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Alina sat in the back corner of the class room, alone and ostracized as was normal. She sat in her desk with her knees up balancing out her notebook; she doodled aimlessly around the poem she had just finished. Her long hair fell to her hips in a thick waterfall of ebony strands. Her bangs parted unevenly, one chunk jaggedly cut covering her eye, the other thinner side framing the other side of her face. She had pale skin and bright silver-grey eyes. Her lips were full and held a naturally darker shade of pink, almost red tint. She was easily 5'8, 5'9, and full figured. Her hips were full and her butt sculpted and bubbly. Her chest was busty and firm, she was a drop dead gorgeous girl. But no one would see that. All they saw was what she unintentionally did, it wasn't her fault she was born different, the things she did were out of her control- they really were! Why couldn't anyone see that?

She no longer wondered these thoughts; instead she immersed herself in books and plays, music, dance, and art. She was sarcastic and bitter and held herself with an air of pure predatorial power. No one approached her, not even the teachers. She only had her mom, and her crazy grandfather. He came to visit her every once and a while, but he lived all the way in England so she understood his reasons. Her mother and father were British, but something had happened between them and they split before she was even three months in her mother's womb. Her father, she snorted. He damaged her life in so many ways, but what bothered her more than that was how he treated her mom. Her mom still loved the jack hole! Even though she left the country and moved them out to Canaan, Pennsylvania, she still loved him.

"Ms. Daniels, if you please. Front and center." Her teacher addressed her.

She lifted her eyes form her work and looked at her teacher from under her bangs, the class was looking at her, and her teacher waited impatiently tapping his foot.

"What?" she asked calmly.

He huffed," The office needs you for a moment."

She got up and walked lethargically toward the front o f the class.

"Sometime before Christmas please, I still have a history class to teach here."

"And you seem to be doing a fabulous job, just look at all these grades." She sneered noticing she was the only one who actually passed.

He glared at her back as she walked out of the room. He assumed she was far from ear shot when he muttered under his breath, "Damn kid, and her psycho family."

The corner of Alina's eye twitched slightly and the maps he had pulled out snapped and quickly rolled back up, snapping at his fingers in their progress. He cursed and the class jumped, he swiveled around and looked at Alina, from the look in her eyes he knew she heard him; he gulped and quickly closed the door.

She smirked internally and walked down the long hall of lockers; the front office was located a little ways down from her class. When she arrived she opened the door and all conversations stopped, she looked around the room, the secretary was standing with a girl she'd never seen before, and living in a town of three hundred people, she would have met her by now. The girl was slight of build, not terribly attractive but by no means ugly. She had mousy brown hair that was cut short in the back, leaving strips of her think bangs long. The back of her hair was spiked and her and bangs straightened. It was a good look for her, her black rimmed glasses fell slightly down her nose giving her a cute librarian sort of look. She wore modest jeans and a black baby-tee.

"Ah, here she is." The secretary walked over to her, and motioned for the girl to follow. "She'll give you a tour of the campus and show you where your classes and locker are."

The girl held her hand out, "Hi, I'm Kelsey."

Alina reached out and took the paper from the secretary; she glanced at it then turned around and called over her shoulder, "Your lockers this way."

The girl looked slightly put out but followed her. They walked in silence for a long period of time before the girl hesitantly spoke,

"So…what'd you do to make them put you on as tour guide?"

She looked back at her and looked forward again, "Got A's."

"Cool." She said quietly. "So-what is there to do here?"

Alina stopped in front of a locker and handed her the slip. When the girl took it she looked at Alina quizzically. Alina sighed and held up a hand to a locker.

"Make sure it works."

"Oh, right!" Kelsey began turning the dial and tried to initiate more conversation. "So I moved here from new port, don't really have any friends."

"That makes two of us." Alina said grimily.

"Maybe we could help each other out then?" she asked unsuccessfully fiddling with the lock.

Alina pushed her aside unceremoniously and entered the combination, the door was jammed, but with some elbow grease and freak powers she broke off the rust that had jammed the mechanism inside the door.

"Help yourself." She started walking away.

"Hey, wait-"Kelsey watched her retreating back, but distinctly heard her say, 'don't want to be seen with a freak'. She pondered at her cryptic words, but the bell rang and soon students pooled into the hallway.

She waited at her locker fiddling with her paper not sure what to do.

"Hey, do you need help?" a blonde girl next to her locker asked nicely. Kelsey smiled and nodded.

"I just moved here, and I'm not sure where to go."

The girl took her schedule and held out her hand, "I'm Tiffany Rivers."

