but a vague blur.

"Well I got to go get Serenity; it will without a doubt be nice to see her adorable face for a second time. I got to run but don't be concerned, Tea I'll be back in time to help you finish getting prepared! You are going to be super star tonight! This you're big break and not even that snake Kaiba is going to steal the show away form you! Got to go! See you later!" Tristan called out at the same time as he then began to head to the Domino City Bus Depot to pick up the sweet, innocent angel.

"Well you without doubt look very bright eyed and bushy tailed, Yugi. You furthermore appeared to be the only one here who doesn't want to take a nap. Why are you in such a good mood?" asked Tea as they head back to her dressing room so she could change.

When the got to a pink and gold door with her name on it she got her key out and let them in. She went behind a screen to change as, Yugi looked at the teal vase jam-packed of red roses on her dressing table with a magenta and lavender notebook next to it.

He picked up the notebook and flipped from beginning to end its pages as he remembered why Tea had even had it in the first palace. After they had said good bye to Atem and got back to Domino, Tea like the rest of the group had a difficulty time at first without him around. So she had bought a notebook and began to write in it about their adventures as if it where a musical and the first day back to school after their first visit to see Atem she had handed in for a grade and now it was about to become a real show!

"Hey Yugi! Hello you in there? Are your brains still underneath that out of the ordinary hair you got on you head? I've been yelling at you for the last ten minutes!" Tea fumed at him as she snatched the book from his hands just as he got to the part where she kept the cards form her "Secret Admirer"

"Sorry, Tea, I was just thinking about him. I know he wish he could be hear to see you dance and sing tonight. So what where we talking about?" he asked as he went red in the face as he tighten his grip on the key.

"Nothing important, you've been a lot happier since you got that Key. It's like nothing can ever make you sad or upset again. Go on get out of here; go see him I won't keep you. I'll call Kaiba once more and with any luck I will get him off his high horse and down here."

"Really you don't need me to stay and help? I mean this your night I should be helping and all, I mean, I really…" he stammered as he got tongue-tied trying to polite excuse himself.



"Stop talking and get going! Look its 7:45 currently the show's not till 7:00 tonight, at any rate when you get back from Egypt no time will have pass. Go on I've got enough people helping me. Go on! Tell Atem hello for all of us ok?" she told him at the same time as she put the headset back on her head.

"Thanks Tea I will see tonight! Count on it!" as little Yugi ran back home as fast as his short little legs could carry him unaware that a lovesick grin was little by little etching its way across his face.

Tea sighed despondently as well as quietly whispered to herself, "Yugi why can't you just say your in love?" shaking her head she walked over to a nearby touchtone phone and started to dial.

"Hello and welcome to Kaiba Corp. Where we take Duel Monsters to the next level! We make hope to make your Dueling experiences a worthwhile time! How may we be of assistance to you, young Duelist?" said a prerecorded message to her, grinding her teeth she took a deep breath and told the soulless computer, "I would like to have a discussion with Seto Kaiba this instant!"

"Sorry can't process request, Mr. Kaiba is very busy getting ready for his Duel Monster Duel Club opening tonight. Is there anything else we can do for you, Duelist?" the computer droned on in its monotone of an artificial voice.

"How about you get a personality upgrade you brainless apparatus?!" she thought in her head as the words that came out of her mouth were in a pleasant tone, "Could you possible connect me to Mokuba? Please?"

"Yes that can be done; do you wish me to transfer you to him now?"

'No I want you to transfer me yesterday, of course you stupid machine get that long hair boy on the phone stat! I mean immediately!" she yelled into the phone as she squeezed it so tightly her knuckles turned white at the same time as the phone start to crack as did the veins on her forehead.

"Hello, this Mokuba how can I be of assistance?" asked a familiar but compassionately tone of voice, "Hello? You still there? Hello?"

Taking a deep breath to collect herself, Tea tried to maintain a demeanor of tranquil but it was obvious she was still extremely stress out. "Hey, Mokuba, it's Tea! Listen why are you and your brother still at the offices? You were supposed to be at 6:00 to help set up the remaining special effects for tonight?"

