Why I allow some of these things to bite me.. I dunno… But I'm glad to have a plunny out of no where. If there's another fic like this, trust me.

I haven't read it.

On the First Day of Christmas, Kaitou Kid did give to me

Nakamori harrumphed heavily like a big old Scrooge. Why did KID have to schedule a heist today of all days? It was cold, and his hands were becoming seriously numb. Actually, scratch that. His face felt like it had frozen and it burned because of just how cold that evening was. Of course, the intelligent smart-allek would say 'Why aren't you wearing a scarf?' and to be honest, the main reason was because a scarf would get in the way. He had orders to give, and the other officers would trip up on each other worse than normal if they had a scarf to impede them after a failed 'pile-on-the-bandit' episode.

But.. argh!!! It was cold!!!

Suddenly, he heard a soft swoosh click as a light breeze passed him before an ice cold gloved hand covered his mouth as something was slid into his pocket, a light chuckle filled with mirth assaulted his hearing just as the words 'KID!!! #(&$&(!!!" came to mind. With a soft, "Jya, keibu" Kaitou KID was gone, having done as he had stated in his notice a few days prior.

Nakamori quickly pulled out the piece of paper KID had given him, and paused, raising an eyebrow before screaming, "YOU MADE ME WAIT OUT HERE FOR THAT!?!"

Kaito just smirked and chuckled softly as he made his way home.

It wasn't like he wanted to be out her either- not in his KID outfit. It was cold!


Wishing you the best during your holiday season.

My present to you will be a peaceful Christmas

Evening off to spend with your daughter. Also,

here's a gift certificate to buy your Task Force

A holiday cake from me. Merry Christmas!!!


Nakamori huffed as he took a nice long drag on his cigarette, "He should have just sent it in the mail. Honestly."