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Chapter 1

Columns of fire shot up from the roof of the building. Small explosions erupted throughout the laboratories, and dark smoke billowed out from the debris. Scientists and Guys in White ran for their lives in an attempt to escape fiery death, leaving behind important documents and even their own trapped comrades.

"The fire's spreading to the Central Vault!"

"Lock down passageways IR56 and 79 to contain as much damage as possible!"

"I can't, sir; the controls are jammed!"

"Try beaming the Central Controls!"

People stumbled out of the smoke, still holding their most coveted research in hand. Only one group of scientists in particular stared at their burning building, watching in shock as their work blew up in flames.

"The Phantom Files," one whispered in a hoarse voice. She coughed from the surrounding smoke, and turned to her comrades in despair. "Phantom's Genetic Codes...we almost had them mapped out! And now they're gone!"

The lady's soot-soaked assistant watching with wide eyes as the flames heightened with another ground-shaking explosion. She said shakily, "Doesn't matter now. Not even a ghost could survive this."

The scientist turned away, rubbing tears and dirt from her face. They'd run without a second glance back. A small band of Guys in White ran up to help escort them to the ambulances.

The assistant's features twisted into pain. "Do you think he really won't survive?"

The scientist swallowed hard. "He's still hooked up to the Deactivator. And he's so weak anymore...I don't know. I doubt it."

The younger woman coughed, turning away to hide her shame. "Maybe it's better that way," she said softly.

Two years ago, the Guys in White formed the Central Ghost Intelligence Agency (located in the outskirts of Amity Park) to research and study the strange events surrounding the city. Their main objective was to track and observe all paranormal activity, which included the controversies over the ghost boy, Danny Phantom.

The ghost had been plaguing the city for over five years since his first appearance, and major figures (including Jack and Maddie Fenton) believed that he was still a force to be stopped. A force to be closely examined, and then destroyed.

And so through combined efforts that took nearly six months of planning, they captured him. Or rather their best field agent, Valerie Gray, captured the infamous Danny Phantom.

Many Amity citizens believed in the ghost as their "town protector" and strongly stood against the capturing. For days, riots and attempted break-ins of the CGIA were held, led by a Samantha Manson and a Tucker Foley. (Strangely, no one understood why they suddenly supported the ghost boy. It wasn't as if they had shown interest before then.)

But that never stopped the greedy minds of the scientists or the vengeful hunts of Valerie Gray.

Distantly, the remaining survivors heard the strangled calls of firefighters and Technical Support teams.

"I've tapped into the main Control Board, Sir, but I don't think the System can take anymore damage!"

"Lock down the main Halls to the Containment Lab and the Documents Storage Room if you can! We have to salvage all that we can!"

"Yes sir!"

A short pause, and a gasp.


"What is it now?"

"I've…I've got interference from the GPS encryptions, Sir. I can't initiate a complete lock down yet…"


"Valerie Gray is still inside the building!"

A soot-streaked figure clad in red avoided a falling beam, and she swerved on her jet sled to miss it. Dammit! she thought, her breathing ragged and shallow. I've got to get out of here!

The fallen beam cut off her escape route.

She drew her jet sled to a stop as she caught the flames licking at the corners of the metal door, one of the few paths she had left.

Valerie realized that the door was holding back the brunt of the explosions, and that it wouldn't hold much longer. "Bad idea," she muttered under her breath, voice tinged with worry. "This was such a bad idea."

She had gone back in.

She knew it was incredibly stupid, but she had returned to salvage some of the Phantom documents. The twenty-one-year-old couldn't bear to lose the information she had worked so hard to obtain, and now she was trapped in the heart of a burning building.

She looked everywhere around her, attempting to calm her rapid heart beat.

This hall is the main connector between Labs…I'm bound to find another way out.

I just have to look.

She squinted at the ever-growing layers of smoke. Her fuzzy vision scanned the room with the help of her high-tech body suit, green statistics filling the edges of her eyesight with information. It was getting harder to see, harder to breathe.

Come on…come on!

Behind a small amount of debris near the center of the hall, there was a battered door.

Found it!

She forced her jet sled into full speed.

The fires had begun inching down the hall, and the metal-enforced chambers were collapsing around it. Screeching sounds and ground-shaking rumbles told her that the building wouldn't last much longer.

I have to get out of here…

And when the woman finally reached her destination, she looked back.

Oh my God.

In the place she had momentarily stopped to look for an escape, a thick steel beam had fallen from the ceiling, crushing the tiles beneath it. Fire sprang and crackled from the hole in the metal lined hall, and it slowly crept in from the roof, devouring everything in its way.

I could have…I just… Beneath her red mask, Valerie's eyes grew as wide as dinner platters.

I could have just died.

But, no matter how frozen her body seemed to act, she knew she had to keep going.

She tried to snap herself out of her stupor. This had better be worth it, she thought as she jumped down from her jet sled to tear at the pile of debris blocking her escape.

Metal and wood shards had punctured the both the door and the biometric security system, and Valerie shoved as much as she could away from the door, sending the shards skidding across the ruined tiles of the floor. She kept one shard and jammed the thing into the door's bolt-locks. The already-frying circuits shorted out, and the door unlocked under the stress.

Wherever this room leads to, it better lead out.

She threw the metal scrap over her shoulder and forced the door open with her hands, grunting with the effort. "I so better get paid overtime for this."

The door gave way with a hot blast of a air, and Valerie stumbled backwards with the unexpected force, groping for something to latch onto with desperate hands.

She grabbed onto about 700 degrees worth of burning, flaming metal.

And she cried out, stumbling backwards in a blur of pain.

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