"Look you can tell your brother he may be the footing the bill for this but it's still my show and I'm only allowing him the rights to it if he comes through with all things we agreed on in our contract! I wrote it and read it through to the very last details! So tell him to get his butt down here and help or I will take back everything and tear up his rights to the show? Understood?" she asked in a very tightly controlled voice.

"Yeah Tea, I know we should've been there an hour ago. I got everything we need for the show in the Blue Eye's Van. But Seto has had to deal with a few unanticipated things with the Club. We will be there by 8:30 I promise. Just got to give Seto this file that came in this morning and after he looks at it we'll be on our way. I call you on my cell when we leave ok?"

"Ok thanks see you then," as the both hung up their phones and Mokuba ran to his brother office his long ebony hair flying wildly about. He paused only for a moment to catch his breath before knocking on his brother office. "Come in," as he slowly opened the door his brother was talking on five different phones at once and was yelling at each of them. He just waited quietly for a few moments till he got off the phones.

"Well that takes care of everything. Nothing is going to go wrong tonight when the first "Kaiba Duel Monster Duelist Club" opens tonight at ten sharp. What wrong Mokuba? Did I fail to remember something?" the short haired brunette hair young man asked at the same time as his dark steely blue eyes gazed up on the only family he had left.

"Well I just got off the phone with Tea Grander. The one whose original musical you are sponsoring to help promote your club?"

"Yeah what that overly optimistically cheerleader want?" he asked in a rather bored to death tone. He looked like this was a complete waste of his valuable time. Anything that had to do with Yugi Moto's ridiculous friends was a major waste of time to him.

"Seto we were supposed to be at the theater by six to help with the last minute touches. You are the only one who can get the special effects that the musical requires to work. So here quickly look this over and we can get going. She sound very mad and you know its best not to make a girl mad," his little brother told him in a somewhat aggravated voice at the same time as he handed him the file.

"What is this?" Kaiba inquired annoyed, as he flipped the plan gray file over trying to determine what is was. He looked very aggravated and a bit tired as well. When Mokuba wasn't looking he slid his left hand out of sight and opened a drawer and squeezed the stress ball he had hid in there. He didn't want people to know about it; in addition he began to blink his sinister cobalt eyes as well as if to shake the strong sleeps spell that seem to still cling to them.

"I think it has to do with that internship scholarship program you set up about two months ago. The computer program you deigned for it has been working for over month nonstop scanning to find you the perfect intern and this must be the one out of ten billion it chose," Mokuba explained to his brother who finally got the file open and was looking it over.

"Let's see, the name of my new intern is "K. "B. E." Zen," he was born in Tokyo on May 16 1989. Graduated from Kyrria Academy at the age of 15, got nothing but straight A's, IQ is measured around 380, has mastered in mathematics, sciences, computers, languages, business, and apparently he a incredibly excellent Duelist on the internet. Played exactly 1400 duels and has one every one of them. Deck is made up of Elemental magic creatures. I am impressed," he said as he turned on his own laptop and typed in the email address that was on the file. Sending his trademark Blue Eyes White Dragon email he informed Mr. Zen that he was too show up at the club and meet with him personally then they discuss his future with his corporation.

"Come on Mokuba lets go and help the losers with their little show," he said as he put his beloved deck in the compartment on his belt and they ran to his new van.

While everyone was busy with the show Yugi had made it back home and was ready to have some fun of his own. He looked around the game shop carefully and noted that Grandpa was sound asleep on the couch. He then slipped the key off his neck and placed it into the lock of his closet door. "Pharaoh Atem," he said as he knocked once and slowly opened the door and disappeared in a blinding white flash.

As he fell through the winding river of time with the cosmic winds soothingly tickling his face, he giggled without a care in the world as he could feel his trademark school clothes that he hardly ever seemed to get out off where nowhere to be found as they were lost to the winds of yesteryear. Though for a moment he was complete nude showing off his sexy body, his clothes were almost immediately replaced by the ravishing garments of a prince of Egypt as he could at last see the Millennium Puzzle shape door he sought after. The eye in the center glowed brightly as it separated and he found himself within the courtyard of Pharaoh Atem just as the sun was rising.

"No matter how many times I come here it looks so beautiful. Though I never been here when the sun was rising this is truly a breathtaking sight, hmm, I wonder where everyone is?" he said as he looked around oblivious a pair piercing jade eyes where watching him from behind a sculpture across the courtyard. The eyes followed the boy as he wander around for a few more minutes, with a low growl the eyes moved and as shadow blazed over to the boy.

