"Epilogue part 2, Happily ever after.

I don't own either Yugioh or GX. I would like to give thanks to my pal 1koolkitty1 for allowing me to use parts of her mermaid story in this chapter. I will be naming songs again. Please be kind enough to create the videos and send them to me. Thank you. Enjoy the last chapter to this fantastic fic.

Everyone was given a lift to the club courtesy of KaibaCorps limousines. Everyone was still pumped up from what had occurred at the wedding so everyone was wondering was happening at the reception. Everyone eyes popped at the glorious site that lay before him or her.

The entire club had been converted to resemble the Ancient Egyptian throne room with several tables piled sky high with an assortment of foods and drinks. The dance floor was covered with sparkling sequence with all the lights focused on it. The stage was more then ready for singing and music videos. But the best sight was the two giant tables stocked high with presents galore! "This is awesome! Come on let's get to our seats! I don't want to miss the toast!" Jaden laughed the Millennium Seal sparkling like a shooting star around his neck.

"I've got to admit solider this a mighty fine feast. Looks big enough to satisfy my enormous appetite," Hassleberry replied at the same time as he rubbed his hands and licked his chompers with drooling anticipation.

"Would you dorks get a move on already? Your blocking the door and the rest of us would like to put these gifts down," Chazz grunted underneath the enormous weight of all the gifts. "Hey a little helps here? Some of these gifts are very fragile!"

"Aww is little Chass upset about being our errand boy? Serves you right for all your cracks. Anyways how can I hope to navigate this giant club without dropping anything? I'm blind! Well I'm off to get our seats. Atem and me can't wait to start talking to Aziza! She has a special announcement she's going to give during the toast!" giggled Arianna happily as she hurried inside.

"Gee, Jay it was weird enough that you got pick to duel Yugi Moto but to get that necklace and find out your girl can literally be in two places at once. Well its beyond weird! I can't for the life of me figure this one out. I could make calculations all night and not figure out that one!" Bastion replied as he tried to put his own pile of gifts on the table.

A beautiful wrapped box marked "Fragile" fell from the top just as he was about to set them down. They all waited for a crash but it didn't come. "Huh?" looking confused he looked over the top of the pile and saw Roxy was holding the package in her hands. They also notice she was in a very eye-catching cerulean dress.

"I think you should be a little more vigilant, Bastion. This is a set of 30 pieces China. No need to make it 60. I hope to catch you later. Got to go now Crowler is crying his eyes out because he just found out he at the end of the table and Chancellor Shepard is at the beginning! See you," she said blushing for a second time as she put the package in his hands and vamoosed.

"Sweet girl. She seems to be very thoughtful indeed," he commented as he placed the box on the table and become aware of everyone was giving him a death glare.

"What? What is the matter with you people? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Bastion you may be the smartest kid on campus but you're a total lame-o when it comes to reading between the lines of body language!" Atticus said in a disheartened tone of voice.

"Huh? What are you babbling on about?"

"Hello, dork! Roxy got a huge crush on you! Gee you don't even need half a brain to figure out that, you dolt! Sheesh, men! Can't live with them and you can't live without them!" comment Alexis as they found there seats at the table.

"Oh my Alexis I'm not so dumb to recognize the unspoken words of deep passion and love," Chazz said as he held her hand in his.

"You have three seconds to remove your hand or I will do it for you," she replied calmly. She smiled as he did as she asked. Sighing she looked at the head of the table where the two grooms family and friends sat. Chancellor Shepherd had gotten a seat at the table just ahead of them while Crowler and Bonaparte were stuck at the last table with the rest of the riffraff.

The surprise groom, Pharaoh Atem tapped his wine class signaling for silence. Everyone stopped talking and looked up at him waiting patiently for him to speak. "I want to thank all of you for coming to this glorious occasion today. As many of you know the past 11 years have been the greatest ones of my life. Not only did I make many new friends and have the most wonderful adventures. Something far more important occurred that allowed me to find love. By regaining my memories of my past I was able to plan my future that involves everyone here today. Every day each and every one of you makes my life the best thing ever. I'm so glad to share it with you as I plan to share my entire life with my new husband Yugi as well as the best friend either of us have ever had, Aziza. Thank you," he said sitting down and receiving a thunderous applause.

Aziza stood up next ready to give the final toast before the cake was cut and they all dug into their meals. Brushing back her hair she cleared her throat and began to speak.

"What can I say? Atem you like the boy you've just named your aibou have been the bright light of hope to this world. You have leaded us all out of the darkness and into the bright light of a future full of hope and possibilities. You've made a difference in so many different lives each of you its no wonder everyone is in love with you two! You two are such sweet and powerful souls. With your unlimited desire along with your unyielding passion to be of assistance to mankind as well as the Earth itself it evident the world over. I'm pleased to announce to all that the "Heart of the Cards" a worldwide foundation has touched million of lives. Because of these two the world may have a chance to have a true future of peace,"

"We couldn't have done it without you as well Aziza or without any of the souls here today. Working as one and believing in our hearts is what shall save mankind. So thank you for all of you for making this day one to remember and lets all look into our own hearts and make a better future for all who live on this beautiful planet!" declared Yugi happily as everyone cheered. He and Atem just kissed and then proceed to cut the cake that of course had a lot of duel monsters on it!

After scarfing down the huge dinner and several more speeches it was time for the two grooms to have their first dance together as a couple. Kaiba had preprogrammed the giant TV to play an assortment of music videos that he had created, whenever a certain song was selected. Atem and Yugi had taken center stage and gave Kaiba the signal. Kaiba nodded and flipped a switch. The lights dimmed until there was only the spotlight on them. The screen began to play romantic moments as the song "At The Beginning" began to play.

We were strangers. Starting out on a journey. Never dreaming what we have to go through. Now here we are, and I'm suddenly standing. At the Beginning with you.

No one told me I was going to find you. Unexpected what you did to my heart. When I'm almost home you were there to remind me. This is the start…

And life is a road and I want to keep going. Love is a river and I want to keep flowing. Now and forever a wonderful journey. I'll be there when the world stops turning. I'll be there when the storm is through. In the end I want to be at the beginning with you.