"Kelsey Fowler."

"Here, you're with me. Mrs. Tintle's class, Foreign Language sucks huh?"

They laughed and walked together down the hallway to a door on their left. Tiffany held the door open for Kelsey and showed her the table where her friends sat. There were already two guys there, both very attractive.

"Hey TJ" Tiffany waved.

"Hey Tiff how was-Hello!" he said looking at Kelsey, "who's this then?"

"This is Kelsey Fowler. Kels this is TJ. She just moved here." She added sitting down,

Kelsey was beaming at the new found nic name and sat down with them.

"So, I definitely would have remembered you." TJ said

"Yeah, where have you been?" the other guy asked leaning back looking at her.

"Um, lost." she replied blushing.

"Don't they give you a tour guide though?" TJ asked

"She was…less than helpful."

"Yeah, I found her alone by my locker." Tiffany supplied.

"What? Who'd they send?" He asked shocked

"Well, I actually don't know her name. She was, beautiful, really beautiful. She had long dark hair and these amazing eyes, and, and…" she noticed the way they were cringing. "What?"

"Did she wear all black?"

"Built like a game show hostess?"

"Kinda' bitchy?"

When she nodded yes to all they sighed. "Sounds like-"

Just as tiffany was about to tell her the door opened and the object of their conversation entered. She strode in handing a late pass to the teacher and all but stalking to the table in the back of the room, which just so happened to be by the one they were sitting at.

"That's her," Kels said nodding subtly in Alina's direction.

"Alina Daniels." They whispered.

"The freak!" TJ laughed

"Hey that's not very nice!" Kels said surprised at their sudden change in behavior. They seemed so nice she thought.

"No, you don't understand, she is!"

"Yeah no kidding, she's got this weird old grandpa' that comes down from England on holidays. He wears bright purple pin stripped suits!" Tiffany said lowering her voice as well.

"I think he's a pedophile! He's always got candy in his pockets and stuff-"

"Man no!" TJ said nudging him, "One time my little sister was playin' outside, she wandered off too far into town, and she got lost. He found her and took her home, and of course she wanted her new friend to stay, so she cried till mom invited him to dinner. Next thing I know, they're in her room drinking tea and talking about unicorns and fairies! Old guy just sitting there talkin' like he actually knows the stuff! Got her all excited. He's weird no doubt, but he's harmless."

"So she's got a weird grandfather and an attitude problem? And you guys treat her like a leper?"

"You don't even know?" tiffany asked shaking her head, "about her dad?"

"No." She said huddling closer.

"Her old man is this famous English serial killer!" TJ said excited. Kels gasped

"Yeah, he killed like a hundred people, got 'em locked away on some fuckin' island out in the middle of no where!"

"Yeah," his friend added, "not even any guards, too dangerous, his food and stuff's gotta be airlifted in and out."

She let that sink in for a minute then said, "But still, wouldn't you have an attitude problem growing up with that? It sounds to me like you guys are judging her based on her family and not her character."

They shook their heads. Tiffany looked as if she was trying to find a comparable example for something. "You ever see that movie 'Carey'?" she asked.

"Where she kills her whole school?"

"Yeah, she's like that! Weird stuff happens around her. Like today in history, the teacher made her mad, and as he was pulling down the map she made it flip up and snap on his hand!"

Kelsey scoffed, "that's happened to me before, those things always do that!"

"Yeah, and do window panes rattle themselves, and desks flip themselves over too?" TJ asked.

"Well, no."

"Well, apparently here they do."

"At least when she's around."

The rest of the period was spent in silence. Kelsey couldn't focus on a thing the teacher said and barely was able to comprehend the bell ringing. Tiffany and TJ had to practically pull her physically from her reverie. They walked to their lockers, which were conveniently by each others, and talked idly amongst themselves.

"Who speaks German anyway?" Kelsey asked.

"Alina." They both answered at once.


"That girl speaks like four languages." Tiffany said putting her books in her locker.

"Five if you count demonic." TJ muttered. He jumped suddenly grabbing his hand as if it had been severely burned.

"Are you alright?" a sarcastic voice asked.

They all flinched when they came face to face with Alina.

"Hey," Tiffany offered weakly.

Alina glanced at her but turned her attention to TJ,

"You might want to put a bandage on that cut." She said

"What cut?" he asked nervously. Even as he looked at his hand a cut seemed to appear on the palm of his hand. He hissed in pain and looked around him, but Alina was gone.

"Come on, we'd better go before she comes to finish you off. Kels we'll see you later." Tiffany said rushing off.