Yugi could sense he wasn't as alone as he thought he was but by the time he had looked in the right direction he was be attacked head on by a cheetah. Knocking him to the ground the speedy feline pinned him to the ground and growled at the boy whose large amethyst eyes were bugging out. All of a sudden the cheetah began to act like a new born kitten and began purring affectionately as she rubbed herself all over the boy with her long tail curled around his ankle.

"Oh Aziza! Get off! Stopped it your tickling me! Stop it, it please!" he begged her in-between the laughing fits he was having as she continued to act like a big pussycat. Finally she got off and then in a very poetic and artiste fashion transformed back into the goddess like young woman she was. Shaking her long thick ebony silk out she help the young boy too his feet and hugged him tightly.

"Oh Yugi, it's so wonderful to see you again, if I could see you, I knew you where in the court yard. I recognize your footsteps anywhere. Still I couldn't help but surprise my favorite little Prince of Egypt could I? So Prince Yugi what do you wish to do?" asked the blind Secret Keeper as she did some fancy flips along the water fountain edge.

Clapping happily at the show he followed her towards the palace only pausing for a moment to gaze at the magnificent, desert daybreak as it pure untainted beauty simply stole the young boy breath from him with all its glory.

Sensing her friend was gazing at the sun, she turn to face it so is golden rays could warm her flawless tan skin. She breathed in the air deeply as if she was trying to breathe in the sunrays as well as the invigorating rays made her tattoos shimmer with pride.

"It must be wonderful to see Ra. To have him smiling upon the land he baths with his rays of eternal hope. Though I wish he didn't have to leave the heavens today. Especially not today," she spoke out loud her inner thoughts in a voice that without a doubt told, Yugi, she had not wish to share the part of the sunset with him but was too lost in her own thoughts to notice she had.

"Aziza? May I ask you something?" he asked the girl as she toyed with her basest pendent. "Yes Yugi what to you desire to know?"

"Do you ever wish you could see the way everyone else does? I mean I know you can see when you're in your cheetah from and you were also able to see for a few brief moments after you kissed me as well as Atem. So do you ever wish you could see like the rest of us?" he asked as they sat down on the stairs. A gentle warm breeze for a few moments weaved its way all the way through them leaving a trail of beautiful new desert flowers petals that each seemed to glitter a glow brighter then the gold adorning their bodies.

Aziza was quite taken back by the question. She thought about her life and how for a long time being unable to see had seem like a curse, a fate worse then death. But she also knew it came with some nice advantages. She pressed her hand against Yugi face gently and ran her long delicate fingers through his hair and smiled. She open her mouth and a voice that was a sweet like honey, warm as a mother touch, and kind as an angel told him the answer to his inquiry.

"I have realized that sometimes the people who can see are the ones who are truly blind. There a very few people like you, my precious Yugi, and my beloved Atem who see without seeing by seeing with your heart. To see the truth and wonder that others are blind too. I can see within a person soul, I can see who they are on the inside where true worth is found. Not to be deceive by out worth show,"

"Being blind has a few other perks as you call them as well. My other sense are shaper then others and I am great magic user who can't be influenced by others magic because in order to be affect by magic you need to be able to see and hear it. Also I can tell when someone is lying which comes in handy with my duties. No I don't pity myself for being sightless if anything it made me a stronger person," Aziza told him confidently.

"But just a moment ago you acted like you really want to see the sun. I mean have you ever wanted to just see like one day with your own eyes?" he asked her trying his best figure out why she seemed so concerned about the sun.

Clearing her throat, she cocked head and just for a few moments didn't say anything as she listen to what appeared to be silence. "Aziza?" But she put a finger to her lip to silence him.

"No one is around, for the moment, my beloved Prince Yugi, as you know my job is to keep secrets even if some seemed to ravage my own soul from within. Before you ask which I know you are going to ask, yes my problem has too deal with Atem. You see today is the one year anniversary since he defeated Zork the Dark One. I know in your time it's only been six months but time here in this land pass in a different way."

