Spider-Man's Wonderful Life

By Mark C and Georgia K


This is a derivative work of fiction is based on the films, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, a little bit of Spider-Man 3, and It's a Wonderful Life, featuring characters copyrighted and trademarked by Marvel Characters, Inc. The authors are not connected with, nor is this work authorized by Marvel Characters, Columbia Pictures, or Paramount Pictures. This work is intended solely as fan fiction for posting on for the benefit and enjoyment of its intended audience. No commercial or financial benefit accrues or is intended to accrue to the authors as a result of said posting.

A special thank you goes out to htbthomas who betaed this wonderful Christmas tale.


"Richard? Mary?"

"Hello, Ben. It's so good of you to join us."

The two brothers and the younger brother's spouse sat on plush recliners in front of the old brick fireplace, taking in the pleasure of each other's company as well as the warm glow from the orange embers. The lights from the fully trimmed Christmas tree behind them played across the room and painted a rainbow on the blanket of snow just outside the large picture window. Of course, the scene did not really exist. The three angels had woven it together from now-distant memories of having grown up in Little Falls, Wisconsin, during earthly sojourns that ended far too soon.

Suddenly a fierce wind ripped through the entities' peaceful gathering, dissolving their pleasant collective dream and leaving them floating on a sea of stars. Someone down on Earth was crying out for help. Someone whom they all knew, and loved dearly.

"I think our boy is having trouble again," Ben's thoughts echoed through the vast heavens.

"Ah, yes," Richard and Mary responded in like fashion. "on Christmas Eve, no less."

A starburst appeared and transformed into what could only have been described as a movie projected onto the sky. Multicolored beams of light coalesced to reveal a solitary figure, clad in a red and blue costume, standing atop a very old skyscraper in New York City, being pounded mercilessly by the worst snowstorm to hit the Big Apple in decades. Hidden from the world by mirrored lenses, but visible to loved ones beyond the veil of life, his eyes were staring despondently into the blizzard as he carried on a one-sided conversation with a gargoyle.

Ben paused at the ensuing ripple in the fabric of the universe. "Uh oh, he's actually thinking about throwing away God's greatest gift. Maybe we'd better go down there and help him."

"Not so fast Ben. You've been up here long enough to know the rules. This is Peter's moment of truth. We can't interfere."

"But he's lost right now. He needs to recognize all the good he does in the world. He's made so many people's lives better, yet he doesn't see it."

"Our point exactly. He is being given a priceless opportunity, and if we try to prevent circumstances from unfolding as they should, we'll be taking that opportunity away from him."

But Ben was not easily dissuaded. "He'll have no opportunity if he makes the wrong decision. That would set him back a long, long time." He could tell from their thought-waves that they were open to persuasion. "It might be helpful to see how he ended up in this situation. Back up six weeks and two days, Earth time."