Kelsey nodded distractedly. All these symptoms seemed very familiar. She got an idea in her head and chased off after Alina. She ran out of the doors and looked around, she caught sight of black hair walking around the corner to the cross walk and ran after it. When she came around the corner there was no one there, she jumped and cried out when she felt a hand grab her shoulder roughly from behind.

"Looking for me?" Alina asked

"Yes how did-"

"It's a gift, or a curse, depending. What do you want?"

"To talk to you." Kels said breathing deep.

"So talk. Unless of course, you want to reaffirm the rumors you were told last block?"

Kelsey had the grace to blush and looked away, "You heard that huh?"

"Nothing I haven't heard before, actually it was pretty mild to what normally circulates around here."

"Well, in a way yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that. Is it true?" she asked gingerly

"Mostly, as far as I know." Alina said just as stoic as the start of the conversation.

"I'm sorry, I-"

"Oh please spare me!" Alina scoffed, "look if you're here for charity I suggest you turn around, I neither want nor need your pity."

"I just wanted to-"

"Help? You wanna' play nanny get a kid, you want to fix something, go find something that's actually broken, you want to play priest I suggest you choose another patient, you don't have the means to exercise my demons." Alina growled

"Believe it or not I know what it is to be different!"

Alina crossed her arms over her chest and waited bored.

"The things that happen, you make them happen don't you? Its not rumors, you have powers?"

Alina rolled her eyes, "I don't have time for this." She pushing passed her.

"You're a witch aren't you?" Kelsey called.

Alina stopped, she turned walking up to the girl angrily, Kelsey began backing up, but she only backed herself into a wall. Alina was inches in front of her face one hand on the wall behind her head, eliminating her escape.

"What would you know about?" she spat

"My family is magical. My father is one of the greatest Wizards in all of the America."

Alina looked at her, she was dead serious. She pulled away from the girl and laughed.

"Sure, and that's why your going here?" she asked incredulously.

"I'm a squib. Like I said I know what it means to be different." She said softly.

Alina looked confused, she opened her mouth to ask something when the bell for school rang, signaling the start of after school activities. Alina quickly looked at her watch and her eyes shot open, she looked up at Kelsey and turned and ran. Kelsey called after her but she was gone. Damn, she is fast! Kelsey thought watching her all but fly down the street.

She shook her head and wandered over to the parking lot, she would have to wait another ten minutes before her host family would pick her up. She slid down a near by wall and mulled over the events of the day. This may not be so bad after all she thought.

Alina pumped her legs, how could she be so selfish, she nearly forgot all about her mom. She breathed in fire but kept up at the same speed, she was late enough as was, and she couldn't waste a minute. Her small blue shack of a house came into view; she slowed down enough to hop the first four steps to her porch and nearly slammed into the front door. She flung it open and rushed inside.

"Mommy?" she called out.

"In here darlin'!" a soft British voice called from the living room. She took off her shoes and walked slowly into the dark room.

It had a small oval shaped rug on the floor; they had mustard brown carpet and a nice leather sofa. A rather good entertainment set up, a nice TV and video players. The fire place in the corner was blazing, casting an orange glow around the room. It was cozy and warm, the way her mom liked it.

"How was your day love?" she asked from under a pile of blankets on the couch.

"It was fine, how was yours?"

"Just fine, I got a letter for you!" she said holding up the envelope.

Seeing the parchment like paper always sent a thrill through Alina, that meant only one thing, "Grandfather!" she rushed to the couch and took it from her mom and hastily opened it.

She settled against her mothers form and began to read aloud.

"'My dearest Ali,

It is good to hear you're doing so well in your schooling, and I am glad your headaches are going away.' I told him I got headaches instead of saying I break things with my mind." Her mother smiled but kept silent. "'it is unfortunate however that you do no have more friends, you are a bright and creative girl, there must be something wrong the people over there if they're not to be able to see that. Perhaps is has to do with all the grease in the food they serve you' "she and her mother laughed at this.

"He'll never understand the flavor of it, I admit I first found the idea repulsive but now I don't think I could live with out my grease!" she laughed, Then began to rasp and cough. Alina quickly soothed her and rubbed her back.

"Mom, breathe deep, slow down. There you go."

She waved her off, "I'm fine dear, read your letter."

"Okay. '…the grease in the food they serve you. It is unsurprising, you should drink more tea. And don't forget to have a candy now and again; sugar is good for the blood. I hope your mother is on the mend, she is so lively and spirited, it is a shame to keep her cooped up in that house all day. She needs fresh air and sunlight, I would arrange for her to come here, but England is not known for its hospitable weather, and I fear it would only make her worse, the first hard winter may kill her.