"What the problem? Did someone find out you two are item? Is he ok? He not hurt is he?! Where is he?!" Yugi's voice going hysterical as he seemed ready to jump out of his skin.

"Nay, Atem is excellent, in fact I never seen him happier. Being with you make him so ecstatic. He is so alive and full of emotions that no one has ever seen him have before. He is so eager to see you just to be with you and only you. He talks about you nonstop. You are the first thing on his mind when he wakes and the last thing when he sleeps. Truth is you're the best thing every to happen to him. I still share a special bond with him and I will love him forever as I know he will love me but I fear I am not the one he destined to be with forever," she started to explain but Yugi interrupted her.

"Not be with him? When I first came here I could see you too were deeply in love. What happened?" asked Yugi confused and not paying attention that his own heart was beating like crazy taking about Atem who he had yet to see.

"Nothing happened, let just say not long after your first visit I got a little insight into were his heart belongs. All the same let not get side-tracked for a second time. Today it is very important that before the sun sets that Atem says a word, a single word in my presence. If he doesn't say this word I will never be able to fulfill the promise I made to his father King Aknamkanon before he died, nor will I be able to fulfill my duties to him."

"Ah Aziza? That is really vague, what word do you need him to say and why is important that he says it before the sun sets?"

"That I cannot answer, this is a secret word, kinda of a password that unlocks that hidden powers found within my soul. This word was whispered into my ear when I was 13 after I was made the Pharaoh's Secret Keeper. The ritual was done very late at night, the only ones with me when it was done was my mom High Priestess Efra, my father Samir the former king most respect wise man, in your world I think you call him an intelligent bookworm whom had very sensible words of wisdom. Atem's father King Aknamkanon was present as well along with Mahad; it was before he became the Dark Magician."

"It is a very long and complex ritual which requires a master magician to preform it. I became a living vessel of both infinite wisdom along with unmanageable supernatural power. I of course can activate a tiny portion of that power, but too active the full power my king must say the password in my presence to unlock the full power of what is called Magic of the Millennium. This word is whispered to you while you halfway between sleeping and being awake. It was King Aknamkanon who told me the word"

"So what does this have to with today and Atem?" asked Yugi memorized by her tale. He was extremely enthusiastic for her to finish her tale and was hoping he could help her in one way or another help the person they both cared about so much.

"I never told anyone else this. Not any of the Guardians know. Even Atem doesn't know since of what this unpleasant incident is. You ever speculate just how Atem was able to expunge his own mind along with being able to bind his spirit to the Puzzle?" she asked him nervously.

"No I just assumed he did it on his own, but that not what happened is it, Aziza?" looking at her as she hung her head low. It looked like she really wanted to tell this secret even if she was meant to keep the secrets of this land safe and sound and out of harm's way.

"No he didn't erase his mind on his own, nor since returning to the Spirit World has he been able to regain his full memory back. I was the one who wiped his mind clean and bound him to the Puzzle via the orders of his father. King Aknamkanon came to me in my dreams the day before Thief Bakura launched the "Day of the Shadows" and informed me what would come to pass and what I needed to do. After he locked the evil away I led him to the oasis and then used my powers and removed his memory and fused it with my soul then I bound him to the Puzzle and we then removed all traces of his name. You can guess what happen five millennium later."

"I think I got this figure out the spell you did on him has a time limited doesn't it? He got till sunset to say the password in your presences so you can give him back what his otherwise he will never have his full memories back will he?"

"You asked if I've ever wish to see with my own eyes, the only thing I have ever want to see is Atem happy, just to see him smile to tell me I have done my job that is all I want to see. I think you play a part in making that happen. Come on we mustn't keep him waiting any longer," she said as the walk down the stunning corridors of the palace.

On all his previous visits to the ancient times of Egypt the palace had always been very much alive. With all kinds of people running around and their spirits where always so high. Just so very much alive and having a good time. Today however the palace was a cold and silent as a tomb. It was just was too quiet and it was very nerve reckon. The few people who they did see them, all bowed respectfully to him and all said the same thing, "We are honored you've come to visit once more, young Prince Yugi."

