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" OOOOO" " Why'd you have to go and spoil my fun Link!"

The newly endowed "princess" of the New republic of Hyrule, clenched her fists and stomped her foot in a most unprincessly tantrum. Her guardian and "once" dearest friend, Link, Hero of the Winds and savior of the Great sea, and now newly endowed captain of the "princess's private guard."

"In other words…" he fumed silently to himself, " I'm a damn babysitter…"

He silently watched his former friend finish her tantrum and stomp over to her vanity, where she proceeded to pull at her hair, all while her maids screeched in alarm.

" LEAVE ME!" She bellowed.

At once the spineless hens rushed out, clucking as they went along, the man rolled his green eyes and turned to leave.

" You stay." It was a quiet, yet sinister order. Her dark blue eyes blazing with anger, he felt unfazed, but nonetheless remained where he stood. He'd faced demons, monsters, and even ghouls, nothing fazed him.

Especially a thin, dainty princess, who at the moment looked like a doll as all her carefully applied make-up had smudged from her previous tantrum.

In fact, it was rather comical. It took all his training to not even crack a smile. She was a sight, her highness; there was of course no denying it.

" Well… have you anything to say in your defense?"

He rolled his eyes yet again.

" It is my lady's word, and her word is law." He said it sincerely enough, but any who knew him, knew it was dripping with sarcasm in every way.

And she unfortunately was one of these few people.

" Are you mocking me!"?

She got no answer.

" Well. Sir knight… do tell me why you plucked me from my fun, I was having a jolly good time-."

" In all due respect, my lady, you have responsibilities that are of most importance to the welfare of this kingdom which, if you have forgotten we both-."

" I know of our promise!" She snarled. " But I see nothing wrong with being among my fellow townsfolk, especially without a retinue of guards!"

" You are, my lady, a woman of most importance, and more importantly one who is still as of yet unmarried, a prize for any man wanting power, for any man with any sort of ambition in him."

She gave a shriek, " WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT, HONESTLY!"

She sat down on her large canopied bed, " I miss the days in past… the days I used to be able to go among the townsfolk… with almost no fear…"

" My lady… unfortunately those days of carefree bliss are over, you have great responsibility, tomorrow, the Prince of the Calatian kingdom is coming-."

She snorted, " Yet another pompous, pansy whom I'm forced to spend time with!" " UGH, When will it end!" She threw her hands in the air, " WHEN I ASK YOU!"

He didn't even flinch, " When you finally pick one of those pompous pansies…"

There was a moment of silence between the two, surprisingly, he broke the silence first.

" I must ask you Princess… please just endure it tomorrow, I'm visiting my sister… and I'd rather not get called back to the palace…again."

At once her interest was peaked, " Your sister?" " What is the occasion?"

He coughed, " She is getting married in about three days… I promised to help out." He gritted his teeth. The princess almost giggled, obviously, it had been a guilt trip, " Helping out," meant doing all the strenuous back labor himself.

" Three days?" " Why was I not invited to this event?"

He gulped; his sister had rung a roof over his head, " WHY SHOULD THEY NOT INVITE THE PRINCESS!" " Was she not the reason for all of their good fortune!"

He sighed, " It is a private affair, only close family."

" Oh…" She averted her eyes. The stood up, " Well then, I promise to not take you away from this important event in your sister's life and your duty, I will… meet with the prince…and I will stay within castle walls." " You have my word.

He actually smiled, " I thank you Princess." He gave a swift boy, " I must pack my things, and I will see you after the event."

She smiled, " Give her my fondest congratulations."

The door closed.

She smirked, " Of course you are aware a pirate never keeps her word."

Needless to say, the event was a simple one, the bride a most beautiful one, crowned with beautiful sea lilies gathered by the happy groom himself for his blushing bride, a mildly successful fishing merchant, he had promised his esteemed new brother-in-law he would take care of his beloved sister and leave her wanting for nothing.

Nonetheless… he barely was there to wish the couple off

And why was this…

She'd broken her word, and had disappeared, and there was no trace of her, the Calatian prince mortally offended, it would take weeks of highly skilled diplomatic ventures in order to bring back the peace.

And who had been sent as the fetcher.


Of course.

He gritted his teeth in avid anger, he'd seen her in the crowd, she'd seen him, and not a flash of guilt had crossed her face!

He pushed through the crowd of merchants and buyers, his anger so severe he could kill a man.

Or a woman.

Which was exactly what he was going to do.

He's shuffle her up, grab her, throw her in her room, and lock her in!