We were strangers on a crazy adventure. Never dreaming how our dreams would come true. Now here we are unafraid of the future. At the beginning with you.

And life is a road and I want to keep going. Love is a river and I want to keep flowing. Now and forever a wonderful journey. I'll be there when the world stops turning. I'll be there when the storm is through. In the end I want to be at the beginning with you.

Knew there was somebody somewhere. I looked in the dark. Now I know my dreams will live on. I've been waiting so long. Nothing is going to tear us apart.

And life is a road and I want to keep going. Love is a river and I want to keep flowing. Now and forever a wonderful journey. I'll be there when the world stops turning. I'll be there when the storm is through. In the end I want to be at the beginning with you.

Life is a road and I want to keep going. Love is a river and I want to keep flowing. Now and forever a wonderful journey. I'll be there when the world stops turning. I'll be there when the storm is through. In the end I want to be at the beginning with you.

Everyone cheered happily as the song ended. Now a new song was beginning to start up a both boys broke off as their beautiful mothers came to share their dance with them. Seeing how with no bride there couldn't be the traditional bride dance with her father. So as a replacement for it, Yugi danced with his mom Ashita and Atem with his mom Samira to the song "Proud of your boy, Clay Atkins"

As the song came to an end both boys became children once more for a moment and hugged their mom as if there were little boys and whispered the words, "I love you mommy." With tears of elation came down each of their faces their fathers and grandpa all hugged in a group hug as two different families became one. Now it was request time!

In next to no time everyone was requesting songs left and right. Some even tried their hand at singing. It was a little more then embarrassing for Alexis when Chazz got up on the stage and sang "All 4 Love by Stevie Brock" to her! She was more red then Jaden school jacket!

After about an hour both Aziza and Arianna came up to the stage with a special request. "Hey girls! Tell us are you as tired as we are with boys being so clueless in matters of the heart?" asked Arianna in a clearly annoyed tone to the massive crowd.

"YES!" screamed every girl in the whole building. It didn't matter if they were to them if they were single, crushing, dating or been married it was just something all girls had had enough of!

"Then we got a little something for you! For this next dance every girl go ask the boy you want most to dance and if they so happen to refuse you. Well Mana!" Aziza called over her shoulder as Mana came dancing on to the stage. "Show the boys what is going to happen if they don't say yes, if you be so kind?"

"Gladly, girlfriend," Mana replied as she jumped in the air and shouted "Dark Magic Attack!" Multiply colored magic disks came whizzing out of her magic wand and flew rapidly around the room. After a few minutes they disappeared and a second later every man in the room except for the grooms had a lock of hair fall to the ground smoking.

"I think we made our point! Ladies you've got ten minutes to find your guy and get him on the dance floor and if they're still stupid enough to refuse we'll sic Dark Magic Girl in addition to ever female Duel Monster Spirit on them!" Aziza declared and the look on her face showed she wasn't kidding!

In next to no time all the girls were busy getting the guys they wanted to cut loose with. But they still remembered their manners. Joei walked over to Syrus and curtsied and politely held out her hand, "May I please have the honor of having a dance with you? It would be a most wonderful dream come true,"

"Milady the pleasures all mine. Shall we go grace the dance floor now?" he asked her as he took her hand and escorted her to the floor as Hassleberry did the same for Ruth who looked like she was in seventh heaven.

Grinding her teeth and whispering to herself that she would regret this later on, Alexis walk over to Chazz who was moping in a corner since his embarrassing attempt at karaoke.

"Look Chazz. You can be a major jerk as well as a creep. But after everything that has happened this year I will allow you one dance with me…"

"Oh thank you Alexis! I knew you see we're destined to be together forever!" he exclaimed before she shut him up with an icy glare.

"Hey! Get this through your dirt-infested mind, Princeton! This is just one dance and I don't like you nor will I ever! This is because I feel some sympathy for you! So one dance you got it? On the other hand you even make an effort to take it too first base, I swear I will make sure you go back to school inside your dueling case! Caphies?!" she told him straight up.

"Ok!" he said with a huge infatuated grin on his face as they went to the dance floor with Roxy dragging Bastion to the floor so he understand this chemistry problem correctly this time! The last ones to get to the dance floor from the Academy where Ryo and Aster. Funny if you thought a dragon and a phoenix getting ready to dance but cool just the same. Everyone else smiled as the song "8th world wonder" began to play while the guest danced on the floor the grooms got the stage all to themselves.

As the song died away almost everyone was now kissing his or her partner save for a few. While Bastion was getting a lesson he never need for a grade in school but in life, Chazz had to suffer not getting to lip lock with his dream girl but Alexis did peck him on the cheek. Chazz was so happy he fainted and Atticus asked his sister if she had killed the boy. Aster did give Ryo a small peck on the cheek for being a good dancer, as did Syrus and Hassleberry.

"Now boys was that so awful?" asked Aziza in a good-humored manner as her counter part began to work down Jaden neck. Laughing to herself she spun the dial on the machine and stopped at a song that caused her to smile as the name of the song was said only loud enough for her to hear.

"May the three honorable souls that have protect this wonderful world now turn their attention the TV screen? This is for you! You'll start out as helpless boys but in next to no time you've become men! Mahad do us the honor and lend a voice for this one please! You've not sung in a very long time!"

Mahad did as he was commanded and everyone watched as certain highlighted moments of the three souls in question played as he sang a well-known song. "Son of Man" It showed each of them growing on their adventures and it also showed that they all still had a long way to go but they weren't alone on this journey from boy to man.

"Thanks old friend that was a very much appreciated. Now I like it if I may sing a song to my new husband if that all right?" asked the Pharaoh as he took the mike from the Dark Magician who smiled with a quick bow as he rejoined the court.

"Yugi this is a promise I make to you as well as all the souls we care so deeply for. If you ever need me simply "Call my Name and I'll be there"

"There are days when those gray skies make you blue. Each forward step you take you fall back by two. You've been hit by some hard knocks you just can't stand, feeling like Alice felt in Wonderland. Let me be the one to lend a hand.

Call my name and I'll be there. There's nothing like the laughter we share! Whenever you need someone or a shoulder to lean on call my name and I'll be there!

