Title: Sam's Past Lives

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After Sam was a genius, after he was a puppy and a goose and a Wendigo, after Samantha, he was Samuel Winchester.

He was everything anyone could want.

Smart, popular, mature: thanks to Albert. Loyal and cute and happy thanks to Rocky.

Picket fence dreams and Jessica as his soul mate courtesy of the geese world. And unfortunately, he has the ability to be evil from that Wendigo, who also gave him powers such as precognition and telekinesis.

Samantha gave him Dean as a brother, emotions that he actually feels, and his love of cats. Oh, and of course his name.

Sam used all of that in his current life.

He did his best, strived for perfection at Stanford, only to be thrown into the world of Wendigos and yellow eyed demons.

And he won the battle with Dean by his side.

While Dean took that time to parish, he went on: became a law abiding lawyer, homeowner, husband, father.

Once his life filled the potential cauldron, causing his spirit to shine, he moved on. Went home to John and Mary and Dean.

And honestly, he can say he's as happy there as he was on the physical plane.

Thanks for reading! Sorry it took so long to finish!

Hope you enjoyed!