The runes catch the light before slender fingers close across them.

Hear me? Yes. You hear me.

Deep is the chasm—and you've fallen. Cold, biting the cords that bind you.

Hollow! You're hollow. Useless, spineless, soulless.


You're hungry. Get up. The fire—the rage—those eyes—where?

You're hungry, so attack me. You're angry—still fear me? Fear me!

You don't even deserve this, hearing me—hollow!

Still hear me? Come out then. Find me—

Attack me—destroy me.

The winds pick up, slightly, the eerie calm undisturbed. The fragments leave his fingers. Sailing out—whispering.



First "foray" into Bleach. 100 words.. Hollow Bait. Thanks to lolo popoki for the once over.