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AN: I was going to write this as a long re-tread of sorts. But in the end decided to do it as a train of thought type deal. I wanted to let people hear Chris's voice, so this is first-person POV. Hope you enjoy it.

It started with a spark. Not an inferno. Its like that ol' sayin, "This is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper." My Jack's ability wasn't even a flicker of fire when it showed itself. Barely a spark, it started the fire that burned down her foster home.I knew what was happening because I dreamt it all the night it happened, all those years ago. As usual, the premonition didn't come in time to stop anything. They rarely do, not when its this important.

After I put Jack on that bus I headed back home. A hunter I knew called, asked me where I was and offered me some information in exchange for watching a suspected nest of vampires a hundred miles from where we'd been living. I was caught, easily, like they knew I was going to be there. They had no use for a dysfunctional psychic except for their own entertainment. Such an idiot. I was arrogant. Thought I'd escaped, that I was so damn smart.

I didn't escape anything.

I didn't know that until after I called Jack for help though. Then the pain started, pain like I hadn't eaten in weeks, my hands shaking uncontrollably. I saw a woman crossing the street, I could smell the burger she'd had hours ago when she opened her mouth to exhale plumes of grey cigarette smoke. I could practically taste her skin form down the block.

I didn't escape, they let me go, to hunt, to fuck me up worse than they had already. I was becoming one the things that I swore never to let near the only family I had left. I forced myself away from the town as fast as I could.

Now I'm running as hard and as fast as I can. My legs are weighing me down and blood's stinging my eyes. Everything is dark, jumping from total blindness to intense clarity the longer I go. I fall and I force myself to get up from the ground. Sensory overload, the pavement, too hot under my skin, rough gravel cutting the palms of my hands. I duck into the woods, run through branches and tripping time and again till I can't go no longer. Falling back onto the dirty forest floor feels good, a welcome relief. I feel like I've been running for so long, so damn long.

"I'm sorry Tom." I say to the sky, tears running down my face. There's a small .22 in my boot that they didn't find, its been digging into my ankle all day. Hurts like a bitch, but when you're bleeding out of holes you didn't know ya had, its hard to complain about a skinned ankle. There's still a little bit of time before the bullets will be useless against me, an hour, maybe more.

The muzzle feels cold against my temple and I close my eyes, trying to tell my heart to stop beating so fast. Survival instinct fights with the knowledge of what I'll do if I turn. I don't wanna die, not like this. I pray silently for forgiveness that I don't believe in and pull the trigger. My heart stops for a second but nothing happens.

I let out a choking whimper and open my eyes to look at the gun in my hand. Choke back the panic induced bile and try again, flinching at the empty clicks.

"I don't think so." A voice says calmly, ripping the gun from my grasp.

A vampire, the one named Nathaniel is standing over me, holding me gun with a look of amusement on his face.

His other hand comes out of his pocket and he calmly drops the bullets to the ground.

"Did you really think we didn't search you while you unconscious?" He says in a chastising tone. He shakes his head, looking every bit the disappointed parent. I guess that makes sense since he was the fucker that bit me.

"You don't get to make it easier on yourself, Christopher." He informs me, tucking my gun into the waistband of his jeans.

"Fuck you, cock sucker." I spit blood at him, sitting up on my elbows. I want to kill him, tear him to pieces, but just sitting like this is hard to manage and I'm starting to see double.

"I want to watch when you kill whoever it is you called." Nathaniel's voice is right in my ear.

"I won't." I snarl jerking away from him. His laughter follows me as I run to the highway, far from where I collapsed in the woods.

How the hell did I get so turned around? How's I get so damn wrong here?

I smell smoke, fear, determination and something secret that tells me what I need to know. Jack is roaring up the highway. Everything slows down as I jump in the middle of the road. She has the headlights turned off, but I can make out Jack's outline in the driver's seat.

I have a second to think 'that's m'girl ' as she swerves the car out at the last second, regaining control quickly as it tailspins. Then she's jumped out the door, looking around for whatever or whoever she's collided with.

I hide like the coward I am when she turns my way, disturbed by how fast the move is. I can smell the blood flowing in her veins, spicy and vaguely sweet. I can hear the fast throb of her pulse beneath soft flesh that won't stand a chance against a monster's teeth. The idea is terrible and I choke back a sob because the monster in me is stirring at the thought, waiting to be let out.

"Jack." She faces me with a look of shock and relief, dropping her guard because I'm her uncle and I'm supposed to be the one person she can absolutely trust. But I'm about to ask her to do something no person should ever have to do.

Words are leaving my mouth in between shuddering breaths and tears. I'm so scared right now. She's arguing with me, begging me not to ask this of her. She's six years old again, expecting me to know the answer and make everything right in the world again. Looking at me like I can do no wrong and she has faith in me.

For a second I let myself believe that, that I'm strong enough to fight this thing, can ignore the bloodlust. I let myself hold her, my little fire, not so little anymore. Damn, when did baby girl get so tall? She'll be damn near six feet when she stops sprouting, like mama was. I let myself think that I'll see that happen. Before catch a whiff of the skin on her neck, where that blue vein stands out like a beacon to me and the animal is there again, stronger this time.

I lash out at her, physically pushing her away and then verbally, preying on her fears and the hurts of the past. I play her like only someone who loves a person can. She's close to the end of her rope, hysteria and despair staining her voice, my broken eyed Jacqueline. The sight of the blade brings a calm I have no right to feel.

I love you Jack. No matter what else I love you, daughter-mine.