I was watching Hildalgo for like the 10th time..and I was like... I feel like writing so this was the outcome...

Disclamer: I do not own Naruto..if I did Temari and Shikamaru would be mnarried already.

The rain just poured rolling off their cheeks as he just held her. The rain glinting off her golden hair. her nose pressed against his chest as she just held him tight. He just put his chin upon her head holding her for all its worth.

The world of women confused him, I mean first she's angry at him, and then she knocks at his door in the middle of the night bawling her eyes out forcing him to try and comfort her in only his boxers in the middle of the pouring rain.

But he loved her so much that it really didn't matter.

So what if he's freezing his you know what's off . So what if he wakes up tomorrow with a huge cold…..She needed him now…all those problems could wait….

They always said that he was crazy to date the sister of two psychopaths.

They always said that he was going to wake up one day and have a Sandy redhead staring into his eyes as he held a Kunai to his throat…

But that didn't matter to him.

He loved her.

He loved her ever since the first time he saw he shimmering gold locks and her stunning onyx eyes.

Her head resting against his as they just laid looking at the stars.

No one could understand what he felt when he looked at her and she smiled back.



"I'm sorry"

"Sorry for what?"

"For making you stand out here in the pouring rain in only your boxers…."

"It's ok"

"No its not… I mean I shouldn't rely on you to comfort me for every little thing….I guess I just feel so safe when you hold me…. its like nothing could ever go….. wrong." She said as she started crying again

He lifted up her chin and looked into her eyes as the rain mixed with the tears.

Then he kissed her.

A/n I know so sappy...but I never write romantic fics so I thought I'd try...Flame me if you want I don't care...