And when life going your way just like a breeze it's a kite flying kinda of day above the trees. Together will be making memories!

Call my name and I'll be there. There's nothing like the laughter we share! Whenever you need someone of a shoulder to lean on call my name and I'll be there!

As this world turns us around we hang onto what we found. A treasure we both need. I will go that extra mile to bring back that certain smile that you given me. I'll answer every time and anywhere!

Call my name and I'll be there. There's nothing like the laughter we share! Whenever you need someone or a shoulder to lean on call my name and I'll be there.

Call my name and I'll be there Call my name and I'll be there Call my name Call my name and I'll be there!"

Everyone applauded as the other groom came onto the stage and smiled dreamily at his husband. "Thanks Atem. Now I've got a promise I will sing to you and its imperative all hear these words about to escape my lips. So sit back and let me take the mike for a spin? I want to assure you that you've "Nothing at all" to worry about Kay?" he told him as he got mike.

"You've been there for me, no matter what the cost. My best friend since we believed in Santa Claus. You have always stood beside me and I want you to let you know. I'll be the one who hears your prayer. Don't have to ask me, I'll be there. I'll be the friend you'll never have to do without. When you've nothing at all you'll still have nothing to worry about. When I was lost inside a forest of dismay you always knew just how to help me find my way. In a world that's so uncertain I will promise this to you. I'll be the one who hears your prayer. Don't have to ask me, I'll be there. I'll be the friend you'll never have to do without. When you have nothing at all you still have nothing to worry about. Nothing at all,"

As the reality of the words of the songs they had just sung hit, it hit the guests a little more. These two had saved the world but they had something more important then just the title of "King of Games." They had each other so when it did all come to an end. When Duel Monster finally did go to the graveyard for good they still had their friendship and love and that was way more important than any silly duel or title. They had been through a great deal and had prevail over countless obstacle to finally be together and to see two people who and endure that much of hell and now knew everlasting happiness it made you smile no matter how much you tried to stop it.

A familiar song was now pulsating out of the speakers loudly as all the adventures from both Atem, Yugi, and Jaden lives now was mixing in a very cool video and everyone felt the irresistible urge to do a chorographic dance to this overnight famous song. They all sang together this song. "We're All in this Together!"


"Together… Together…

Together… everyone…

Together… Together…

C'mon let's have some fun

Together we're there for

Each other every time

Together …. Together…

C'mon let's do this right!


"Here and now

It's time for celebration.

I finally figure out

That all our dreams

Have no limitations

That's what it's all about!"


"Everyone is special

In their own way

We make each other strong

We're not the same

We're different in a good way

Together's where we belong!"


"We're all in this together

Once we know … that we are

We're all stars… and we see that

We're all in this together

And it shows when we stand

Hand in hand… make our dreams come true!"

Together… Together…

Together everyone


C'mon let's have some fun

Together…we're there for

Each other every time


C'mon let's do this right!


"We're all here

And speakin' out with one voice

We're going to rock the house

(Rock the house!)

The party's on

Now everybody make some noise

C'mon…scream and shout!

Aziza and Arianna

"We've arrived

Because we stuck together



"We're all in this together

Once we know… that we are

We're all stars…and we see that

We're all in this together

And it shows. …when we stand

Hand in hand…we make our dreams come true!"

Wild cats … sing along

Yeah you really got it goin' on

Wild cats … in the house

Everybody say it now

Wild cats everywhere

Wave your hands up in the air

That's the way we do it

Let's get to it

Time to show the world!

We're all in this together!

Once we know … that we are

We're all stars… and we see that

We're all in this together

And it shows …when we stand

Hand in hand… make our dreams come true!

We're all in this together

When we reach … we can fly

Know inside… we can make it

We're all in this together

Once we see

There's a chance…that we have

And we take it!

Wild cats everywhere

Wave your hands up in the air

That's the way we do it

Let's get to it

C'mon everyone!"

All the people cheered as they finished even the monsters we in good spirits after that song! They come to a decision that they should all take a load off their feet as well as their voices for a while and unwrap the ten million gifts they had! Better to open them before the honeymoon so they knew which ones they want to exchange right away!

For the next two and half hours they unwrapped gift after gift thanking everyone most contentedly for each and everything that they received. Aziza began to almost immediately catalogue things and exactly what stayed, what went and were it would go when they brought it back to their home that the three of them shared. They just reached the last one, which was from Kaiba!

Not knowing what to expect they slowly opened it and blinked in surprise. It was a two of a kind of gold card shape necklaces with the Millennium Puzzle on the front and under it a heart. They opened them too reveal the picture of them kissing in front of the game shop. The same picture they had taken 11 years ago when Atem first received the gift of new life.

"Thank you, Kaiba. Now we have both the Heart of the Cards and our own hearts forever as one. It was most thoughtful,"

"Your welcome," he said flatly despite his wife glaring at him.

"Well I guess that the last gift. I think its time we send everyone home so you two can get on your honeymoon!" Joey told his friends when an explosion of light blinded everyone.

"Actually dear Regent of Egypt there is one more gift to bestow to these two. I've waited 11 years of a way to pay them back for saving my life and now I feel that I can," spoke an angelic voice coming from the bright multihued radiance.

Everyone was stunned for a few soundless moments. They all watched in awe as the light began to bend and twist till it took the form of a beautiful young woman. She was a goddess. They all couldn't speak because her presences alone stole the words form their lips.

"Pharaoh Atem, Prince Yugi the Pure one, its good too see you both breathing. Last time I saw you it was the worst day of my life. I'd given up hope after a year of unspeakable cruelty that was inflicted onto my wiry soul. It was like waking up each day from the grave only to breathe my last breath once more, except it would be even more agonizing than the day before."

"But you Prince Yugi you helped inspired me to rebel and shatter the illusion that my false sister had woven in my mind. You were right no one could take what is in your heart in less you allow yourself to think that. To see you alive there are no words I can think to utter to express my feelings. I thought nothing could ever undo the atrocious brutality that Nadira inflicted upon this world before she met her fate. As soon as she slaughter you with the Shadow Dagger, I could see very clearly we hadn't lost one life we had lost two. When you left Atem I knew you'd every intention on going through with suicide because your aibou was taken unjustly from you. However too know you're both alive and well, it is a miracle."

