Tomboy951753:Hell Ya I'm finally making the damn know your stars story!I don't own ygo gx.

Know Your Stars Yu-Gi-Oh GX First Up Jaden Yuki Come On Down

Announcer:Know your stars...Know your stars...Know your stars Jaden Yuki,his penuis is the size of his thumb.

Jaden Yuki:What the Fuck!I'll let you know my penuis is a perfect size.

Announcer:Sure it is.

Jaden Yuki:You better belive it.I've been taking condums for a while now.

Announcer:What to impress someone?Jaden Yuki,his IQ is -4.

Jaden Yuki:No it isn't it's 3 for your infomation.

Announcer:Damn,your smart.

Jaden Yuki:Thanks.Thats the first time anybody said that.

Announcer:I was being sarcastic.

Jaden Yuki:What's that.

Announcer:Never mind.Jaden Yuki,has a huge fear of Jews.

Jaden Yuki:W..Who told you that.

Jewish Girl:Hi Jaden.Starts running to Jaden

Jaden Yuki:Keep Jew away from me! Runs away

Announcer:Know you know Jaden Yuki.The boy who's penuis is smaller than his thumb,IQ is -4,and is afraid of Jews.

Tomboy951753:I'm so sorry about the whole Jew thing actually some of my friends are Jews.Please R&R or I'll be in your face.