Sam's Past Lives

I do not own anything you recognize…

Well, reincarnation will one day be addressed on everybody's favorite show, but until then: I couldn't help myself. I had to give the boys some past lives.

This is five chapters long and the sixth will be Sam being… well, Sam. :)

Dean's is already up on my account!


Sam's Past Lives: Chapter One

Before Sam was Sam, he was Albert Einstein.

Brilliant. Smart. Famous.

He created laws. He created… anything.

He researched until he could no longer keep his eyes open. And he was just… brilliant. He went down in history.

He was an over achiever and dedicated his life to one thing: knowledge.

And God, Albert was often ridiculed.

But he was the definition of genius.

Unfortunately, Einstein's life must come to an end so another one can begin.

And so he died and started his next journey through time.