"I now know what your power is, Prince Yugi as well as why Nadira couldn't take it from you. You've a heart so full of love that there is no room for hatred. Furthermore you care so profoundly for your fellow man you'd help all of them even if they had done something to you in the past. You along with Atem beyond doubt are breathtaking souls and together I know the world will be in safe hands," spoke the woman of pure endless light

"Nabila!" they both cried joyfully as they at last recognized her. They embraced the young woman and looked her over. She had been 11, last time they had met but 11 years later she had blossomed into a beautiful in addition to magnificent woman who powers brought their own light of hope in the darkest of times!

"We have much catching up too do. On the other hand we can do that later. My people and I would like to bestow our gift to you. You two rescued my people and I from annihilation and we've liked to show you how much it means to us. May we please grant you our gift, Great Pharaoh and Pure One of Legend?" asked The Light of Desert to the two sexy boys.

"Yes go ahead but Nabila I told you before, please just call me Yugi and you can address Atem by his name not his title," he told her with a smile.

With a big smile on her face she hugged each one of her saviors before going to the center of the room. "I hope none of you get sea sick because where we're going there is a LOT of water. So stand back and hold on to your stomachs as the story of Namonaki AI unfolds. (Please note this is a story from the author mention above. I just loved it a lot and it's on my favorite list! So yeah just saying it isn't mine but I've got her permission to mention it! Namonaki AI, all rights own to the1koolkitty, who has granted her permission for this! Please if you've read it and you like puzzleshipping you best check it out)

By means of her almost omnipotent supernatural powers she then preceded to take every single one of the guest as well as duel monsters and we're talking like about almost a thousand people here! She used her magic to pull them into what felt like an alterative universe or like they're were inside a movie and could feel everything, but no one in the movie could interact with them!

Everyone gasped in amazement. They were in a huge soap bubble floating above the ocean. Below them sailed a magnificent ship and towards the horizon they could just make out the shape of a huge palace. "Well you sure don't experience something like this at every wedding," Atticus said.

"Hey guys what do you think that Nabila girl meant when we were going to experience the tale of Namonaki AI?" Syrus asked.

"I don't know, but I hope there's popcorn to eat," Blaze muttered.

"Yeah I'm starving. All that wedding food goes through you fast!" Ace exclaimed.

"Guys don't look now, but the story is about to begin. I think were going to each this one a lot," Noah said pointing to the ship.

"They saw a huge deep blue ocean that seemed to go on forever in front of them. It was the picture of days at sea. An endless blue skies with no clouds and the warm sun shining on a wonder ship that was heading for a nearby palace. A pod of silver dolphins played merrily along side the valiant sea vessel and laughed at the sight as one of the individuals on broad was losing his lunch!

When the young man was finally able to pull himself together everyone let out a bout of laughter! It was Tristian in a butler suit and now coming in was Tea in a maid suit! They didn't laugh at first but with a little encouragement from their families they chuckled a bit. You've to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes!

"Are you alright, Tristian?" asked Maid Tea. He started to say he was before he threw up more.

Laughing lightly she remarked, "Well at least Yugi is enjoying himself, hey where is he anyway?"

Wiping the remaining slime off his chin, Tristian told her, "Feh who knows? We really need a leash for that boy!"

"No way would I be a butler!" Tristian muttered under his breath. Tea quickly agreed although their spouses and kids found it amusing. Everyone was just stunned to see themselves as kids again.

The sound of youthful laughter broke out and everyone saw Prince Yugi dangling happily from the crow nest dressed up like Prince Eric! The guests still hadn't caught on even as the sailors told the story of King Aknamkanon ruler of the Merpeople or anything on the subject of boys with fins! Nabila smiled and continued telling them the powerful legend.

As we descended into the depths below the radiant blue sea the Sacred Guardians got a very weird look at themselves as Merpeople! Each one of them looked relatively the same as they did now but they had long different colored tails!

It was soon apparent that the Crowned Prince of the Sea was once again missing and they all felt this time their king was going to serve them up with tarter sauce after he fried them for not keeping an eye on his son!

The one who looked like Seto with a blue tail yelled at his fellow Priests loudly, "For crying out loud! I'm a High Priest not a nanny!" this got a snicker from everyone but Seto or Kaiba who were not very amused at the moment, but secretly where smiling as the seen changed from the court unable to find the elusive prince of the sea to something better. What happen next got every girl endorphins and hormones hitting the roof and going past the moon.

It was Atem as a merman! He was smoking sexy HOT! The way his unique hair fell to his shoulders and his piercing crimson eyes scanned the seabed full of sunken ships and how well his tan skin went with the long jet-black tail! It was enough for each and ever girl to put out of their minds the fact that this guy just got married only a few hours ago. Each of them would pay a mountain of gold for a night with this hunk!

"Hey! Atem wait! Up not all of us can swim as fast as you! For that matter no one in the whole ocean can out swim you!" called out a voice. A merman version of Joey came up out of breath with a green tail that had a crude "J" cut on one of the tail fins.

The two pals joked around a bit with one another till they at last came to the reason of being here. There was a human game inside one of the ships and it was well known that Prince Atem had a deep passion for games of all kinds. Human games gave him the greatest pleasure but of course if his Father found out well he be worse of then dead!

They got the porthole open at last and they looked at the game he had spied. He marveled over the chessboard even though he had no clue what it was. He was able to guess correctly the purpose of the game.

Atem hit Joey in an annoyed manner after a real bad joke. He quickly picked up all the pieces to the game into a drawstring bag and smiling widely, "C'mon let's go find Ryou! He'll know the rules to this game for sure!"

They soon encounter two Bakura! One was addressed as Ryou and the other Bakura. This confused the real Bakura but he enjoyed it all the same as his two fish tailed counter parts that where apparently aibous themselves! The one who looked Thief Bakura was addressed by the name Bakura the other one was Ryou.

As the conversation as the two look alike explained the concept of Duel Monsters to the eager merprince, it finally hit the guests what this story was! This was a parody of The Little Mermaid! And for once in a blue moon it seemed this would be a decent parody and not a total ridicule of a masterpiece.