"I can tell you just love that title, Prince Yugi, not as flamboyant as King of Games, but I can tell you love it when people address you as Prince Yugi. Truthfully I can see why people wouldn't think you and Atem weren't related one way or another. I mean the only real difference between you two is that he taller with shaper features and more blond hair in that crazy logic defying hair," she mused as she played with Yugi's crazy locks.

"I guess it helps that you have what it is again in you?" he asked blushing as she continued to fondle him.

"You and Atem are the only ones who know that when I kiss someone, I instantaneously for a few moments gain their sight, and with their eyes I also absorb a piece of their soul which has all their memories and feelings contain in the teardrop fragment. Because of you and Atem I do have a few cherished visual memories within an otherwise perpetuating fog of eternal shadows. Ah speak of the devil, here he comes in three two one," she told him as just as she predicted as Atem came around the corner.

"Yugi!" he exclaimed happily as the boy ran into his open arms and hugged him tightly as tears of ecstasy wept from both their eyes. Aziza just stood there listening too their hearts beat in sync with each other.

"I didn't expect you too be here. Then again you haven't been here for while? So how is the gang, everyone ok?" Atem asked Yugi as the trio began to walk to the throne room.

"Everyone is excellent; they all send their love and regrets for not being around for the last two weeks, but that all about to change. Tonight Tea is going to make her dreams into reality and dance within the blazing lights of the heavens. She is going to play the part of the Dark Magician Girl in this musical she wrote that our adventures inspired,"

"Well I am sure Mana would be most pleased with that, consider when you met her by the Nile she accidentally offend Tea by insulting her clothes," laughing "So what is everyone else up too? What going on, you seem in most high spirits," commented Atem as breakfast was served.

"Yes I can tell by the very faint smell that your endorphins levels are very high. You seem way over the moon as it were. You give me the impression that you have something or someone on your mind. So as you say in your time, spill your guts, what is it that making you so happy?" asked Aziza who was on the Pharaoh left side as Yugi was on the right.

Neither boy could tell because of the bandages that covered her milky white eyes that they were eyeing each of them with a hidden agenda conclude with in them. She also hid a small smile allowing her long hair to get in her face for moment as the boys each drank some juice.

At the same time as he wiped his lips, Yugi began to tell of all the events happening in the future, "Well after the musical, Kaiba is gonna open this great new club and I am supposed to meet my mother, Ashita Moto there, then we go home and have dinner and dessert that I made myself, then it two whole weeks of vacation time."

"In all my time within your body I never once met your mother, what is she like?" asked Atem with a hint of melancholy in his own soothing deep voice. Aziza reached out and squeezed his hand to reassure him she knew his pain. She reached over to wipe off a single bead of moisture that she knew was falling as Yugi began to tell all about his mom who he hadn't seen in a very long time.

Yugi stopped halfway through his tale of him mom when he notice that Atem was crying. He hadn't seen him shed tears very often. He knew the 17 year old King of Egypt like to act as if that he was valiant and strong all the time, but he was still as human as the rest of them.

"You ok, Atem? I didn't mean to trouble you; I ask for forgiveness if I said something to make you cry. I am sorry I didn't mean…" he stopped when Atem held his hand up. He brushed the residual tears off and sighed. Turning he looked at Yugi and told him,

"It's alright, Yugi, you didn't upset me, too tell you the truth I've been a bit temperamental for the last few weeks. I've had a lot of things on my mind and I've been very stress out. I am worried for my Guardians, I sent them out last night on a dangerous mission and then there the rest of Egypt and with the first anniversary of "The Days of Shadows", shaking his head to clear the air. His golden earrings seemed to sing as the sunrays from above hit them in a few notes that seemed to express the inner turmoil of his friend. He rubbed his temples showing how much pain this stress was doing to him.

"Something wrong, you're not telling me the whole thing. Atem come on tell me what is really going on? Is there anyway I can be of assistance? Are the Guardians all ok? What's mission are they on? Is Mana alright? How Seto holding up? Last time I was here he was still grieving for he lost love Kisara and coming to terms with the harsh reality of his father Aknadin. What about Isis, Karim, Shada, Shimon? Is Mahad spirit ok? Zork hasn't return has he?! What's going on?" Yugi asked very in very stern voice. He cared about Atem's family as much as Atem cared for his. He'd do what he could to help save from harm all the people they loved.

