Hey everyone! This is my new story. It's gonna be filled with drama. Of course and it will get deep. At least in my opinion. Last, this story is gonna take place in the old days, but I might add some 21st century language in here. Why? Because I can and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. :P

The Prince and Me

By: Chery D.

I don't own Naruto

Chapter 1: Memories

Beta-d by: BrokenHeartSaints

She reflected on her past, while she sat on the soft black silk sheets. The guards secured all the exits. After a long struggle, she knew she had no other choice but to submit.

"Remain strong…" is what she heard in her head. She cringed at her mother's voice. "I wish you were still here." is what she silently prayed

She heard the bedchamber's door open and there stood the cause of all her troubles. She couldn't help but think of that day. The day that brought her here to this hell on Earth.

It started out as a beautiful day in the Nano village just outside of the Kingdom of Konoha. The sun has risen and the parrots screeched. This sound would have been utterly annoying if you were awaken because of the noise, but that wasn't the case for Sakura. Today was her birthday. Her 16th one to be exact. She couldn't sleep at all during the night. Too many things were going on. She felt excited, nervous, and scared, all rolled up into one. Today was THE day.

She sat down in the ceremonial Kimono she was given. She was a graceful 5"10, milk colored, long pink haired, green eyed young lady. She out shone the rest of the ladies that were waiting in their kimono. Her kimono was pure white, with vines embroidered around the neck area, the arm area, and the bottom. The green was the same shade as her eyes. The sash around her waist was a pink that matched her hair.

They were all waiting to presented to the group of village noble men and warriors. For it was today, on her birthday, that the Paring Ceremony would be held. She was to be wedded later on in the year, but today the entire village will know whom her future husband will be. And today, one of the nobles or warriors will choose her to be their wife.

Yesterday, Fugaku got word that the Nano village will be holding the Paring ceremony. They would be too preoccupied in their preparations and they could catch them off guard. He will finally get the village without much effort…and maybe a "toy" for his son's birthday.

He was upset. No, pissed. He didn't want to be on this goddamn horse, in this goddamn heat, on his goddamn birthday. He was beyond pissed. He was merciless. He still didn't know why he had to come with his father (The king and famous strategist) on his conquest to capture the pathetic little village. "You'll need the experience." is what his father said. But the king said it with a humorous undertone, which made the prince know he was lying. "He's up to something." he thought.

He carried a stoic expression on his face, which was so common that those who knew of the prince just thought it made him more handsome. To say handsome is an understatement. He was gorgeous. He was flawless. He was 6 ft exactly. Raven hair and eyes to match. Pale skin and a fit, muscular physic that wasn't too much.

The princesses, ladies, and other female nobles, wanted him to court them, but he gave no interest in any of them. "Mindless, pampered twits." is what he called them. He knew one day that he would have to produce an heir to the throne with someone, but he wanted to have a queen who had her own opinions. A strong-minded woman. A beauty. But most of all, someone who loved him for him, not because of his title.

"How can it be this hot when the sun is not even up yet!" he snapped. He was sweaty, hot, and needed some water (But, damn did he look good anyway). He didn't want to be here. "Go get some water for the prince" the king said to a soldier riding on the king's left. "And Sasuke my son, please stay quiet. We want to surprise the enemy, not deafen them." He said and laughed at his own joke.

Prince Sasuke's eye twitched out of annoyance. Only his father could make a joke just as they were going into battle. He could see the village now. There was a crowd of people around some sort of arena. The people were to wrapped up into what they were doing to even notice them. It was a perfect opportunity. It was time.

Sakura jumped when one of the village's elders called her name, so she can be presented. She got up gracefully, walked silently to the front of the stage and waited patiently until the elder finished speaking.

She saw the chief's youngest son, Thani, rise and proclaim, "I want her hand in marriage." She cringed when he said that. It wasn't that he was ugly. He was okay looking. It was that he was a bastard and had a nasty ass attitude. She simply couldn't understand how a 17-year old boy, could be such a jackass. She thought jackassyness came with age, but he proved her wrong.

