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(A.N: A challenge piece done for Amnesia Nymph. I basically had to write something inspired by the word 'art', so here it is. Hope you like this.)

(A.N2: This could either be interpreted as being Michiru/Minako or not having one at all. Let's see that you guys think.)

Venus de Urbino
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Michiru had always loved art galliers, ever since she was a small child. The silence of the people around her was always astonishing at first, but soon it seemed that noise would be sin amongst such beautiful paintings as those that surrounded them.

The gallery was almost deserted, and considering how early in the morning it was that harldy surprised that girl. Tourists rarely if ever got up so early, even when surrounded by such masterpieces as they inevitabley were in cities such as Florence. And there she was, in the Ufizzi gallery, just staring there entranced at one particular painting.

Titian, she deicded, truly was a master of the art of painting. Everything about the picture was fascinating, especially those that most would miss. Venus had been painted in all her glory, her very pose suggestive and showing the fact that she was a goddess of love. In the background, Michiru had noticed, there was a dog, a symbol of fidelity, and the dog lay sleeping.

It was a beautiful piece in Michiru's mind, though many had in the past called it obscene. Michiru couldn't see how though, partially because of the work itself and partially because of whom it reminded her.

Minako was indeed Venus, she mused as she stared at the painting. The blonde's every gesture and suggestion was somehow provocative to the mind even when that was unintentional. And like the Venus de Urbino, Minako truly outwardly showed almost none of the traits that generally endowed the mythological Venus.

Indeed, Michiru mused, Minako would be more likely to be compared with Manet's 'Olympia,' a painitng inspired by the one upon which she now gazed. Yes, most wouldn't consider her at all like Venus upon first glance, but Michiru knew far better to think that.

In Michiru's mind Minako was Venus, and Venus was a work of art.