He growled, as he tripped over yet another manure barrel.

Now there was a no denying it.

A small giggle escaped her lips.

He would kill her.


She stopped in the small dock, a secluded beach, there were no boats docked of course, it was far too early for them to be back from their fishing trips.

" ZELDA!" He growled.

She turned, and blinked.

" Oh poo." " I told them not to call you."

" Well they did!" " And thanks to this little stunt, we'll be lucky if we're not at war within a week with Calatia!"

She blinked.


He collapsed on the sands, crossed his knees and arms and began cursing under his breath.

She slinked down next to him.

She was dressed in the same getup, minus makeup; she'd always looked better without the foul paint on anyway.

The sat like that for a while.

" Sorry…"

He turned to her.

" Was he really that horrible."

" He went on for twenty minutes about his country's mass production of fruit…"

He grimaced.

" You need to choose one Zelda… the safety of the kingdom depends on it."

She sighed, " Oh I know… just." She stood up suddenly, " All these princes are pansies, Link, I want…"

Suddenly a glint appeared in her eyes.

He stood up, " I'll escort you back to the palace."

" So soon?"

" He'll want an apology." " And I should just get my daily lecture over with." He sighed.

She linked her arms behind her back.

" Do we haaaave to go?" She batted her eyelashes.

Oh god. HE really must have been horrible.

" Princess?"

" Link… wouldn't you rather take me to your own quarters, I know you live outside of the palace."

He shook his head, but knew he was subconsciously looking at her, her curves nicely featured in the simple, yet elegant dress she had chosen for the day, and her face devoid of the face paint, seemed to shimmer on it's own... She did look rather lovely today…

His eyes widened… HAD HE JUST THOUGHT THAT!?

" I'd rather… not be arrested for treason my lady…"

" But you want to don't you." She grinned, and advanced towards him, he shut his eyes.

If that prince touched her… he'd kill him.

" Tr-Treason my lady."

She smirked, " But you remember I'm law here… and you're my subject, you see if we think about this logically Link. I own you." Her smile grew wider.

"You'd be a tyrant."

She grinned, " Do you want to be a tyrant Link?"

" This is an unsafe conversation my lady."

" Oh don't deny it, we grew up together Link, you and me, on the ship, how close we were… just a question Link… have you even touched a woman yet?"

He was going to have to end this conversation now… before he said something he regretted…

" Princess. It's time to-."

" It annoys you doesn't it?" " That these weak pansies, who only care about themselves… are allowed to get closer to me than you."

He felt his anger rising.

" That is not true." It came as more of as growl than he'd intended.

" Not that I like it." She continued, her arm brushed against his hand where it lay on his sword. " I like…" Her finger trailed against the blade. " Men who know to use their sword…"

He felt his face flame up.

"This is not how a princess is supposed to act."

She grinned and leaned up to his ear, " But it is how pirates do…"

He felt his Adams apple begin to bob, his arms sweat, and his face enflame.

He was… not going to fall for it.

" Princess. I need. To escort you to the palace."

She smiled still.

" Princess?"

Still smiling.

" Zelda…"

Her smile grew.


Her smile grew practically sadistic. She advanced towards him still. His hand on his sword began to shake.


Now he couldn't even think of his weapon in the same way!

He felt her arms encircle his neck, and his eyes widened as her lips brushed his, not once but numerous times…

He was not supposed to be doing this.

This was treason.

This was very wrong…

He'd be hung…

He could start a war.

She was supposed to be marrying…


She'd been expecting it of course, but not even she had expected the ferocity of his grip, it tightened on her unexpectedly.

She'd been leader of this.

She was leading this…

She would not lose…


He pressed her against him, even as she broke the latest of his many kisses, this wasn't her first of course, many of those princes had pressed their lips against hers, not willingly of course, but it had to be done. She knew the only weapon she had was her attractive appeal, if she made those princes mush in her presence, she could control them,

It was how she had controlled her crew, her own beauty made them fiercely protective of her.

The princes were the same; they'd defend their goddess from invaders.

She never let herself fall in love…

She never would.

She'd only wanted Link's undying loyalty…

She got it.

But it felt different than the others… much different.

She felt warm in his arms, safe even…

The first time in almost three years…

His breathing was ragged; she led him on this dance since he'd gone through puberty, no telling how long he'd suppressed it.

" Still want to go back to the palace Link?"

His grip tightened. His breathing still more and more ragged.

" Didn't think so."

His only answer was to lift her face towards his again.

For once… she didn't hold back…


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