Dean's Past Lives

I do not own anything you recognize…

Well, reincarnation will one day be addressed on everybody's favorite show, but until then: I couldn't help myself. I had to give the boys some past lives.

This is five chapters long and the sixth will be Dean being… well, Dean. :)

Sam's will be up soon!


Dean's Past Lives: Chapter One

Before there was Dean, there was Zeus.

Zeus was a god. Not just any god, he was the god of all gods. He ruled Mount Olympia.

He also had many mistresses. And lived in a time before birth control. So guess who had many children?

Zeus was fond of beauty. He was fond of it greatly, especially since Zeus himself was beautiful. And so, he was a tad bit vain.

And though it was thought Zeus could never die. It was thought that Zeus would rule forever with his big thunderbolt in the sky.

But that wasn't true. Because he had his demise. One day, after he had relations with a maiden named Marika, he contracted a disease – a God, awful disease.

And that's what sent him to his grave.

But Zeus, like all gods and humans alike, had to move on.

So he went to the next life.