"I can't believe it! An actual legend on one of my favorite fairy tales of all time," Kisara said breathlessly hugging Kaiba tightly.

They watched with them all glued to their seats in a manner of speaking. Seto had followed his cousin to a location jam-packed with countless shipwrecks and had lost sight of him. He for the first time in years encountered Joey, which he promptly called "Dogfish." This of course not only aggravate mer-Joey it made the real one lose his temper!

"When are you going to stop calling me a dog?" Joey demanded with Mai holding him back.

Seto and Kisara held Kaiba back as he replied hot temperedly, "When you start acting like a human Wheeler!"

Dogfish and Rich Boy bickered for a few moments then Joey caved. He made Seto swear if he revealed Atem location to his cousin he wouldn't under any circumstances tell his father ever! After agreeing to the terms they went inside a hidden grotto filled to the brim with games galore. It was obvious that the person the grotto belonged too had no other passion at all! (This is for my own sake but Part of Your World, sung by Sky Sweetum in my mind is playing during all this. Just for the sake of it!)

Atem was at first angry with his friend for telling his cousin about his secret hideaway but let it go. He did get on his cousin case when he bashed Ryou and Bakura because they were exiled for contact with humans. Then the grotto became pitch-black as a ship passed overhead.

Before anyone could stop him Atem swam as fast he could to the surface with his best friend and cousin trying in vain to catch him. But alas no one could catch him he was the fastest swimmer in the sea!

He became quickly captivated by the exploding stars of color in the sky and quickly swam and pulled himself up the side of the ship. He watched in wonder at the spectacle before him.

His crimson eyes fell upon the sight of a huge blond sailor playing a game with a young boy who eerily resembles the prince of the sea himself. He soon realized they were playing the game of Duel Monster Ryou been talking about earlier. He watched happily as the young boy won the duel.

He was happy to see the boy enjoyed games and was very talent at them. He also found him most attractive as he gazed deeply into those pools of stunning amethyst. He was the most perfect thing he had ever seen.'

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Joey yelled at him to get back in the water before he was seen. He retorted for him to shut up so they wouldn't hear him. He smiled even more finding out the boy name Yugi meant "Game"

A huge statue was given to him but he didn't really like it, he much preferred a golden box full of weird and wonderful puzzle pieces. The box said when the person solved the puzzle he get a wish. Many took the opportunity to joke that the Prince should find himself a wife when it was well known the Prince didn't fancy women.

As he defend the right to fall in love and with whomever he want a storm broke out the calm sea. The merboys knew what that meant. It meant the King was in a very foul mood if he was making a hurricane.

Joey and Seto dove underwater fast but Atem stayed put. He had too make sure everyone was ok. Especially Yugi. The ship was set ablaze when the cold-blooded lighting hit. The lifeboats hit the water but he couldn't see Yugi anywhere!

He turned his head at the sound of the boy voice as he was yelling at his friend Tea to go as he went back for the precious puzzle. There was a huge explosion and it looked like he was dead. Atem dove underwater and grabbed him and the puzzle. He told the unconscious boy, "I've got you, my Yugi. I will not let you die."

Soon both merprince and the human prince where on the warm sandy shore. Atem was trying to figure out if the boy was still alive. Luckily he started to breath. He mused out loud, "Oh Yugi, if only I could stay here with you, what would I give to stay here beside you and make you smile?"

Yugi was slowly regaining conscious as the sun peaked out he saw a very handsome young man with the most attractive features he had ever seen. He managed to utter "Who?"

The face smiled and in a soothing voice that made him almost immediately relax told him, "Don't worry, my little aibou. You're safe now."

Before more could be said the mysterious man disappeared when Yugi friends called out for him. If he had been stronger Yugi would've called out after him, however he now knew what he want to wish for. To find the one who called him aibou.

Despite the fact his cousin and friend had just witness everything he made a vow then a there from his hiding spot. That he one day be part of Yugi's world. Unaware that they were being watch by a sinter forces.

It would seem even under the sea men didn't understand the tell tale signs of love. Atem was very different. He had always been a rebel but now he was even stranger. Like he was gathering sea flowers, combing his hair in every mirror he came across and dreamily singing to himself.

Isis had to tell everyone that the Prince was in love. All this did was make Seto very uncomfortable. This was bringing up memories he had been trying to bury for a long time. Something he didn't want to be force to relive again. So when his uncle the king called for him he caved. He went even more spineless then a jellyfish.

Atem had been daydreaming near the beach when his friends brought him to grotto. He was over the moon when he saw the statue of his little aibou had been moved there. He began to play act a very passion romance as his friends just smiled.

They almost didn't notice someone else had entered the hidden grotto. At first they were happy to see Seto. But everyone went white as a ghost when they saw who was with him.

"Father?!" he asked as he froze like a startle cat.

His father was not happy. There was no pity or understanding in his eyes for his son. His magic staff was glowing brightly to emphasis just how angry he was as he looked over the grotto with much disgust.

"Atem what is all this?"

"It's just my collection,"

"And is the human you saved down here as well"

Well Joey was all about to kill Seto for breaking his word but that when things got even worse then they already where. All this time the king had been insulting and degrading everyone who had legs. This boiled Atem blood so much he forgot everything that made his father powerful. His age, magic, authority everything that made him have influence on him.


The naming of an aibou in underwater society was a sacred thing. Once you claimed one you had to be forever loyal or you die. After a lot more yelling his father destroyed everything in the grotto and left his broken son to weep.

Almost immediately Atem found himself seeking help from Dartz the Warlock of the Orchailces. He was quickly able to deduce the merprince problem and offer a solution. He'd turn him human for three days and if Yugi gave him the kiss of true love he remain human. If not his soul would belong to Dartz. The payment for the spell was his memories. His whole life would have to be given up to become human. He agreed and the painful transformation began as his memories where ripped out him and he heard Dartz chant ominously,

"Reject your past;

Embrace the night;

Remember naught;

But your soul's light;

Be not fish;

Forget the sea;

Instead become;

What you wish to be!"

