Love Poems... gone wrong

Summery: Joey tries to expres how he feels to Yugi, but... lets just say he isn't the best poemist.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!

Joey waited on the bench in the middle of Domino Park. The sun was high in the sky. Only a few clouds hovered about in white puffy sheets.

"Hey Joey!" Yugi called as he walked up to the blonde.

"Hey Yug'." he smiled at his little friend. "How are ya?"

"Fine." Yugi sat down on the green bench next to Joey. "So Joey, what did you want to tell me?" Yugi asked with a smile.

Joey swallowed the hard lump in is throat. He pulled up a crumpled piece of paper and stood up in front of Yugi.

Yugi's large amethyst eyes blinked and showed a bit of confusion to his friend. Chocolate brown eyes met amethyst for a quick moment be fore Joey looked down at the paper.

"Ahem." Joey cleared his throat. "Yugi. Ya are my rose. My little friend. My little buddy more like it.

"Ya care for me and I care for ya. And nothing will change that... even if we get sucked inta the shadow realm one day.

"As far as I know. You will always be in my heart and I'm glad I got to know ya. I'm glad that you saved me from that bully four years back... and sorry that he hurt ya bad.

"I guess... what I am trying to say, Yugi, is dat I love ya. I don't know if ya love me back... or just love me as a friend.. But I have to tell ya. It, along with ya, have always been running through my mind!

"I know... the is a love poem gone wrong.. But give me credit for tryin'."

Joey sighed as silence drifted between the two teens. Joey closed his eyes and let out a breath, before he felt warm, soft lips on his own.

His eyes blinked up when the lips parted.

Yugi was smiling, eyes lit up with happiness. "I love you to Joey."

Joey smiled and embraced the smaller teen and squeezed him. "I love ya Yugi!"

The End

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