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This fic was dedicated to a friend of mine. Enjoy!

No grandmother, I have not gone mad.

I just returned home and already you've suspected something off about me. I can never get pass you, can I?

It's nothing. Honestly…

Alright, alright. If you insist.

Only moments before, I stood above the stream near the park where we had a picnic last week. I had met… a boy. The most peculiar boy I had met…. You want the whole story? Grandmother, can't you leave it at that?

The ground was wet and muddy. My legs were cold. Yes, I should have listened to you and wore something warmer. Do you want me to continue or not?

Right. My legs were cold. I held my recently bought umbrella over my head and was returning home. As I crossed the bridge, I saw a shape slouched to the side of the bridge. People walked in wide circles away from it, as if it were a disease.

Curiousity killed the cat, right grandmother? But satisfaction brought it back.

I cautiously held my umbrella over it, examining it as I did so. It was a male. He was a blond, an amazing shade. Not like mine, I would chop mine off the moment you'd let me. I always hated my hair, too bright, too cheerful, too much like a golden goose egg's. His, however, was the shade of bronze. The metal was too underappreciated. Gold is blinding and fawned over. Silver is too gray and sharp. Bronze, its colour calming to the eye and its welcoming feel…

Sorry, back to the story.

He trailed his eyes up to mine… and by every existing god, I melted. They captured me, held me in its grasp like a bear to honey. They were so depthless and so powerful. And yet… they were empty. Like no soul resided within the body before me.

I immediately offered my hand. My life. My protection. Anything for him.

Grandmother, you make me laugh so! Magic doesn't exist. He had no spell over me… Guess what he said to me then.

"It depends, are you sawing it off or biting it off?" Yes, he said that! Stop laughing at me! He said it in the most controlled and smoothest voice I have ever heard.

And when he stood… he came up to my chin. Yes this tall! But he held himself as if he were the tallest of buildings, such pride and confidence. Do I really sound like I'm mocking him? Hush now, he looked like one of those state alchemists whom would 'punish'me if I ridiculed.

He asked many questions. Yet when I inquired him, he kept to himself and answered with questions. He even called me a fair maiden!

Grandmother, don't do that. It makes you look like a girl flattering her fiancé.

Did I mention he had an auto mail leg and arm? It was well crafted, nothing compared to what you make, of course. So when it seemed to be the end of our short meeting, he collapsed! Turns out his auto mail leg was twisted in an odd direction and dented in a few places. I touched it up with no problems at all. While doing this, he turned away like a spiteful child. It was quite adorable.

Yes, I touched his leg. No, I didn't touch that far up! Have some chastity, grandmother!

How did you know I—I did not! When did it happen, you say? Drat, I fear I have water clogging my ear. Hold on… When did I kiss him? How did you know?

My lips?


Promise you won't tell anyone? Well, first… he touched my cheek. His eyes bore into mine and leaned in close. Dear Lord, this is mortifying, telling your grandmother how your first kiss went…

His lips… were cold. Chillingly and beautifully smooth, so promising it was.

He left. He didn't say another word. I called after him, asking for his name. I saw his mouth move; I saw the breath escape his velvety lips I kissed moments before. I-I… the rain caught the words.

Is that dinner I smell, grandmother? Race you to the kitchen! Move those old legs!


I know the name of my acquaintance. I didn't tell grandmother that through the pattering rainfall, I heard the soft, self-assured baritone whisper two syllables,


Yes...that was it. Haha, thinking of an actual sequel for her next birthday. Hope you liked it.

Best Wishes