There was a line at the end of "Croatoan," where Dean stated that he wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Well, the wheels in my head started to spin, and this little baby came about.

Summary: The end of the series. Dean finally gets to see the Grand Canyon.

Warning: Incredibly minor spoilers for Croatoan

Discalimer: If the show were mine, Dean would have died and come back a hundred times by now. No, kripke and the nice folks at the CW own the show, and Dean lives on.


It was over. The demon was dead, shot through the heart with the recently reconvicted Colt. It had been a hard battle, scarring both body and mind. Crippling blows had been taken and terrible words had been said. But it was gone, and Sam Winchester had never been happier.

They were walking out of the warehouse and into foreboding darkness. Sammy had a new spring in his step. He could go back to school, finally, and just try to be another Average Joe.

He could hear Dean's footfalls behind him. He knew the older man had been injured, knew that the demon had tried to rip into him again like he had in that cabin so many years before. But Dean was strong, and walking on his own. Breathing on his own. His only complaint was of a dull pain in his chest, but that was probably nothing.

And then, Dean's footfalls stopped.


Two weeks. It had been two long, painfully agonizing weeks since the demon's demise and Dean's second heart attack. Things were slowly getting better.

Sam had felt uncomfortable driving all the way out here with Dean riding shot-gun. Dean usually drove. Sammy was the one who got to lay his head on the window and doze, but not this trip. This trip was special. This trip was different.

A long time ago, Dean had mentioned wanting to see the Grand Canyon. Now they were finally doing it.

Sam stared at the breath-taking drop, clutching the ceramic jar with the protective necklace looped around it close to his chest. He didn't want to let go, didn't want to say those few words that hurt the most, but he didn't have a choice. It had to be done. It was what Dean wanted.

"Well," Sam muttered as he opened the ornate jar and tears filled his eyes, "we finally made it, man." He let the crisp wind take his brother's ashes.