"Remember Blackfish three days!" he replied ominously as the ex-merprince was rushed to the surface to be saved from drowning.

"Oh man that sounds like one bad deal to make. Especially underwater where you can't swim without a tail or for that matter breath!" Jaden exclaimed.

"Yeah Dartz in any story or timeline is pure evil," Aziza commented lightly as everyone watched as the four merboys dragged their prince to the surface to save his life. What happened next greatly discouraged them more then the fact he was naked.

It was almost immediately apparent that Atem had no memories and his friends had no other choice but to help him find and get kissed by Yugi and hopeful get his memories back. They first had to find Yugi and hope that at the very least jogged the memories of love.

Yugi wasn't very far away. He was trying to put together his puzzle while the granddaughters of his Grandpa court where about. Chris was playing with the wolf like dog Sky and Rebecca was well being Rebecca! Sky took the puzzle with Yugi running after him knowing that the wish from the puzzle was his only chance to find the boy who saved him.

He came across a young caramel skin man with wet tricolor hair. As there eyes met Atem felt something familiar brewing within him. Yugi was blushing for two reasons. One the boy before was naked and two he was HOT.

"Hey my name is Yugi. Thanks for getting my puzzle back,"

"Oh this is your puzzle?"

"Yeah thanks, uh you swimming around here?"




"Then what you doing here?"

"I don't know I can't remember,"

Yugi soon gave the boy a new name till he remembered his old one. He called him Yami for it meant darkness. They had a lot of fun that evening together and even better day the next day. While they had day out on the town Yugi and Yami had a duel and Yugi won. They also encountered the "Big Five" which where a threat to Yugi's kingdom. Yami kept falling more in love with him and trying to remember what the merboys had told back on the beach.

(Kiss the girl, Ashley Tisdale)

Soon the boys were alone on a stunning blue lagoon. A calm boat ride as they went out onto the lagoon and just talked. While Yugi wasn't paying attention Joey once again for about the third time told Yami to get Yugi to kiss him. He said he didn't know what to say. Joey advice was to wing it!

"Oh like that's the best love advice to give someone. Honestly I don't think that would really work," Arianna said.

"Don't knock something until you've tried it my dear. You'll find love can make everyone do crazy things," Mokuba replied.

"Yeah, but I still can't believe how many of us have roles in this story or how to deal with the fact Yugi's a prince!" Rebecca said to her boyfriend promptly.

Yugi told Yami about the stranger who had saved him and how he wish to meet him and find out what the word, "Aibou" meant and why he called him that.

Without thinking Yami replied to what Bakura and Ryo had told him. That it meant partners or mates. They talked a little more and went back to the castle. Yami didn't know what he was going to do. Yugi was debating on what to wish for, as he was about to put the final piece of the puzzle in.

Then like a hypnotic drone he saw a longhaired man on the beach calling for him. Saying the word "Aibou" over and over again. His wide purple eyes became dull and lifeless. The next morning he forcefully told his Grandpa the King he was going to marry the young man at sunset.

Yami was both distraught in addition to brokenhearted when he found out the man who had rescued his Yugi was now to marry him that very sunset. He was already to tell him his feelings but now he sank on the docks crying his broken heart out. Not realizing there where bigger problems.

At first his friends were confused to find him on the docks and not on the barge but when all of sudden Bakura came in and explained Dartz devise plot. He had gone to see Yami get ready for the wedding and discover Dartz trickery and that he had cast a spell on Yugi.

This of course made Yami very, very, very mad. He yelled "NO ONE TRICKS MY YUGI AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!" not paying attention to Seto mutter if Dartz did Atem would lose his soul forever. He just dove in the water. But was unable to swim as a human.

Seto took charge ordering the Dogfish to get Atem to the ship and hopefully he could break the spell on Yugi. Seto was going to go back and get the court to help them. Joey argued with Rich Boy that he was faster but then for the first time ever Seto refereed to Joey by his name.

"Please Joey look after my cousin," he nodded as Seto disappeared below the water. Atem smirked and said off-handily. "Your in love with him aren't you?"

While Mer-Joey looked embarrassed, human Joey looked he was ready to puke, as did Kaiba. They both were thinking "Heaven would fall and Hell freeze over with flying pigs and the universe would turn inside out before I ever fell for him! UGH!" (Please note that just my option on the idea of a Seto/Joey. If you like it fine doesn't mean I've got too. Remember diversity is also about opinions and thoughts as much are it's about all the rest!)

Ryou turned to his Aibou and in a business tone told him, "Bakura I really hate to do this but call your band,"

"But you HATE my band!"

"Forget what I said and pay attention to what I'm saying now!"

Soon a band of seagulls lead by a gull named Marik who jumped at the chance to crash a wedding! They all then went to crash a wedding and save both the worlds of land and sea.

There was a little bit of chitchat between some of the guests as to the lifelessness of their prince and this strange man he was about to wed. While Rebecca pride herself on her brains she like many like her lacked common sense.

As the priest started his long and boring monologue all hell broke loose as a flock of seagulls dived bombed Dartz and young men with fins came aboard! Soon Sky was loose and adding to the mayhem and thing just got crazy! It was soon apparent Yugi was indeed under a spell. It was a mess as everyone was trying to get his stupid amulet.

"You can't win fools! It will take a lot more then you two misfits, a couple of humans and some flying poultry to stop me!" Dartz declared.

"Well then maybe I can influences the odds!" yelled out a voice as a dripping wet Yami pulled himself on board and glared at Dartz with a fiery passion of hate burning his crimson eyes.

After a bit of fighting and dodging Yugi's sword Yami was able to get the amulet and smash it thus having the spell on Yugi break and getting his memories back.

"Yami?" asked Yugi

"Aibou! Oh Aibou you're free of his control! Oh thank the Gods you're alright, oh Aibou!"

He quickly explained his name was Atem and he had saved him and given up his memory to be near him. But just as they were about to kiss the sun set. His clothes ripped apart in a blinding light and became a jet-black tail again. "Yugi I'm sorry,"

"YES! Your too late little Blackfish! Too Late!" Dartz cackled like a manic as he grabbed the merprince and said, "Sayonara, Little Yugi!" as he dove into the water.