"There is great evil afoot in the land of Egypt, young prince. For several weeks now we had serious and violent sandstorms ravaging the land, causing havoc and chaos everyone. Destroying many lives," Aziza start to explain but Yugi broke in again,

"Sandstorms? This is the desert, a sea of ceaselessly golden sand. I would've thought sandstorms would be fairly common, so how can these ones be any different?"

"Desert sand isn't black nor does have glowing eyes or a voice that comes form everywhere and nowhere at the same time calling it to dance the way these do. No this is magic, evil magic; its like sand was tainted within the Realm of the Shadows," Atem enlighten his friend.

"This is ancient magic; these storms are alive furthermore they have a very humanlike mind. We don't just have to deal with the storms but the evil monsters that rise from under this black sand. Someone very powerful is calling the dance and has only shown us the very tip of what they can do. Mana and I in the company of the rest of the royal spellcasters under the Spirit of Mahad have being slaving away for weeks trying to find out anything we can. But a last I fear our efforts have been in vain, excuse me Atem," Aziza said as she left the room for a moment giving them a chance to be alone.

Well without Aziza there the room got very quiet and with the palace already being so quite this was really awkward. The only sound that was heard throughout the whole palace was the intense beating of there hearts. But they couldn't even look at each other let alone speak.

"It really is very stressful for us not knowing exactly this evil entity is, I sent my Guardians in pairs of two too help the nearby villagers, I sent some of the others servants out to lend a hand as well. The only Guardians left in the palace are Aziza and Shimon. So that what is troubling me and I only hope I can protect my country…"

"Atem, shut up."

"I beg your pardon?? What did you just say, Yugi?"

"Atem I swear I will help you as you helped me in the past. I am glad that you are where you belong and things are going great for both us. I have faith that whatever this evil is we can face it together. But can we for once talk about something other the "Saving the world?" he asked a bit agitated.

Atem swallowed hard he looked at Yugi whom in such a short time had made the extraordinarily journey form being an innocent boy to becoming a wise and mature man. What he lacked in size his golden heart made up for to the highest degree. Both boys looked at each other as if for the first time they saw the others truth self. Each went a little crimson as their hands touched.



Aziza had removed her bandages and had just morphed her eyes to her cheetah outward appearances to gaze at them silently form her hiding spot. She knew she could only do it for ten minutes tops but she hoped it would be enough, she didn't require the two fragments of those boys souls within her to tell her what was obvious to anyone with half a brain. At that time somebody who didn't have a brain at all showed up. It was the vizier Shimon coming to give Atem the morning report.

"Pharaoh! Pharaoh Atem, pardon my intrusion on you and you're 'Brother' but I would have thought you want to hear this as soon as possible, my esteem king. Did I interrupt something important?" asked the clueless elderly man who was Solomon Moto past self with a smile.

Both of the boy's quickly let go of the others hand and turned away form the other, pausing to blush for only a moment. "My Pharaoh?"

"No," he said very quickly and firmly, "No my old friend you weren't interrupting anything important at all. Uh Yugi could you please go and see what keeping Aziza, please. This should only take a few moments, ok my brother?" he told him kindly as his piercing amethyst eyes tried to send him an unvoiced request for forgiveness.

Though it looked like Yugi didn't get the silent message or if he did he didn't acknowledge it. He only answer back to him in his normal childlike voice, "Sure, Atem, no problem. I'll go find Aziza and we can go horse back riding. I'm getting really good. See you in a few minutes," he said with a smile but the moment he turned away his grin soon twisted into a scowl as he tried to hold back the tears threatening to fall from his own amethyst eyes.

As Aziza eyes started to cloud over again she began to curse at the top of her voice in her mind, as she saw the two people she treasured more then her own life fade away "Oh Shimon you dolt! They are at last coming to terms with how they really feel about one another. Am I the only one who realized when he return to the Spirit World his heart was so broken it would appear nothing could put the pieces together? From the first time Yugi came to visit Atem has found a reason to thrive in the life after death. I love Atem but even I know I can't get in the way of true love. They have got to say the three hardest words in any language on this planet, three words that harder to say then the cursed two that split them up! Is it just me, or no matter what time or place you are on Earth, boys are absolutely oblivious when it comes to the matters of the heart?" She slammed her fist into the wall behind making a nice hole as her anger caused her to grind her teeth in frustration.


