Tickle Torture!

I don't own Nightmare before Christmas that belongs to Tim Burton. I've already said what I do own so…Don't steal it!

Jack sat in bed and held his head in his hands. He had told Sally about his dream and asked her what it meant.

"I think your mother tried to give you a message." Sally said thoughtfully "It's just you woke up before you got it."

"I pray she will come back next time I fall asleep." Jack said standing up and stretching. "I just feel so bad now for treating Death the way I did; I should have known…" He walked over to coat rack and grabbed the black cloak.

"You shouldn't blame yourself!" Sally said "It's understandable that you wouldn't believe." She pressed trying to help him feel better.

"That shouldn't excuse me for being so harsh to him!" He said slipping out of his pajamas and pulling on the cloak.

A thought crossed Sally's

"Jack, what did your mother look like?"

"Well she had long fair, almost white hair and these deep purple eyes…" Jack started

"I think I saw a picture of your mother in the hallway!" Sally exclaimed.

"Really? Where was it?" Jack actually wasn't too surprised that Death would have a picture of Fleur-de-lis somewhere in the house.

"I think it was just outside the bedroom" Sally said rising to her feet.

Jack had already left the bedroom and looked at the left wall.

There was the portrait. He stared a long time at it almost wishing the painting would speak to him so he could hear the reassuring voice once again.

"She is beautiful." Sally whispered as she laid a hand on her beloved's shoulder.

"I want to remember more about her." Jack sighed wistfully "But I'm not supposed to remember."

Just then a knock came from the door.

"Probably Pestilence and Famine again." Jack muttered "Hold on! I'm coming!

He opened the door to find Famine all by herself!

"Err…where's Pestilence?" Jack asked beginning to feel suspicious.

"He's probably in Africa spreading plagues." Famine said nonchalantly "Come outside I have something I want to show you."

They walked to the side of the house that connected to Binky's stable then stopped.

"Well what is it you want to show me?" Jack was beginning to get impatient.

"First I want you to hold your hand above your head." Famine said. "What? Like this?" Before Jack had time to think Famine had handcuffed both of his hands and hung him up on a hook on the wall!

"Famine! What do you think you're doing?! Jack shouted confused and annoyed.

"Has anyone told you you're rather cute for a skeleton?" The grey haired woman sashayed over to him and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Would you like to go out sometime?"

Jack could not believe his ear sockets!

"I beg your pardon Famine but I'm happily married and have no intention of committing adultery!" He said beginning to gather strength for a roar.

"Oh those silly values you cling to!" Famine said with disgust "Where I come from Adultery is in no way illegal or unethical!"

"Really? What country is that?" Jack asked while struggling against his bonds.

"Well the country no longer exists but I can promise you I'll be more of a kisser then that little Rag Doll!" She began to advance

"Aren't you a little well…old for me?" Jack was beginning to get desperate.

OLD?! How dare you?! Do you think my grey hair is natural?" She fumed tugging at her locks "No! They make me dye it grey! They told me 'brunette isn't scary enough' the nerve of those angels!"

Jack didn't know what to say except "Sorry, but could you please let me down now?"

"For that little remark I'm going to make you suffer!" Famine was practically screeching at this point. "I bet you have the same tragic weakness as your father!"

"Tragic weakness?" The Skeleton was beginning to get nervous.

Without a word Famine grabbed a feather from her pocket and brushed it against Jack's nose!

"Tickle, Tickle! " She said tauntingly. Jack winced as the feather tip went up one of his nostrils. He sneezed.

"Cut that out!" He said threateningly "Or I'm going to scream like banshee!"

"No you won't, because you're going to be too busy laughing your head off!" And with she thrust her fingers into Jack's underarms and began tickling him like there was no tomorrow!

"Hee-hee! Ha-ha! Oh No-ho-ho-no! Please Stop!" Jack wiggled and squirmed to get out of Famine's grip.

"Say you'll leave that Rag Doll for me!" Famine demanded, never once removing her fingers from his under arms.

"NO I WON"T!" Jack managed to yell over his laughter. "Sally! Ha-ha-help!"

Sally came over to see her husband handcuffed to the wall and Famine beginning to tickle his ribs. "Do I even want to know what is going on? She asked.

"The situation might have gotten ugly if Capricorn had not chosen to arrive at that exact moment.

"I beg your pardon for intruding but I have a message from Death!" the Fish Goat said looking at the odd goings-on and she was beginning to wonder if reality was falling apart.

"What is it?" Sally asked as she got Jack down of the hook.

"Death says Aquarius is not to be trusted!" Capricorn bleated.

"Thanks for the advice but I've pretty much figured that out for myself!" Jack said as he removed the handcuffs.

"Oh! You figured it out for yourself eh?" Capricorn shook her head "Mrs. Skellington I have favor to ask of you…if it's not too much trouble."

"What is the favor?" The Rag Doll asked gently. Capricorn blushed.

"I hear you are the best seamstress in Halloween Town, so if it's not too much trouble… She opened a box revealing the lower half of a goat.

"Could you sew this on to me?"

Author's note: I hope you enjoyed reading about Jack getting tickle tortured! Just to let you in on a sneak peak for this sequel to this story (I'll start writing it once I'm done finished writing this one) the premise for the sequel story is this Where are the scary Halloween Town toys now? And more importantly are they out for revenge?