The others quickly went after them to try and save their friend but Yugi stopped Ryou, "Wait your Atem friend right?"


"Then I want to go with you!"

"You can't, Dartz lair is underwater,"

"Get me my puzzle!"

Sky gave him the puzzle as he inserted the last piece and said, "I wish to be the same species as Atem!"

Underwater Atem was fighting with all he had. He was beyond exhausted but he always been very feisty. His friends where doing all they could to fight Dartz lackeys Weevil and Rex. (Still really ugly!)

"Let…Me… Go!" he yelled in vain but Dartz icy grip was firm.

"Uh, Uh. Little Blackfish we made a deal, remember? And by that deal your soul now belongs to me! Fortunately for you it's not you I'm after, I've got much bigger fish to fry little prince!"

"What are you talking about?" he asked with narrow eyes.

"Your going to be fried Dartz!"


The King demanded the release of his son but Dartz only laughed at him. He told him of the deal that had been made three days ago and it had to be honored. Especially since Atem was of royal blood. He hadn't been able to succeed in his end of the deal so rightfully so his soul was now the property of Dartz.

Atem pleaded with his father to forgive him for being so stupid and his father for the first time apologized to him for putting him in this mess. Then the King willingly exchanged his soul for his son. Atem cried as his father's body became lifeless and his soul was now sealed in stone.

He was still weak but he didn't care he began to fight Dartz who was using his powers combined with Aknamkanon powers to trap everyone souls left and right. Soon only Joey, Atem and Bakura remained.

Just as Dartz was about to 86 them a harpoon came out of nowhere and hurt him. It was Yugi! But he had a white tail now! Dartz tried to kill Yugi but Atem stopped him and found how his human aibou had suddenly become aquatic. They got rid of Dartz lackeys but then had to deal with the Great Leviathan!

The creature picked up Atem and held him high in the air and it looked like the end of the world as Dartz had merged himself with the monstrosity. Everything looked doomed as Atem felt like he was going to die Yugi rammed a ship into Dartz killing him but passed out awake on the deck from being out of the water.

Everyone happily embraced one another as their souls found their way back to their bodies. But in all the madness Atem couldn't find his aibou. He began to panicky scream his name out desperate to hear his sweet childlike voice call his name back in return.

They found him dying on the bow of the ship he had used to save them all from Dartz. He wasn't breathing at all. Atem looked helplessly at him not believing after all this he was still going to lose him. Then everyone was greatly surprised when Ryou apparel to be kissing him!

As Yugi woke up Ryou had to explain to everyone especially Bakura that he to do CPR on Yugi who had not been born a merman so his body hadn't learn how to properly use the gills in the tail and the weak lungs above water.

Everyone was happy but then a problem raised as Yugi family came to get him. He had to go back to the land. If he didn't take the throne the kingdom would be soon in flames under the cold hands of the Big Five. But he didn't want to leave his true love his aibou either.

It was Atem's father who came up with a solution. He only admit there was one problem with it.

"What father what is the problem?" asked Atem to his father as they hugged one another tightly.

"How much I'm going to miss you, my son,"

"Prince Yugi I know you'll make my son very happy. Atem if your mother were alive she be very happy as I'm right now,"

Before Atem became human he made Seto the successor on three conditions. One He let Ryou and Bakura come back and go wherever they wanted. Two he open talks between land and sea.

"And my third and finally condition is this. Just go over to Joey and proposed to him already! You're driving me crazy with your pace!"

Seto did all three things as he and his new aibou kissed as Atem and Yugi where married and lived happily ever after! But in real world both Kaiba and Joey where once again puking their guts out luckily with a little magic it was cleaned up quickly!

Nabila returned everyone back to the club and turned to face the grooms smiling. "I hope you enjoyed my gift Pharaoh and Prince. This legend demonstrates that your love is strong and true. Nothing not even being different species could separate you. I hope you are happy in your new life."

"Thank you Nabila we are both pleased by your gift. It was a magnificent gift. Well that should be everything. Yugi and I should be getting ready for our honeymoon on a trip through time," Atem told the young women.

"Uh Atem we might have to put our plans on hold. I think Kisara's water just broke," Yugi said pointing to Kisara who was clutching her side and they could see tell tale signs of water dripping.

"Oh boy. You just had to do this Kaibutt. Make Yugi's and Atem's day all about you," Joey commented.

"I don't control when my wife gives birth idiot!"

"Enough arguing. Here's what were going to do. Mokuba, you call the hospital and see if you can get an ambulance. Spouses of the main gang, please keep the guest out of the way while handling this situation. Joey, Tristian make yourselves useful and help Yugi and Atem move those tables into the Stress Room. Tea, go sterilize a knife for me okay? Hassleberry! Aster! Atticus! Help move Kisara into the Stress Room. Bastion, go find some tablecloths and blankets, Roxy help him out. Syrus, Chazz I need you to boil some water and dampen some cloths. Seto, Kaiba I need you to provide emotional support for Kisara. Alexis, Arianna, and Jaden you get to be my special helpers. We're going to help deliver this baby," Aziza instructed already scrubbing her hands and putting on gloves.

"We are?! But we haven't covered this in health class yet!" Jaden exclaimed.

"Don't they teach you anything, but cards at that school of yours?"

"Not really its Duel Monsters twenty four seven," Arianna replied.

"Maybe you should think about changing the curriculum," Seto suggested as the boys laid a screaming Kisara on the tables. Bastion and Roxy arrived with tablecloths putting them on the table. Chazz came in carrying hot water and Syrus applied a cool compress on Kisara's head before joining the rest of the gang against the wall. Tea rushed in with the sterilized equipment and handed it over to her friend. "Mokuba just got off the phone with the hospital. It will be at least an hour before we get an ambulance here due to the traffic."

"An hour? God I'm ready to have this baby now! Ahhhhhhh! God this it Kaiba, I swear no more kids after this one!" Kisara yelled at him nearly breaking his hand while dealing with the contractions.