"Oh, Prince Yugi you surprise me. I was just collecting my thoughts on my mission," she told him hastily with an embarrassed smile on her lips.

"Well I want to help you and Atem but let's go for our ride first ok? I want to show you both I can handle a stallion on my own. Let's get going shall we?"

In next to no time the three friends were all set to set off on what had become a tradition. At the same time as Aziza carefully selected the finest stallions from the stable, Shimon beseech with the adolescent Pharaoh to stay within the protection of the palace.

"Please, I beg of you, Pharaoh Atem, it's much too treacherous for you too go gallivanting out in the desert, more than ever with this Black Sand around! Please if you think nothing of yourself, then I beg you to think of your country and its people who need you to lead them. Please don't go out I beg of you, my king. This doesn't bode well in my mind; I have an overpowering ominous feeling. Please Pharaoh don't go!"

Aziza whom was still furious with him for what had happen earlier got between the Pharaoh and the old vizier and told him, "Look Shimon we'll be ok, regardless of what you and the rest of the Guardians may think, I can protect our king, I am not weak or helpless. Beside I have magic in me you do not, I swear to you in the name of Pharaoh Atem and the Egyptians Gods, Slither, Obelisk and Ra I will not let anything happen to the King or his 'brother' so if you excuse us we'll be going!" with that she led the horses out and they were off, Atem yell over his shoulder, "We'll be back in an hour! Inform Seto not to be concerned so much and that he in charge till I get back!" the only thing heard after that was the sound of laughter.

Soon they had left the safety of the city and were racing along the Nile to get to their secret oasis. Atem and Yugi were a couple feet in front of Aziza who stayed behind them on purpose. She was secretly hoping if they could confess what was in their hearts that Atem would remember the word she needed to hear so desperately, so she could at last fulfill her duties.

On the other side of the river a few yards ahead of them were three black swirling mini cyclones. As soon as they had dissipated there was a band of ominous looking people in black and crimson garments, on top of black stallions with steely red eyes. They just stood there as still as stone not even appearing to be breathing. Almost immediately the wind came whistling carrying the faint traces of a young woman mesmerizing voice. It weaved in and out all the way through all the soulless riders who faces hidden by their clothes snapped up and their eyes little up. They had no pupils at all they were just swirling empty vortex.

"I sense the Pharaoh is approaching, you know what do, I don't care what you do too the girl, just get me the Pharaoh. Get me him and bring him too me but make sure he just barely alive. Now go and be quick and precise. I don't want any slip ups!"

"Yes, Mistress of the Black Sand Clan. We only obey your wishes," They all said like a bunch of robots as they began their ambush as the trio came around the river bend after jumping Crocodile Rock successfully. It all happened so fast there was no time to react.

An arrow came whizzing out of nowhere and struck down Aziza's horse. She was thrown clear of the beast who began to teeter and was about to fall on her when Atem managed to grab her and get her on his stallion.

"Thanks, Atem!"

"Don't thank me yet we still need to get out of this mess! Yugi! Yugi where are you?!" he called franticly looking for him everywhere. The sound of gasping caught their attention. He just popped up in the river and yelled, "I jumped into the river you better too they are firing again!"

"Come on Aziza! Let's go! I rather take my chances with crocs then these madmen lets go!"

"Ok let me whip us up a little cover, "Millennium Magic, Energy Sphere!" she yelled as a golden ball of energy with the Eye on it erupted from her hands giving them a much need distraction. They dove in the azure water and let the current taken them for a while till the came to a cave.

'They shouldn't be able to find us here," Yugi said between gasping for breath as Atem held him tight

"We need to get back to the palace before those men find us, but its miles away, and without the horse we never make it back before they caught up with us," Atem told his friends as he fell against the wall. He was absolute exhausted. He needed a nap badly.

"Atem! Atem! Are you ok? What's wrong? Speak to me! Come on wake up!" yelled Yugi till Aziza hit him lightly on the head. "Ouch! What was that for?" he asked crossly.

"He fine, nothing a good night sleep won't cure, since this "Black Sand" thing began he hasn't been sleeping in the approved manner," then her head snapped to the left as she heard the faint sound of hoofs.