What happened next was unbelievable. The chief's 19-year old son, Kamau, proclaim, "I too, want Sakura as my wife." She was shocked. Kamau never talked. I mean never. Why in the world would he start now? Everyone started murmuring and the brothers glared at one another. You could see the obvious disgust and contempt in both of their eyes.

She saw the elders crowd into a circle. She could hear bits and pieces of their conversation like, "He will be the chief soon. He will need a wife to bear the next heir." and, "But Thani asked first." She hated that everyone was looking at her and turned to where the elders gathered. She saw nods exchanged by the elders. The elder that has been speaking for the entire ceremony went up to the crowd and said "Sakura's paring will be settled later." That could only mean one thing. Sakura was gonna be fought for. That hasn't happened since her mother's paring ceremony. To be fought for, was one of the greatest honors. But, to be fought for by the two most powerful men after the chief, was the greatest honor for a woman. She inwardly smiled at this thought.

Sasuke just sighed at how easy it was going to be to capture the village. The Nano people were too preoccupied with what seemed as if a duel. The army general signaled, and it was time to go.

Sakura sat next to the village chief, with her mother and father on her left. She held her mother's hand tight. She was scared for the two boys… more specifically Kamau. He could get seriously hurt. Thani was a better nin-jutsu and taijutsu user, but Kamau was a brilliant strategist. The battle was going to be interesting… but she wished Kamau would… he wasn't as much as jackass as Thani.

The fight was going to begin, but the proctor of the match never even signaled. "Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu!" someone yelled. There was an ear-splitting scream and the proctor fell down face forward. There was a hole where his heart was. The women started gathering their children and running to safety. The men ran to the king's ninjas trying to fight with their mediocre jutsus. It wasn't as though the village produced horrible ninjas, it was that most of them drained their energy while celebrating earlier. The villagers were overpowered, preoccupied, and outnumbered. So they ran.

Sakura's father said his, "I love yous", and ran off to fight. After all, her was a ninja. Sakura's mother grabbed her daughter's hand they ran. They didn't care that they was getting dirty, but they ran… but weren't fast enough.

Sakura suddenly felt the hand in her hand suddenly grow limp. She stopped when she felt her mother's hand go limp. She turned around to see her mother's body on the floor and one of the king's ninja fastly approaching her.

"Mother!" she screamed through her tears. She bent down to hold onto her mother. "No, no, no! Please don't leave me. Please stay with me. I need you. Please don't go." She wailed through her tears. She felt strong arms grab her and pull her away from her dying mother.

"No! Let me go" she yelled ferociously. She was pissed off. She saw her mother move and face her and say, with what seemed as if her last breath, "Remain strong, my little blossom. I will always love you." she said, and Sakura watched as her mother died. The ninjas becoming frustrated with her fighting them back, they sent a wave of chakra through their fingers into her neck and she blacked out.

Sasuke watched as a ninja placed the last of the captured people into one of the cages. He had to admit to himself that today wasn't a complete waste of time. He got a good work out and it didn't take all day to capture the weaklings. He just wanted to get home and relax, but he knew that would never happen. His mother would have something at the palace waiting for him. He just hoped it wasn't a ball.

The party got to the kingdom around dusk. Fugaku ordered the slaves be put into the holding pen and ordered them to be sold off to the some of the hidden villages the next day. Sasuke just looked away and started to head to the palace so he could just soak in his bath. Just as he turned on his horse to set off, the king ordered him to wait.

He let out a frustrated groan. "What is it father!" he said a bit too angrily than he meant. He was frustrated and tired. His father would just have to deal with it. Even if he is the king.

"Now, now my son. Stay calm. I just wanted to give you your birthday present." his father said with a smile.

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow. "Give me a present. Here? In this filth?"

"Yes! Come, come." His father said with a devious smile and got off his horse and motioned for his son to follow. Sasuke knew he had to follow, so he got off his high horse and began walking while muttering a few choice words under his breath.

