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Faith of My Fathers

Part 15 Of Faith and Reason

The blood was the key. Salik moved with care as he had to be sure but ….the signs were all there. How could this be? He had all but given up hope that they would find a cure. The illness had struck Adama down and they had barely enough time to seal him into stasis. It had been a hard blow to the fleet and to those who called the man family. Salik himself was among those not that he would ever have dared voice that fact as he really did not have the right. However Adama was the kind of man you wanted as your Patriarch and he had long been the man Salik looked to for leadership. Yes they were of the same generation and they had even been in the same classes for all that Salik was almost a yearn older but, Adama had always been a leader. Even back when they had been cadets that had been true and clear. Salik's passion had led him to medicine but Adama well he had been different. Even back then the man had faith. In fact a less likely warrior would have been hard to find. Salik still wondered how he had become a warrior rather than a man of the cloth. Though the faith Adama showed was to Salik's mind deeper than many so called holy men. He bowed his head as the blood was analyzed and purified and said a small prayer.

"Lord have mercy on Adama. He is a man of faith and honor unlike many of us he has always believed in you and tried to lead us according to your words and teachings. I have never known a man who was a reliable in his faith or purpose. So please, spare him. I know I am not your most faithful but even I have come to feel you are there. Sometimes there is more out there than science and reason. I know this now so please show me the way to save my friend and leader."

Ki listed and smiled she noted her niece was smiling as well. Faith was not always easy especially for those who valued reason and logic; however maybe this gift would help some onto the road to faith and trust in the Creator. One had to have hope and faith.