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here is a randomly funny lil' fic i thought up. Enjoy!


Axel ran into the room, screaming that he had found the meaning of life.

"What is it?" asked Roxas.



Demyx and Zexion looked up from their make-out session to see Axel's body hanging from the ceiling, his head no longer visible.

Meanwhile, Xigbar was trying to teach Saix how to aim, with Xemnas and Xaldin watching (laqughing) in the background. Saix was not doing so well.

"DAMMIT!!!!!" Saix yelled, and suddeenly he transromed into his feral state. Grabbing his smashie-thingie, ((A/N: I have no idea what it's called, and i've tried looking for it. I'm giving up. the last time i worked on this thing - up to "Grabbing his" - was 3 days ago. so DEAL WITH IT.)) he suddenly attacked Xigbar, who screamed a lot like a girl.

After beating Xigbar to a pulp, he turned to Xemnas and Xaldin, who were laughing hysterically. Xemnas moved out of the way, knowing what was about to come. Xaldin's laughter soon turned to shrieks and squeals of pain as Saix pulverized him. When he was done, Feral Saix looked at Xemnas, then looked at the door, and then looked back. Xemnas raised an eyebrow. Making his decision, Feral Saix ran out of the room, seeking his next victim.

In another part of the castle, Lexaeus and Vexen were trying to convince Marluxia to redecorate this castle.

"Absolutely not!! Don't you remember what happened when you two decided to redecorate Castle Oblivion?" Marluxia was still mad at the two for what had happened to his beautiful castle.

"Oh, so it was OUR fault that Riku and Sora ran around every room multiple times destroying everything for health balls, Moogle points, and new cards?" Vexen asked incredulously.

"I wanted to try out some new decorating ideas I got from TLC." Lexaeus pouted. Vexen and Marluxia looked at him weirdly. "What?"

Suddenly, Saix burst into the room, issuing a war cry. Marluxia dissapeared in a shower of petals, and Vexen and Lexaeus summoned their weapons. Actually, only Lexaeus summoned a weapon. Vexen (the wuss) has a shield that he uses as a weapon. How lame!

Vexen turns toward the Authoress. "Shut up! It has pointy things on the top!"

'Uh-huh. Lame pointy things. Wuss-man.'

Lexaeus yells at Vexen, "Would you quit arguing with the authoress? Saix is about to pulverize you!"

At this, both Saix and Vexen - I mean, Saix lowers his weapon, and Vexen lowers his lame-ass shield. "Man, that was so out of character for you!" Saix exclaims, "Aren't you supposed to be the Silent Hero?" At this, Lexaeus breaks down crying.

"I can't help it!" he sobs, "It's the authoress' fault! She's making me do it!" At this, a man made of steel ((A/N: Colossus!!!)) appears out of nowhere and quickly beats up Lexaeus and Vexen, whose elements have little effect on the sexy mutant. When he's done, he looks at Saix.

"You wanna insult her, too?" Saix squeaks in fear and runs away. Suddenly, a woman dressed in black and carrying a huge sword pops in. "Damn. I wanted to get some action, too!"

One of the steel man's eyes twitches. The silver-haired female ((A/N: guess who!)) groans and rolls her eyes. "Not that kind of action! I mean I wanted to beat someone up!"

'You will next chapter, 'kay?'

Roxas (who has mysteriously appeared in the middle of the room without using a portal) blinks in surprise. "You mean there's more insanity to come?"


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