Disclaimer: I do not won Battlestar Galactica it belongs to it's creators and the corporations. I am only borrowing The Original series Universe for a while.

Summary: How a commander decides to lead.

By : FireStar


Faith of My Fathers

Adama's Journals

He opened the book and read:

I sit here in my ready room and I am starring at a battered worn book. This book that has sustained me through our long journey. When ever I have been weak or lost I have opened this book and read. In it I have found the strength and wisdom to carry on. Many yearns ago I was a student at the great temple on Caprica. Here I learned about the past and the Lord's of Kobol. How in ancient ships they left our home world and traveled to the stars to find a new safe home for the twelve tribes of man. They had faith and trust in a higher power. When the ninth Lord of Kobol sent then forth he knew that their journey would be long and harsh. He had them take every living thing that they could and store it in their ships. The people themselves were packed tightly into over 100,000 small ships. Ships that had few defenses and could not even travel the speed of light. The largest of the ships were called FireStar's and they were the guardians of the people. These great ships had to defend the last of humanity against pirates, scavengers and enemies to bring them to the system that would eventually hold the colonies.

The Klaxons rang and Apollo looked up. He had been so absorbed in reading his fathers words. He closed the journal and the Book of the word. Back to work he would have to explore Faith and Hope latter.

Commander Apollo of the Battle star Galactrica took a deep breath and stroked the book of the Word. Faith of my Father. "Please Lord protect our people once more."

Apollo had not been a very religious man but now this book gave him hope. If faith had guided his father for 25 yearns it would guide him now too. For he had always trusted Adama and Adama trusted in the Lords. In the End the Commander had been at Peace. Maybe he would try this Faith thing and see if it would lighten his heart and soul.