Sakura looked around where she was held captive. They had stripped her of her clothes and given her a filthy sack to cover her self. She ripped the sack into a design she was more comfortable in. It looked like a halter-top dress thing. It was tied around her neck, covered her chest, stomach, and down to mid thigh. It barely covered her buttocks region. She was pissed. No beyond pissed. Merciless.

She had awoken an hour ago, to find herself in this holding pen. She looked around, to see only women. She could only recognize only a few. They were probably the ones who just surrendered without a fight or weren't fast enough to get away…like her. The image of her dying mother flashed into her head and she almost started to cry again, but remembered her mother's words and chocked own those tears. She wasn't gonna cry.

"I will remain strong." she thought to herself, and then made her face into a stoic expression.

Sasuke followed his father as he led him to the holding pen where he kept the slaves to be sold off in the market. The king stopped in front a particular pen where he noticed that there were only female slaves. The king faced his son and said, "For your birthday, I will allow you to choose one of these slaves as a bedmate."

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow and gave his father a stupid look. "Is he serious?" he thought.

The king then added as though reading his son's mind, "And yes I'm serious. It's a tradition in our family for the males to get a bedmate on their 17th birthday. They are… practice."

The raven was speechless. He had this stupid dumb look on his face.

"Do I have to?" he asked.

"Of course! It's a right of passage. You didn't expect to get married as a virgin, did you?" his father proclaimed loudly.

He turned around to see the guards snickering, and gave them his famous death glare. They instantly stopped. He turned back to his father.

"I hate you sometimes." he said darkly.

"And you act like such a child sometimes. We are even." his father said with a triumphant smirk.

And with that he knew he was defeated. He turned his head towards the pen again.

"Urgh, this is so wrong." He scanned the pen looking at the various slaves. If he was going to have to choose, he didn't want a tanned one… that eliminated basically ¾ of the pen. His eyes stopped at a certain milk skinned slave. It wasn't her skin that intrigued him the most, but her eyes. They were the most memorizing green he had ever seen. She looked like she was deep in thought and had a stoic face. He knew if she actually smiled, she would look like a goddess.

He pointed to her and said, "Fine, I want her."

"Get your hands off of me, you bastard!" Sakura screamed at the top of her lungs, causing everyone in the pen to cover their ears. She felt a hard smack land on her cheek, and she cried out in pain.

Sasuke felt a tug in his chest and yelled to the guard, "Hey! Be careful. I don't like damaged goods." he said with an evil undertone.

Sakura just kept thinking of what this guy had the nerve to say. "Goods! Since when did I become some sort of property?" she was starting to get feisty.

She was going to say something, but a hand held her mouth. "Bow to your new master… the Prince Uchiha Sasuke." he ordered, while pushing her to the ground.

The guard let go of her mouth and she yelled with her fury, "I hope you choke and die!" The guard was going to slap her one more time, but was stopped by the prince himself.

"Like I said. I don't like damaged goods. Take her to my chambers." He smirked at his new "toy" liking her strong attitude, and left.

She reflected on her past, while she sat on the soft black silk sheets. The guards secured all the exits. After a long struggle, she knew she had no other choice but to submit.

"Remain strong…" is what she heard in her head. She cringed at her mother's voice. "I wish you were still here." is what she silently prayed

She heard the bed chamber's door open and there stood the cause of all her troubles. Prince Sasuke.

He was dressed in the same yakata, that sort of matched the one she was forced to wear. It felt like some sort of cotton that was way more comfortable than the sack she was given. They bathed her and put all types of perfumes, oils, and lotions onto her skin and hair. She was to be "presentable" for the prince.

Sakura rubbed her wrists to soothe grooves from the chains that had held her captive.. They branded her with the royal seal to symbolize royal property. She was also smacked around when she tried to escape twice, but all the pain faded when she got bathed. She had to be strong, to get what she wanted. Her freedom...and dignity.

Prince Sasuke slowly walked to the bed and climbed on top of her. She was going to push the man off, but he gripped her wrists over her head, and started nibbling on her earlobes. He whispered the most shocking words ever.

"Now, now my pet. I'm…"