By: Hiki-chan

"He accepts me, he hates me, he accepts me, he hates me…" Naruto continued plucking the soft petals of the sunflower.

It was a waste that he was doing that to the most brightest and prettiest flower. It was the prettiest flower in his opinion anyway.

"He hates me…" Naruto's finger rubbed the rubbery petal gently under his index finger and thumb before he plucked it out and continued, "He accepts me, he-"

"Dobe, what are you doing?"

Naruto didn't bother turning around to face his rival. Of course he won't admit that his heart did jump when Sasuke's voice rang through the air of the early morning.

"Plucking a flower."

Sasuke slowly sat near the blond on the grassy patch. "Obviously."

Naruto sighed softly when silence ensued. He knew his rival wouldn't ask. But would it hurt to ask again? To act like he actually cared?

"He hates me, he accepts me…" Naruto continued ignoring the questioning look Sasuke gave him.

"Who?" Ah, seemed like curiosity got the best of him, finally.


He could tell Sasuke was surprised. Who the hell wouldn't be? Even he was surprised he was doing it. But there was nothing he could do with the flower, and it would die eventually. So he figured this would do as it has many, or had many petals.

"This is what a girl would usually do when she is lovesick you know, dobe." Sasuke had seemed to have snapped out of his stupor and had come back with a comeback.

Naruto shrugged, "But you know I'm no lovesick girl. He accepts me…" Naruto's fingers stopped plucking. There were only two petals left. That would mean he would end with a 'he accepts me'.

Sasuke seemed to have figured it out as well as his onyx eyes laid on the two remaining petals, "So I accept you, huh?"

"Do you?"

Onyx eyes snapped up to find two clear cerulean orbs staring at him anxiously.

"Is it so important to you, dobe?"


Sasuke was surprised, again. The blond didn't even retort about calling him a dobe. Was it this serious? What could he say?

"Come on dobe, Kakashi and Sakura are waiting for us."

Naruto didn't want to budge. It took a while to realise Sasuke had avoided the question before he stood up and dusted his pants leaving the sunflower with only two petals on the ground.

"Okay, let's go."

Sasuke took a look at the sunflower before picked up the flower and plucked out the last two petals, one after another. Then he stood up while Naruto looked on, confused and curious as to why Sasuke did that.

To Naruto's utter surprise, Sasuke grabbed his hand, their fingers intertwined and pulled gently on Naruto's hand to get him to start walking.

Naruto smiled, Sasuke didn't release his hand until they reached their destination.

'The bastard and his quiet and meaningful ways…'


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