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Boston: The Red Dragon

Roy Langston sat looking at his cards not really interested in playing but pretending to be. Besides, he was winning. "I check." He said looking over at the man sitting next to him.

"I fold." Lewis threw his cards down and smiled over at Krieger, the other player at the table. "It's up to you."

Krieger looked at his cards. He had a pair of Kings. He looked up at Roy, searching his face for a clue of what to do, but of course it showed nothing. Roy's face was always cold and expressionless. Winning or losing it would look the same. "I fold." He said tossing his cards into the center of the table.

Roy put his cards down and grinned. "You should've called me on it Krieger. I hope you're better at killing than you are at a simple game of cards."

Krieger looked at the cards in disbelief. Roy had not only nothing that could have beat him, but nothing at all. Zip. Zilch. "Damn." He grumbled, then looked up at Roy with his own grin. "And I assure you when it comes to killing, I'm one of the best."

"Good to hear."

"So, Roy, who is it we're suppose to kill?" Lewis asked picking up all the cards and shuffling them.

"Ultimately the target is Patrick O'Doyle...but I want him to suffer a bit first. I want to hurt his businesses, maybe kill a few of his men...and then his children."

"Children?" Krieger interrupted. "I thought he only had a daughter. Didn't the boy die with the mother in the car crash?"

Langston nodded. "Yes, the youngest boy...but he has another son from his first wife. He's an FBI agent in Atlanta. O'Doyle has no contact with him."

"Then why would he care if we hurt him?"

"Because he's still his son." Roy stood up and rubbed at the numbness in his right leg. "I want Patrick O'Doyle to suffer...to feel pain. He will pay for what he did to me. Beating me to a pulp, shooting me and leaving me for dead in a ditch...it's going to seem like a holiday compared to what I have planned." He grinned at the thought. "Now, do you think the two of you could handle that?"

"I don't know Roy...Patrick O'Doyle? He's the Irish mob. He's a powerful man." Lewis said and instantly wanted to take it back when he saw the look on Roy Langston's face.

Roy grabbed him by his shirt, lifted him up off the chair and had him pinned to the wall with his elbow at his throat. He had done it so quickly that all Krieger could do was stand there wide-eyed. "Patrick O'Doyle is just a man!" Roy said through clenched teeth. "Whatever you think he could do to you is nothing compared to what I will do to you, I promise. Because I am more than that man...I am HATE." He let go of Lewis and smiled straightening out his shirt. "Now.." He looked over at Krieger. "Shall we get started?"

"Ready when you are." Krieger answered, then he and Langston both looked at Lewis.

Lewis nodded, still visibly shaken. "Yes, sir. Let's get started."

Roy Langston smiled so big almost all his teeth showed. He looked like a shark. It scared Lewis, and made Krieger nervous, but they didn't show it.

VCTF HEADQUARTERS : One month later

"Okay Georgie, what do you have?" Bailey asked as his team was gathered around the command center looking through the files that were placed in front of them.

"Boston P.D. is looking for some help on multiple murder victims." George put some pictures up on the screen from his computer. "There are thirteen in all, in the last four weeks. All different ages...different classes...um both sexes...no relations to each other...nor do they have a connection anywhere else..."

"Are the death's similar at least?" John asked looking through the files.

"Some...there's beatings, stabbings, gunshot wounds, hangings...some have multiple causes. If this is the work of one guy...he's all over the place."

"What do you think, Sam?"

"I don't know Bailey...whoever did this is so erratic...the death's seem random...nothing in common...no one in common. I mean look who we have here...a housewife... a waiter...truck driver...store owner...there was no robbery involved...look, the truck driver was found with eight hundred dollars in his pocket. It doesn't make sense." Sam tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and stood up to pace. "But there are too many to be a coincidence...not in such a short period of time. There's got to be something Boston P.D. is missing."

"Maybe they're mob hits?" Nathan suggested

John looked up from his files. "Maybe it's just some psycho who gets off on killing people for no reason." He offered. He didn't want to go the mob route. He didn't want to think about his father.

"Nathan could be right." Bailey said and he threw John a knowing glance. "Maybe Boston P.D. is getting too close to someone and they're cleaning house...cleaning up evidence." He stood up. "Grace, we're having some of the bodies flown here...we need to go over them with a fine tooth comb. Georgie, I want you to cross reference, again, every victim. Check their families, friends, financial situations...the works. John and Nathan I want you to fly to Boston and talk to the officers handling the case. I want files, notes, crime scene evidence...everything they got. Sam work with Georgie on a profile. I want to meet back here in twenty-four hours and have something to work with."

"Boston, huh, maybe you can show me your old stomping ground." Nathan said clapping John on the back.

"I don't think so, Nate. Let's just go and get back okay?" John said quietly.

"You okay?"

"Sure, I just...ya know, don't like going back there."

"No problem buddy." He put a hand on John's shoulder before they got in to the elevator. "We'll be there and back before you know it. You won't even know you were there."

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