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Authors note: This is my first fic, please no flames. oh, and a lot of the battles in this story are based off of my Star Wars Battlefront II experiences, so expect it to be a little bit game influenced, as far as weapons go.


'How did I get myself into this mess?' Those were the words going through Shinji's head as he stared at the dusty Geonosian battlefield. There were lasers blasting all around him. He just hoped that his clone armor would protect him. If he'd had any idea what trouble he would be getting himself into by sneaking into that clone facility, he would never have followed Obi-Wan to the planet in the first place. Well he was here now, and couldn't do anything about it. he woke up from his short reminiscence by a loud blast.

"Move it soldier!" a clone shouted at him. He followed the clones lead. They were heading to a downed Techno-Union ship, to gain a foothold on the battlefield. Shinji, along with a squad of clones, made short work of the few droids that were hiding there. A small group of super battle droids headed to their area. Shinji fired his assault rifle, gunning down the leader of the group. The feeling of defeating his first enemy was... exhilarating! Shinji took down three others, and the squad he was with finished the rest. Suddenly he got a call on his communicator.

"We need you up on the cliff," the clone voice said, "It's west-southwest of your position."

"On it," Shinji replied. He made his way to the area. blasting his way through any droid he encountered. He had to go around the cliff to get to the top, the only way up was in the back of it. He got to the top and was confronted by two genosians and a sniper droid. The droid fired, and Shinji rolled out of the way just in time. He shot at the droid, just missing him. One of the geonosians blasted at him, and it missed, but hit the ground next to him, causing him to fall to the ground. He looked up as the sniper prepared to shoot, and his life flashed before his eyes.

Suddenly a purple blur slashed apart the droid and the bugs! Shinji followed the purple blurs movement, and discovered that it was a lightsabre. He then saw the owner of the lightsaber. It was him, Mace Windu. Mace walked over to Shinji and helped him up. "You alright soldier?" the jedi master asked.

"Y-yes sir," stuttered Shinji.

"You should really be more careful out here," said Mace. Suddenly Shinji raised his gun and shot past the jedi master. Windu turned around to see a droid falling to the ground. "Guess I should be careful too." He and Shinji walked over to a large stalagmite-shaped cave. It had electronics equipment in it, along with several screens. They were just about to step inside when they heard a noise from the bottom of the cliff. They rushed over and looked down. Five clones were trapped against the cliff face, pinned down by about eleven super battle droids. Suddenly two were killed, and the battle droids closed in on the remaining three. Without thinking, Shinji jumped off of the top of the cliff, which was a twenty-foot drop! He shot as he fell, destroying three droids. He then landed and proceeded to take out the rest. The clones, as well as Master Windu, were stunned.

"You alright?" Shinji asked the clones.

"Yes, but, are you?" replied one of the clones. "That fall could've broken you're legs!"

"Huh?" Shinji looked up and saw the distance he had fallen. And he almost fainted. He was lead back to the Techno-union ship to recooperate. Once there, the three clones introduced themselves. The one who had spoken originally was Commander Alex. The other was Commander Red, and the third, didn't say anything. Just then, Alex got a call.

"Yes sir, right away," Alex said. "Master Windu has requested that we lead the assault on the cave to the north of here. And Shinji, he wants you to have this." He opened up a crate and handed him an assault rifle. "It's called an Elite Rifle. Master Windu wants you to have it. Make good use of it, we've a limited supply of them." They headed out to complete their objective. The cave in question was crawling with geonosians. They rushed into the fray, and began blasting. The nameless clone ran ahead of them, blasting five geonosians with expert skill. Suddenly he was caught in the chest by a blast from a geonosian shock rifle. The geonosian was about to finish him off. The clone knew that this was the end. The next thing he knew, the bug had fallen over, missing it's head. Three powerful purple beams had erupted from Shinji's rifle. Shinji sprinted over to his fallen comrade.

"Are you ok?" he asked. The clone did not respond. "Hey can you here me?" Still no answer. Shinji pulled off the helmet, fearing the worst. He was met with a feminine face with red eyes and blue hair.

"I'm fine," the girl said. It took Shinji a moment to recognize her.

"Rei?" he said, puzzled, "Rei Ayanami?" Rei looked at him with confusion. He pulled off his helmet. She recognized him in a matter of seconds. They had gone to middle school and highschool on Coruscant together. He quickly put their helmets back on and helped her to a safe spot that the clones had set up. He had no idea how she had gotten there, but explanations would have to wait.


What on Coruscant is Rei doing on Geonosia? How did Shinji sneak into the clone army? Why am I asking you all of these questions? Don't worry folks, I have this all planned out. You'll get to the explanations soon enough.

notes: the Elite Rifle is a Battlefront II weapon

and "we've a limited supply" is proper english, it's just not commonly used anymore.

oh, and if it seems a bit fastpaced I'm sorry. I'm not used to writting for gun battles, I do more for swords