"Arianna I need you to coach Kisara through her Lamaze Breathing and pray for some luck. Alexis, I need you and Jaden to help me down here. She's six centimeters dilated and once she's seven then the real fun begins. Well you boys don't just stand there's work to be done! One of you idiots start filming this for Kaiba. Tea, please go tell the guest everything's fine and see if you can't hurry up that ambulance okay? Bastion, Roxy, I need you and your friends to start warming up those blankets. Atem, Yugi get me something resembling an incubator. Syrus, you and Chazz are doing great. Just keep cooling her down."

"Are you sure your even qualified to be a midwife or a doctor for that matter? No offence, but your blind Aziza," Syrus said cautiously. He was trying to stay busy so he won't have to look.

"Secret Keeper Aziza has helped deliver many babies before. She learned the art from her mother. I would trust her with my counterparts child life always," Seto explained gently.

Kisara screamed again as another contraction hit. Kaiba felt his hand breaking and could only watch as Arianna calmly coached the pained lady through her pre labor. "It's going to be okay. Take deep breaths and breath. How we doing down there?"

"Well she's seven centimeters dilated. She can start bearing down. Alexis this is where I need Jaden and yours help the most. I need you to help get the baby out safely and make sure I get all of the placenta understood?"

"Okay no problems. We're ready, by the way what is the baby's sex?" Alexis asked curiously.

"We… didn't… learn.. what… the baby's .. sex.. was," Kaiba gasped as Kisara started to bear down as the first contraction hit. Everyone in the room winced at the sound of her howls reminding them of the Blue Eye's White Dragon screech.

"Get this thing out of me now!" Kisara ordered screaming as she beared down again.

"Millennium Magic don't fail me now. I've got the baby's head. Alexis turn it a bit so I can get the shoulders out. Okay I need one more big push and here it comes, Jaden knife! Alexis get me a blanket. It's a girl! Would you like to cut the cord Dad?" Arianna asked. Kaiba shook his head indicating his hand so Aziza finished the job. The moment she lifted the crying infant into the air Syrus became woozy and fainted. Chazz managed to hold his stomach until he saw his crush covered in the placenta. Then he raced over to a garbage can and began to lose his dinner. "Hmm maybe they should cover Sex Ed in your school. I sense a wonderful life for you little blue eyes. She'll be a lot like the both of you, but have her own unique flair. You can hold her for a few minutes before she goes into the incubator. Have you settled on a name?"

"Yes we have. Her name is Uta Aida Kaiba. Seto I would be honored to name you the child's godfather."

"I would be honored to accept. Now why don't we take this little baby out to greet the guest? We should get her to the hospital to check her over," Seto suggested.

Kaiba nodded and took his daughter in his arms and gazed at her fondly. She had brilliant blue eyes and tuffs of white hair on her head. Smiling he placed her in the incubator and put it on Kisara lap. "Let's go. I promise to drive slowly this time," he said and the others laughed. No one noticed much when a mystery guest walked in and picked Syrus up until he saw it was his brother.

Nabila sang the song "I'll Try" to the newborn and told everyone that the baby name in German meant "Rich" which caused everyone to roll his or her eyes at Kaiba for choosing that name for his child!

Aziza sang the last song one that all need to hear. She sang beautifully "Anytime you need a friend,"

The last song was played over the speakers and it was "It's a New Day"

"Got up this morning on the right side of my bed. With all these crazy thoughts screaming through my head. I can't wait to see what this world holds for me.

Oh it's a new day Oh it's a new day.

And when I see you any time or any place you are the reason for this smile on my face. Because you make me feel all my dreams can be real. Oh it's a new day. Oh it's a new day.

It feels so good to be alive even if a little rain should fall. Cause ever moment brings a new surprise to us all. Oh it's a new day, oh it's a new day, oh it's a new day, oh it's a new day.

Here in you I've found a friend you'll be with me till the end,

Oh, it's a new day!"

The GX kids said their good byes to all their new friends and headed back to school knowing they have lots of new friends to email. After a fantastic summer vacation and dealing with a stressful Junior year with lots of changes they found a strange email asking them to come back to Domino City or more precisely the hospital.

When they arrived it was Christmas and the city was decorated. Once they entered the hospital room all of them just stopped and stared. There were all their friends by a hospital bed with Aziza resting comfortably in it. She looked exhausted and her hair was plastered to the bed, but she was smiling triumphantly. Sitting down in some chairs by the bed were Atem and Yugi. What made the GX gang gasp was each young man held a small infant in their arms that looked strangely like them. "Okay I'm just going to come out and ask. What is going on here?" Jaden demanded.

"Glad you could make it. I just wanted to introduce you to my twins. One twin's father is Atem and the other twin's father is Yugi. There some technical term for something like this, but the name escapes me," Aziza explained.

"Your saying that you had you know what with both guys here? Why in the world would you do that? There gay!" Chazz pointed out.

"We wanted to have children and adoption just wasn't an option. Under the unique circumstances we live under and the fact that Atem was born over five thousand years ago. Aziza has always protected our hearts so she volunteered to be the mother of our children," Yugi said playing with the infant girl in his arms. Atem smiled as he played with the little boy that was his.

"What are their names?" Syrus asked.

"My daughter's name comes from all the mothers. Her full name is Aziza Ashita Samira Moto, but I think we'll call her Z.Z. for short.

"Cool! What the boy name?" asked Jaden as he looked at the infant that like his sister and "fathers" had that trademark hair.

"We would like it if you would allow us to honor our son by giving him your name, Jaden," Atem asked him politely. For a few moments he was quite then exclaimed happily.

"Sure that be wicked!"

"Then his name shall be Jaden Aknamkanon Solomon Moto or Jay for short. The new Prince and Princess of Egypt,"

Later that night after everyone had gone home Yugi was looking at the full moon. He was thinking deep thoughts he didn't hear his husband come in.

"Yugi you ok?"

"Atem," he said with a smile "I'm the luckiest man alive. I've all ever wanted and there is nothing more I could ask for. You make all my dreams come true, I love you Atem my friend, brother and eternal aibou,"

"As I do, Yugi Moto, my friend, brother and eternal aibou,"

As the kissed in the light of the silver of the moon only it turned gold and became the Eye emblem and twinkled happily on the two beautiful souls of these aibous.

The End