Night on the Mire

As Twig lay there on the Mire, he felt the warn Mire air blowing through his hair. The sun had just begun to set and Twig felt movement beside him as Maugin sat down. He watched her as she moved very carefully; he could tell that her leg still hurt from the fall. "What a beautiful night." Twig said to her. Maugin looked at him and said "Well I think it's kind of creepy. All this open space." She shuddered as she said the last word.

"I think it's because of your Termagant blood. You long for an underground world. All this space is too much for you. It doesn't make you feel safe." Twig told her. Maugin looked at him and smiled. "Your smart then anyone gives you credit for, you know. How is it that you can tell all those things about me?" She said to him.

Twig smiled in spite of himself. "Well it's not hard. It's the same way I felt when I was in the Wood troll village. I loved my foster parents but I always felt different from everyone. It was the fact that Skysailing is in my blood and the open sky is where I truly feel I belong." Twig sighed and turned away from Maugin. Even thought he knew she'd understand, he just couldn't help the thought that no place will ever feel like a home to him, except the Sky.

"Well, I know how you feel, Twig. It's the same way I feel when ever I think of how proud my mother would have been, on my Coming of age day. It makes me sad to think of her standing there all proud and loyal and ready to have me join the women who the Termagant Togs and drink from the mother Blood-oak. When ever I close my eyes at night I see, her face and think of how she must have felt when I never showed up." Maugin let out a cry and put her hands on her face. "She never got to see me as an adult, and I'll never see her." She cried and Twig puts his arm around her.

"Don't cry Maugin. You shouldn't worry about past. Never dwell on things that could have happen." He told her as he cradled her head in his arms. "Everything will turn out for the best. Were going to fix this ship and fly to Sanctaphrax, and give the Stormphrax to the Professor of Darkness and then…well who knows. But your got to keep your head high and don't dwell in never made memories." Twig said and he lifted her head to look to her eyes.

"Remember, you have me now and well be able to make it, together." Twig said to her. Maugin looking into his eyes forced a smiled through her tears. "Oh Twig you're the nicest person I've ever known, a part from your father of course. I wish you'd had more time to see how much you're like him and how much you look like your mother. They were so nice to me, when they saved me from the slavers. I wish I could have done more for them, to repay them you know?"

Twig winced at the mention of his father. The words that Maugin just spoke cut him like a sharp knife. He tried to hide his tears from Maugin but her were still coming and he felt that he did have to hide this from her. "I wish I'd had a chance to learn more from him. I guess it's the same way for you and your mother." He said and stifled a sob.

Maugin looked into his eyes and repeated his words. "'Don't dwell in never made memories'" she told him with a shy smile. Twig looked Maugin in the eyes again and said "We I have you and you have me and I wouldn't want it any other way, right now." Maugin smiled and said "Were lucky in that at least."

"Yes" Twig said. And he broke Maugin's gaze and they looked up into the sky. "Look a shooting star!" Maugin said excitedly. Twig followed her finger to the sky. "Make a wish" she said softly into his ear.

"I already did." He said, with that he kissed her softly on the lips. And they held each other thought the warm Mire night.