Dean's Past Lives

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Dean's Past Lives: Chapter Six

After there was Zeus, after there was the Chevy and battered housewife, after there was the priest and Elvis, there was Dean Winchester.

Dean Winchester was all the greats rolled into one.

Cocky and protective. Smart yet so dumb. A hunter and protector. Brother and son. "God's gift to women."

He was it all. Rolled into one.

And he wouldn't parish in the crossfire. No, he was too good for that. He would survive. He would survive until one day, his job was over.

And that's when he'd crossover. To his mother. To his father.

His job on Earth would be finished.

He did his good. He did everything he was meant to, then some.

And he was one of the brightest spirits. Spirits' souls are based on how bright they are. Dean's was so bright… it reminded you of the sun. Heck, it was so bright that even Death had trouble touching it to get it to move on.

But Dean knew which way to go. He was a good guy. He was ready.

Ready to depart this world, and join the next.

So Dean Winchester fulfilled his life's destiny and moved on to the other side.

Hope the ending wasn't too bad. Hope you liked!

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