Hello! ¡Hola! Salutations to you all, and welcome to a very special Holiday-themed story that I've written. This is here mainly to show how much I want to wish you all a Merry (Insert your celebrated Holiday here), and to show my adoring ASOUE fans that I'm not dead!

This story is actually a collection of one-shots, short little stories about the ASOUE characters during the holidays. Though we do not know what the Baudelaires, Count Olaf, or any of the other characters in the series celebrate, I'm going to go at it for Christmas, since that's what I celebrate and I do not really know enough about other winter holidays to write for them. I also felt that more people would understand it if I wrote for Christmas, and I am very dedicated to my fans, so even if I celebrated the Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah, I'd write for Christmas. Why? Because the majority of people identify with it.

If you do not celebrate Christmas, or do not celebrate holidays at all, I still hope that you enjoy these short tales. The winter Holidays are a time of getting together with family to snuggle around the Christmas tree, menorah, fireplace, or television and just be together – and those are really the messages that I wanted to send. We'll follow the Baudelaires as they find out about family and what it means to them now that they have no parents. We'll take a peek at the Quagmires and Hector up in that ship and see how Isadora reacts when Duncan has no gift for her. Olaf and Esmé even have a story to themselves in which a little quarrel causes a few problems. And we'll check how Lemo- oops, sorry, I mean L!– is doing and find out how such a lonely and wronged man can ever find cheer in the Holidays.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy these stories, no matter who you are, and no matter what your age. Because, like the Holidays, the themes presented in these short stories I have written are timeless.

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year from your good pal, Sugary Snicket

Dislaimer: I do not own "It's A Wonderful Life", ASOUE, or any of the characters therein. I am merely an amateur writer trying to eke out my niche in the world of fanfiction, as I have done for at least a year now. This story marks my thirtieth work published on (Yes, there were a few others, but I removed them because they were not getting any reviews, and they were not works that I was proud enough of to publish. They were, most notably, the Danny Phantom Play Series, along with some others.) Also, just as a little side note, I actually wrote this last year, but never got to publish it. That's why you will see now deceased or thought to be deceased characters alive again.

A Series of Yuletide Events: Story the First

"Home For the Holidays"

Violet sat cross-legged on the cool cave floor, staring up at the glistening stalactites of ice that adorned the cavern, like spires of pure crystal or the teeth of some icy dragon that had swallowed her whole. A frigid wind blew outside, cold and unfeeling to her misery, occasionally blew through the cavern, effectively putting out the flames that Violet was so diligently working to create. What day was it? Sometime around the holidays, Violet figured. It had to be for there to be so much snow and ice.

A sudden qualm of shock sprinted through Violet, making her sit bolt upright in realization. The holidays! How could she have forgotten? No tree, no presents, not even a home to go to. What would her siblings say? Wouldn't they be disappointed?

Groaning in frustration, Violet returned to her work – the bit of heat that she was desperately trying to spark.

A sudden freezing gust blew into the cave, extinguishing the flames Violet had just created and dumping snow onto the small fire pit that she had dug, rendering it soggy, cold, and useless.

"Merry Christmas," Violet muttered bitterly.

"Merry Christmas, Violet!" Klaus' familiar voice called to her, snapping her out of her train of thought and startling her a bit.

"Oh," she said. "It's only you two. With everything that's happened lately, I half expected Count Olaf to be hiding in here." She sighed miserably. "Happy… sort-of-Holidays."

"Whamatta?" Sunny asked, toddling over to Violet.

"Nothing. I'm just kind of…" Here she paused to sigh and untie the ribbon from her hair. "I'm just sort of… I just don't think that we'll have much of a Christmas this year, that's all."

"Why?" Klaus asked. "I mean, we don't have a tree or anything, but does that really matter?"


"Oh, come on, Violet!"

"No, Klaus! You 'come on!' Look around you. We have nothing. We have no home, we have no parents, we have no family. We've lost everything."

Klaus closed his mouth for the moment, contemplating what Violet had said. How could they have let themselves become so hopeless? Oh yeah, Olaf was on their tail. That might be the problem…

Nonetheless, he tried his best to comfort her by placing a hand on her shoulder and speaking kindly to her.

"You sound like dad did last year. Remember? He wanted to get a really big tree for the parlor, but he never got around to it, and so he got one of those plastic ready-set trees."

"Of course I remember," Violet said with a wistful smile. "Mom never even knew the difference until she accidentally knocked it over. The next year, she insisted that we get a real one... but that next year never came."

The moment slowly began to sink back into gloom and despair again, and it would have stayed that way if Sunny hadn't suddenly yelled "Balconice!"

The three children laughed uncontrollably at this.

"Oh, yeah!" Violet said. "Remember that one year after you had just entered fifth grade, Klaus? The one where mom and dad couldn't take us sledding?"

"So we iced up the foyer steps," Klaus continued, "And we dragged out our toboggan from the attic and slid down that icy slope we made, and right out the front door and down that big hill that our house was on top of."

"And you fell off and broke your leg. Mom and dad weren't too happy about the stairs being an icy mess."

"That was not nearly so much fun as the initial ride," Klaus said, which prompted all three siblings to laugh again.

After their laughter fit, Klaus reached into his pocket and withdrew something from it, clutching his hand into a fist so as to hide it.

"I almost forgot," he said. "Here, Violet. This is for you." He opened his nearly frozen hands to reveal a small gleaming golden heart locket on a thin gold chain.

"Mom's locket," Violet said, astonished. "But… how did you… where did you…"

"I found it in the ruins of our house," Klaus said as he handed it to Violet to put on. "I figured that you might want it."

Violet blinked back tears of joy as she undid the tiny clasp and fastened the necklace about her neck.

"Thank you," she choked out. "But… why?"

Klaus smiled, and for a brief moment, Violet thought that she could see glistening tears welling in his eyes, too.

"Because we're a family, Violet," Klaus responded. "No matter how small, we're still a family. And families stick together and help each other."

"Love," Sunny added as she hugged her older sister.

"I love you too," Violet replied. Tears, warm and salty, ran down her cheeks, though she tried not to show it. "Both of you."

"Aren't you going to open it?" Klaus asked anxiously.

Violet undid the clasp and held the tiny golden heart in her hand. Gently, she opened it to find two small silhouettes, though she couldn't see them for her tears had blurred the images. But even then, she recognized the black inky blobs instantly.

"Mom," she forced out, "And dad."

Violet completely lost it, embracing her siblings and crying tears of joy, sorrow, and pain. It was so confusing, such a mix of emotions as this, but the confusion became clearer as her brother embraced her in a hug. Sunny, not wanting to be left out, toddled over to her siblings and wrapped her tiny arms about both of the older children before saying something completely unexpected.

"Merry Christmas, Violet. Welcome home."

I'm so emotional. I almost cried while writing this. This particular story goes out to my father, who is an alcoholic. I only hope that he gets better soon, but in the meanwhile, he's a real jerk. And so, I dedicate this story to the man he once was – not the man he is now.

Hopefully, you will all enjoy the next chapter. I hope that this story didn't cause too many PMS-angsty teenage girls to start crying for no good reason or many guys to disregard this story. I'll be seeing all of you guys later. PEACE OUT.