My students are fine, nothing terribly wrong with the school, but our ministry official, a mister Cornelius Fudge, is quit set on ruining my holiday. He insists on regulations and rules to be set in place for reasons none other than proving just how much power the ministry has. Many times have I been propositioned to take his place, at one point in time I was even threatened! Can you imagine?' Yes grandpa I can" she laughed. Her mother chuckled silently.

"What else does it say?"

"'the owl that sent this knows where I am for the holidays, and should you want to talk or require anything, please don't' hesitate to use him.' Owl?" she asked looking around.

"He's in the attic right now love."

"Oh,' don't hesitate to use him, I look forward to hearing from you and remain always yours,

Grandpa Al' it's always nice to hear form him."

"Yes, it is."

Alina looked at her mother calculatingly. "Mom?"

"Yes Ali?"

"Remember when you had that episode, and, and you thought…."

Her mother nodded.

"And you told me everything, about you, and about my father and me?"

"Yes dear, what are you getting at?"

"Well, you said something then, and I heard it again today, and I was wondering what it meant. "

"What was that baby?"


Her mother sat up straighter and looked her in the eye, "you mean a squib?"

"Yes, that was it!"

"A squib is the term used for a person of magical descent but has no magic. Why honey, where did you hear it?"

Alina explained all about Kelsey and her day and everything that happened.

"And she told you this?"

"Yes, but I'm not sure what all 'this' means."

"Probably the same as with me, her family is magical, but she isn't so they sent her to live with a host family, they want her to get a footing in the muggle world. She is probably the only one at your school that can appreciate your situation. I suggest you make a friend of her."

Alina nodded. Her mother's eyes were dropping so she got up and tucked her in. She pet her mother's graying hair. Her face was pale and waxen, her eyes yellowing, her hair not only graying but thinning as well. She was a thin frail thing and she could barely support her own weight anymore. Alina felt her eyes moisten as she looked on her, she knew she had to leave sometime, but from the sound of the cough and condition her mom was in now, it would be soon. The only consolation Alina could tell herself was that it would ease her suffering. She shook her head of these thoughts and walked into the kitchen. She made herself some dinner and then went to her room.

She ate, did her homework and then cleared a space on her floor and sat to meditate. She pinned her latest poem on the wall in front of her. She had music playing in the background, something soft and melodic. Candles were light around her, the flames licked greedily at the air. She focused on the words same as always and concentrated on what would happen.

Last time she focused on words, she was reading the raven, by Poe, and the shadows materialized into a bird! Her mother said this was called transfiguration, but she'd never heard of using something like a shadow to transform anything. She said Alina was a growing power, and if she continued to train herself and work hard to control her abilities, they would be limitless. She focused on words and she guessed they acted as spells and held magical effects. So she cleared her mind and focused on the words in front of her, she had never used one of her own poems, but there was a first time for everything.


Refuge of sick

Curdled deep red

Minions unfled

Hating all light

Strengthened in night

Flames of hope drained

Darkness remains

Lucidic doom

Crimson tinged moon

Coffins shaken

Ancient awakened

Blackened powers

Weak empowered

Sanities border

New formed order

Chained in chambers

Good remainders

Blood flows faster

New found master

Nails in crowns now

Merciless and foul

This it truth now

This is truth now


You've inherited this

Through years of oppression

The flames began to flicker, shadows danced in corners and all sound was blocked out. Phrases kept swimming in her head; she closed her eyes, getting dizzy from the effects of concentration. But still they found her. 'Lycanthropic' her head was spinning 'you've inherited this' her body was tingling, She felt a growing sensation, a sort of pressure building. 'Blood flows faster' her heart was pounding in her chest and her body began to ache. She focused on the images her mind brought up. 'Lycanthropic', she felt a howl inside of her. 'Inherited' her body was changing, she could feel it, her world was upside down. 'New formed order' she was grasping at the carpet, her breathing became thick and suddenly her tongue was not her own, but the tongue of a beast. 'Strengthened in night' the shadows cradled her as she changed, feeling her skin shed like unwanted clothes. 'Ancient awakened' her teeth grew in her mouth painfully, she tried to cry out but only a whine and whimper met her ears. she felt herself shaking, but the pain was easing, and she suddenly felt better, more alive than ever before. 'Smile' she walked over to her mirror on her closet door. Looking into her reflection, she saw herself, yet did not see herself. There standing was not a girl, but a large beast. She was a wolverine, wolf like creature. A werewolf.

This is truth now.