"We got to keep moving, Yugi tell me to you see a drawing on the right upper corner of the cave entrances, it look like your Key. Do you see it?" she asked as she drapped the half-conscious Atem on her shoulders.

"Yes! I see it, but I don't know what good it will do us, if those men find us here!"

"Trust me, I've got a plan, just help me carry him, and run!" as they ran further into the darken cavern. He followed her as she lead him through many confusing and twisting tunnels till they at last came to a door.

"What's going on? Why is there a door inside a river side cave?" asked a very bewildered Yugi as they set Atem down and try to catch his breath.

"Well if you ever needed to disappear if your kingdom was under siege to have time to recuperate and plan a way out of your predicament you can take a hidden passage to one of thousands of underground bunkers. This is one of them. They are all marked by a hieroglyphic of your Key," she explained while she gasped for air and tried to get the adrenalin to settle down.

"So we are going to hid out here and then find our way back to the palace through the tunnels?" he asked as he looked over Atem who was just starting to regain conscious. "Hey welcome back, Yami, you going to be ok?" asked Yugi using the name Atem had gone by for so long when he was in the dark of his own name. He knew calling Atem, Yami would get a laugh out of him. Furthermore at that moment when they were in a very dark cave running for their lives they need the sound of laughter at that moment more then ever.

"Yes, Little One I'm fine. I promise you, I will never let anything bad happen to you ever. I promise that to you as well Aziza. I just know we are going to get out of this mess alive," Atem said as he managed to get to his feet and they all laughed and cheered.

But their moment of laughter was silence all too soon as they could hear echoing deafeningly all the way through the caverns the sound of their pursers coming closer and closer. They all turn deathly white as they back into the door and Aziza could feel the keyhole. Realization crossed her face, there was only one way out of this alive. But would it work?

"Yugi, you have got to use the Key now!" she yelled at him as she grabbed him tightly.

"What are you talking about?!" he yelled at her as he yanked his bruised arm free of her grasp.

"Yugi use the Key on the door. Take us to your time, now! In theory if we go to your time we arrive at the moment you left then we just use the Key to come back here. You always materialize in the courtyard. So ought to the same to us on the return trip. We will be out of harm's way do it, now please!" she begged him franticly as they could hear the evil men getting closer.

'We don't even know if that would work! Taking you two too the future, I mean we never tried it before! What if something goes wrong?!" Yugi disputed with her but Atem looked at him and said, "We don't have any other options, Yugi, we got to do it."

"Ok, here goes everything," he said as he put the key in the lock and said, "Domino City, Green Turtle Game Shop," he knocked and the doorway open little by little, just as it was about to open all the way the strangers appeared armed with swords.

"So ends this game of cat and mouse, time to come with us Pharaoh You got no where to run or hid anymore, time to end this pointless chase!," said a disembody female voice cackling insanely.

"Wrong! This game just got started! You should know better then to play cat and mouse with a cat because we always win! Millennium Magic Rapid Attack!" Aziza yelled as multiply energy spheres were shot off.

"Go! I will hold them off! Get going!" she yelled as she turned into a cheetah. But neither Atem nor Yugi would leave their friend to do battle alone. They tired to help but were soon over powered as they were once again back into the wall. Just then the time doorway was open. Yugi was closer to the door but Atem was about to be abducted so he did the first thing that came to mind. He ran head on into one of the kidnappers and knocked him over. The guy got his second wind faster then anticipated though.

"Yugi! Look out!"

"Uh? Atem go!" he said as he pushed him through the doorway just as he got hit in the head hard with one of the swords and was cataleptic. Atem watch as the door closed as the two people he cared about most were capture and left an inch from death.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed has he was hurled forward through time and when he woke up he was in Yugi's bedroom in the blue outfit that he never seemed to get out of either.

"Yugi! Aziza! No!" he yelled as he ripped open the closet door hoping to see them hidden amongst the clothes but they were not there. He looked down around his neck was the Puzzle but not the Key. "No, Yugi still has my Key. I am trapped 5000 years in the future and who knows what happening to him and Aziza?! NOOOOOOOOOOO! YUGI!" he cried as he fell to the ground in anguish as the dam that held back the turmoil of repressed feelings burst opened and flooded.